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Health-Three Cups Of Coffee A Day May Extend Lifespan For People With Chronic Kidney Disease, New Research Suggests

A study that followed more than 2,300 patients for 12 years found those who drank plenty of the beverage slashed their risk of dying by a quarter A study that followed more than 2,300 patients for 12 years found those who drank plenty of the beverage slashed their risk of dying by a quarter.One or two cups also increased the participants chances of survival by 12 and 22 per cent, respectively, compared to those who never touched it.
Portuguese researchers believe their results suggest advising patients with chronic kidney to disease to drink more coffee.

Dr Miguele Bigotte Vieira, of North Lisbon Hospital Centre, said: 'Our study showed a dose-dependent protective effect of caffeine consumption on mortality among patients with chronic kidney disease.
'These results suggest advising patients with chronic kidney disease to drink more caffeine may reduce their mortality.'

 Kidney disease affects nearly two million in the UK, and five million have been diagnosed in the US. It is most common among the elderly.Patients are at a much higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke as the condition leads to the accumulation of fatty deposits in arteries.  

Described as a 'silent killer' because awareness is low, it can also lead to kidney failure. 
The new findings were presented at the American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week conference in New Orleans.

The link was ‘dose-dependent’, meaning the more they drank, within reason, the less likely they were to die over the study period.Dr Viera also said the potential phenomenon held firm even after other factors that affect kidney patients’ risk of death were taken into account. These include age, gender, family income, education, high blood pressure, smoking status, BMI, previous strokes or heart attacks, diet, alcohol consumption and race. 

Coffee is the world's most popular hot beverage and has been linked to a longer life in the general population, offering a host of health benefits.But this is the first research to suggest it also holds true for individuals with chronic kidney disease.

How was the study carried out? 

 it was based on consumption and death rates among 2,328 US patients taking part in a national survey between 1999 and 2010.
Compared with those who never or rarely drank the beverage, participants who consumed two reduced their risk of dying during the study by 12 per cent.

Three cups was linked to a 22 per cent decreased risk, and anymore than this was found to slash the risk by 24 per cent. Dr Vieira said there was now an urgent need for a bigger study with kidney patients selected at random either to drink coffee, or not.
He added: 'This would represent a simple, clinically beneficial and inexpensive option, though this benefit should ideally be confirmed in a randomised clinical trial.'
Dr Vieira stressed as the study was only observational it did not examine cause and effect.
So it cannot prove caffeine, the active stimulant in coffee, reduces the risk of death in patients with chronic kidney disease.
The EU’s food safety watchdog advised a daily limit of 400mg for adults in its first guidelines on caffeine intake in 2015.European Food Safety Agency officials suggested pregnant women should keep intakes below 200mg.

It also advised children to consume no more than 3mg of caffeine per KG of body weight - the equivalent of two mugs of milky tea for a child of four.
Health officials warned those who break the limits run the risk of a host of health problems, from anxiety to heart failure.Its warning also showed links between high caffeine intake in pregnancy and having a baby that is underweight.
\The NHS says too much caffeine can cause a miscarriage. There are also links to birth defects.
However, with coffee far from the only food or drink to contain caffeine, people may unintentionally be going over the safe limit. (Daily Mail Health)

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Five Persons Were Killed And Fourty Four Injured Due To A Road Accident

Image result for accident
Five passengers were killed and forty four were injured and hospitalized after the Private they were traveling in colliding with a security fence of a bridge while attempting to pass a Three wheeler and toppled over at 10th post  in Madurankuliya area on Colombo -Puttalam main road this morning(06).The injured have been admitted to the Chilaw,Puttalam and Mundalama Hospitals for treatment .
The Bus was traveling from Colombo to Jaffna at the time of accident   and as a result a heavy traffic has been reported from Colombo-Puttalam road.

Ministry Of Health Allows Medical Graduates To Apply For Internship Appointments Through Online

 Ministry Of Health has decided to allow those Medical
graduates  0f 2016-2017 batch who are qualified to apply for an Internship appointment to apply for their appointments through online due to their inability  to come to Colombo tomorrow (07)to apply for the appointments as a result of current fuel crisis.

Health Ministry has earlier requested the Medical Graduates qualified to apply for an Internship appointments this year to come to National Blood Transfusion Center,Narahenpita tomorrow (07) to apply for the appointments.However those graduates in outstation areas had informed the Ministry of their inability to come to Colombo to apply due to the fuel crisis.

Medical Graduates can apply for the Internship appointments through the Health Ministry web site .

Those local and foreign Medical graduates who will not applying for the Internship will loose their seniority status according to Director General Of Health Services Dr.Jayasundara Bandara.

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Twenty Bus Passangers Were Injured Due To A Road Accident

Twenty passangers have been injured,two of them
critically  and hospitalized after the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) bus they were travelling in toppled over to around 30 feet deep precipice near Hatton area this evening (05) it has been reported.

The injured have been admitted to the Dikoya Base Hospital for treatment.

The SLTB Bus which was travelling from Dayagama to Hatton had faced this accident due to a malfunctioning of brakes it has been revealed.


A Security Officer Attached To A Housing Scheme Committed Suicide

A 37 year old security officer attached to a housing
scheme(Flats) in Wellawatte area had committed suicide by hanging himself it has been revealed today (05).

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Jinthupitiya,Colombo-13 and his body had been sent to Kalubowila Teaching Hospital.

A Three Wheeler Driver Was Killed Due To A Three Wheeler-Tipper Collision

A 29 year old Three Wheeler driver was killed and
three others were injured and hospitalized due to a Three Wheeler-Tipper Truck collision near the 10th  post on Ibbagamuwa-Mudagalle main road .

Four persons including the Three wheeler driver have been admitted to the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital for treatment and the Three Wheeler driver had succumbed to his injuries after admission.

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Makulpotha area.

The accident occurred when the Three wheeler collided with a rear  part of a Tipper truck it has been revealed.Kumbukgate Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Eight Indian Fishermen Were Arrested While Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy had arrested eight Indian fishermen
with the trawler boat they have arrived in while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters at Jaffna,Veththal akeni sea coast this morning (05).

The Indian Fishermen who had arrived from Rameshwaram ,South India had been handed over to the Assistant Fisheries Director of Jaffha for future course of action according to Navy.

The group of arrested Fishermen are due to be produced before the Kayts Magistrate Court.

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