Friday, December 27, 2013

16,000 Liters Of Ethanol Imported From Malaysia Illegally Has Been Seized

Another container contained 16,000 liters of imported Ethanol  in 80 barrels which has evading millions of tax money has been seized by the Customs Officials at Orugodawatta Container Yard.the seized container was imported from Malaysia and evading paying taxes worth Rs.10 million according to sources.

202 Quality Failed Drugs Have Been Suspended During Last 22 Months

Around 202 varieties of Drugs and Injections imported to Sri Lanka from 71 Drug Companies were suspended   during last 22 months(December 2011 to September 2013) due to quality issues according to National Drug Authority sources.out of these suspended drugs 32 drugs were quality failed multiple times the sources added.

A large number of drugs prescribed for Diabetes,Infections ,High Blood Pressure,Cholesterol and Heart Diseases are among these quality failed drugs and so far no action has  taken against the officer who is responsible  for registering these quality failed drugs in national drug authority according to government doctors.

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