Friday, May 8, 2020

11 New Corona Positives Had Been Reported Yesterday(08) -Total.Increased To 835

 11 new Corona virus positives had
been reported in the country last night (08)at 11.45 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 835.

Accordingly 586 Corona Positives are being treated in Government hospitals at present .

Meanwhile 1821 PCR tests had been prrformed during yesterday to ifentify Corona positives it has been reported .

The total number of "PCR" tests carried out so far since 18 th of february is 33,899 according to the reports  

During Last Friday (07)1553 PCR Tests Performed

During last friday  (07)a total number of
1553 "PCR "tests had been carried out to identify Corona vitus positives according to the Health promotions Bureau .

Out of these tests 400 PCR Tests had been carried out in a selected  sample from Estate  community lives in Maradana,Colombo  ,However no one had  been tested positive for Corona virus .

This means there"s no transmission of virus in the  local community upto now Health Ministry has stated .

Meanwhile up to now a total number of 32,078 PCR tests had been carried out for the period 18 th of February until 07 th of May the Bureau has stated .

No Corona Positives Reported Up To 10 P.M Today (08)- 08 Positives Discharged After Fully Recovered

During today (08)upto 10 p.m no
Corona virus positives have been reported in the island according to the Epidemeology Unit .

Due to this the Total number of Corona virus positives reported so far still remain as 824 .At the momemt 575 Corona positives are being treated in Government Hospitals .

Meanwhile 08 Corona virus positives had been discharged from hospitals after fully recovered increasing the total number of Corona positives discharged from hospitals to 240.

Aother 135 patients suspected as infected with Corona virus are being treated in Governmemt hospitals .

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