Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chief Justice Walked Away From PSC Hearing Citing.....

Chief Justice Dr.Mrs.Shirani Bandaranike has walked out from the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC)hearing this evening citing lack of faith the way PSC is handling the hearing it has been reported.her lawyers too have informed the PSC members that they have no faith on the way committee has handling the case and would not participate the proceedings hereafter.

Mrs.Bandaranaike was attended the PSC hearing  held  today around 2.30 p.m at Parliamentary Complex 1 on 14 financial and personal   misconduct charges leveled against her through  impeachment motion.

It has been reported that there were lot of arguments between two sides during the hearing held from 2.30 -6 p.m to day.the lawyers of chief justice have argued that their client was not provided the relevant documents to prove the charges against her.

Chief Justice has already denied financial charges raised against her through her lawyers.the PSC was hearing impeachment charges against Chief Justice since last month.meanwhile some of  the government politicians and trade unions repeatedly demanding  chief justice mrs.bandaranaike to step down from her post till the PSC hearing concludes.

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