Thursday, June 7, 2018

Guatamala Volcano : Stories Of The Village Which Wiped Off The Map


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Value Of The Sri Lankan Rupee Against US Dollar Has Been Dropped To Rs.160

The value of the Sri Lankan Rupee has
been dropped against the US Dollar today (07) to Rs.160 for the first time in Sri Lankan history.

According to the daily exchange rates chart published by Central.Bank the selling rate of US Dollar today stands as Rs.160.0069.

Perpetual Treasuries Limited Had Paid Rs.3.2 Million For The Credit Card Of Arjun Mahendran

W.M Mendis Limited owned  by the Perpetual Treasuries Limited which involved in the controversial Central Bank Bond Scam has paid Rs.3.
 million for the credit card purchases of the Chief Suspect of the Central Bank Bond Scam Arjun Mahendran through checques Attorney General has informed today (07)to .
the Colombo Fort Magistrate.

Mahendren is currently living in Singapore International Police has recently informed Sri Lanka.

Perpetual Teeasuries Limited has paid another Rs.2 million to a State Minister as well the Deputy Solicitor General Yasantha Kodagoda informed the Court today.

Meanwhile other two chief suspects of the Bond Scam Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena of the Perpetual Treasuries have been further remanded until 21 st of June by the Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne after they were produced before the court.

Water Level Of Kalu River Is On The Increase- Warned Over Possible Floods

People lives in low land areas of
Millakanda and Ratnapura near Kalu River  are being advised to be vigilant on possible floods due to the rising water level of the river according to the Disaster Management Centre.

The water level of the Kalu river is on the increase due to heavy showers the Center has stated.

Antibiotics crisis continues to grow, despite GPs being told to stop handing them out because drugs are losing their power


A Two Year Girl Child Was Killed Due To A Soil Mound Collapse

Image result for soil mound graphicsA Two year old girl child was killed and her Mother and another child were escaped without injuries after a soil mound collapsed on their house  at Uda-Maliboda area in Daraniyagala this morning (07).

The soil mound was collapsed on the house due to the heavy showers prevailing and due to this two children and their Mother were rescued from under the rubble and the girl child has died after admitting her to the Deraniyagala Hospital it has been revealed.

Twenty Two Estate Workers Have Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Image result for waspsTwenty Two Estate workers attached to the Gallaima area at Thangamaliwatte in Haputhale were injured and hospitalized due to a wasp attack today (07).

The injured 20 tea plucking females and 02 males were admitted to the Haputhale District Hospital and Diyathalawa Base Hospital for treatment.Their condition is not serious according to the reports.


Two Police Officers Were Sentenced A 20.6 Year Impriosnment Over Raping Of Two Females

Colombo High Court has today (07) sentenced two Police Officers attached to the Sapugaskande Police Station 20 years and 06 month imprisonment each over abducting and  raping of  two young  female in Bambalapitiya area.

A Sub-Inspector and a Police Assistant have been sentenced the imprisonment and they were ordered to pay Rs.200,000 each to the two victims as a compensation .Also the accused were ordered to pay Rs.70,000 each as a fine.

The abduction and rape of the two females occurred on 08th of August 2003 and the accused were charged over abducting the females at a Hotel in Bambalapitiya and raped them at Sapugaskande are by using police powers.The Attorney General had filed indictments against the accused.

Australian Court Sentenced A Sri Lankan Youth A 12 Year Jail Term Over Making A Fake Bomb Scare In A Flight

The Court in Melbourne ,Australia had sentenced a 26 year old Sri Lankan Youth
Representational image. Reutersa 12 year  imprisonment over making a fake Bomb scare in a Malaysian Airlines flight with 200 passengers aboard in May last year (2017).

The accused Sri Lankan Youth Manodh Marks had made a fake bomb scare  among the flight crew and passengers of a MH-128 Plane flying from Melbourne ,Australia to Kulala-lampur in Malaysia by stating that a Bomb was set inside the Plane and entered the Pilot's room it has been revealed.

Due to the Bomb scare the Flight has returned to the Melbourne Airport.However during a search operation carried out in the flight it has been revealed that there's no Bomb in the flight.The youth was later arrested over the incident.

According to the court order given by the Melbourne Court the suspected youth will be expelled to Sri Lanka after he serves his 12 year jail term.

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