Friday, October 15, 2010

Kurunagala Hospital Nurses Launched A Strike Against Not Allowing Male Nursing Students To Receive Maternity Training

Nurses of the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital in North Western Province began a One day token strike this morning to protest against the Hospital Administration's decision to stop maternity training given to male nursing students.However Hospital Authorities said that the entire decision was made on the recommendation of the University Grants Commmission.

Due to the Nurse's strike the Out door patients Department clinics,normal sugeries and treatment are paralyzed according to the hospital sources.

Meanwhile blaming the health authorities Nurses Unions stressed that if the Male Nursing Students not suitable for maternity training then Male Docs too not suitable for the above training.

When contacted , the Health Ministry officials said that till  University Grants Commission give permission they cannot allowed the male nursing students who are studying health science degree in Peradeniya University to undergo maternity traing in Kurunagala Hospital.

General Fonseka Seeking A Writ Against Vaccating His Parliamentary Seat

Former Army Commander and the leader of the Democartic National Allliance(DNA) Retired General Sarath Fonseka filed a writ application in the Court of Appeal on wednesday aginst the Parliamentary Commissioner's notification sent to the Elections Commissioner vaccating his Parliamentary Seat.General Fonseka is seeking a writ which prevents vaccating his Parliamentary Seat which is to be filled by another candidate of the DNA.

500,000 Sri Lankan Females Are Underweight

According to a latest Health Survey 500,000 Females in the year 15-49 age group are found as underweight.The highest percentage of Underweight Women are reported from  the Rathnapura District and the Second and third highest percentage have been reported from Badulla and Nuwaraeliya Districts respectivly.

According to the  Nutritionist Dr.Renuka Jayathissa this situation occured due to the lack of nutrition among females here mostly due to the Calcium and Vitamin D deficiancy.

Court Hearing Of The "White Flag Statement Case" Postponed Due To Power Failure

The Court hearing of the "White Flag statement case" filed against the Former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka was postponed till 02nd of November today due to a Power Failure occured in the High Court Complex in Colombo this morning  while the case is in progress.At the time of the Power Failure Cross Examining of the main witness of the Case Federica Janz who is the Chief Editor of  "Sunday leader" paper was in progress                                                                                                                                       . 

After discussions with the Judges and the Counsels the three member Judge Panel decided to postponed the Court hearing till 02nd of November.According to the Panel of Judges the Cross Examination will resume in that date.

New China Virus-Cases Triple As Infection Spreads Shanghai To Beijing china-51171035