Monday, July 11, 2011

Sri Lanka's Elderly Population To Be Increased More Then Child Population By 2021

By the year 2021 the Elderly Population above 55 years of age will increase more than Child Population under 4 years according to the Department of Census And Statistics of Sri Lanka.The Statistics have clearly shows that the Elderly Population above the age groups of 55-59 and 60+ are in increase by the year 2021.

By the year 2041 the Elderly Population will increase further according to the Statisticians.Speaking at the Media Seminar held today at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo on World Population Day the Additional Secretary of the Ministry Of Health Dr,Palitha Mahipala has said that the Increasing number of Population may cause serious Health Problems in future.

The Global Population which increases by 3 infants per second will be 7 Billion by 31st of October 2011 he stressed.

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