Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Medical Administrators Association Protested Over The Illegal Apointment Of Director Post In Colombo National Hospital

Sri Lankan Medical Administrators today  have protested over an illegal appointment of  Deputy Director in Colombo National Hospital as the New Acting Director of the Hospital .This Appointment has made by the Ministry Of Health yesterday while the Ministry has already selected the suitable candidate to fill the vacant Director Post of  Colombo National Hospital which is  largest Hospital in the Country.

The Deputy Director of the Colombo National Hospital Dr.(Mrs) Sujatha Senaratna has been appointed as  Acting Director of the Hospital while a Senior Medical Administrator have been already selected for the post through an Interview.Four Candidates Dr.Anil Jasinha,Dr.Ananda Gunasekera ,Dr.Amal Harsha De Silva and Dr.Sam Samarasinha were short listed for the interview on National Hospital Director Post after calling Applications for the above post in January this year.

Well Informed Sources have said that the Medical Administrators Association has already informed on this illegal appointment which they mentioned as a Politically  Influenced one to the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) and the GMOA is due to meet during this week to discuss on the issue.

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