Thursday, July 2, 2015


The National Drug Regulatory Authority Was Formed Under The Drug Regulatory Authority Act-Drugs,Cosmetics Devices Authority Was Abolished

The National Drug Regulatory Authority which is monitoring the future drug imports to Sri Lanka mainly through generic name was formed today(02)  under the National Drug Regulatory Authority Policy Act  .After the formation of National Drug Regulatory Authority the National Drugs,Cosmetic and Devices Authority functioned up to date was abolished with effect from today(02) the Health Ministry Sources have said.

Health Minister Dr/Rajitha Senaratne has appointed 13 intellectuals as members of the Board which controlling the National Drug Authority .The Authority is headed by Professor Lal Jayakody and most senior professor Krishantha Weerasuriya has appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority.

The National Drug Regulatory Authority Act based on Professor Senaka Bibile's National Drug Policy  passed by the Parliament on 19th of March was implemented with effect from yesterday(01).Under the act Doctors should prescribe Medicinal Drugs for the patients by generic name and Trade name can be used when prescribing special drugs within brackets according to the Health Ministry.

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Has Suspended Oil Contracts Worth Millions Of Dollars Signed By Last Year

The sate owned Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) has suspended oil contracts worth Millions of Dollars which were signed last year during previous government  for fuel deliveries according to the Chairman of "CEYPETCO"  Ranjith Wikramasinghe..

The said oil contracts were suspended due to not following standard competitive guidelines the chairman has said.

CEYPETCO has suspended the contracts signed last year with companies namely Petrochina,Unipec,Swiss Singapore and Emirates National Oil Company for supplying Gasoline,Gasoil and Jet Fuel deliveries.


Subliminal messages
in a world of greed
They start you young
To sow the seed

To get you to agree
to what the powers that be
want you to be

They'll even take your country
if they feel the need
will we ever be truly free
in a world of greed

Former President Rajapakshe Has Decided To Contest In The Forthcoming Election From A Separate Party

The former President Mahinda Rajapakshe has decided to contest from another party in the forthcoming Parliamentary Election along with  a group of former UPFA Parliamentarians who are supporting him ,  after the president has decided not to give nomination for the former president  Political Sources have revealed. 

However the former president not yet revealed the party he is going to contest the sources have said.

The leftist parties have criticized the former president's decision to contest in the parliamentarians  election with a group of former parliamentarians who are having several allegations leveled against them  on corrupt and fraud activities.

Former President Rajapakshe Will Not Receive Nomination From UPFA-President Sirisene

President Maithrpala Sirisene has informed the Leaders of parties belonging to United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) this evening that Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe will not receive nomination from the Alliance to contest in the forthcoming Parliamentary Election.

After several trade unions ,civil organizations ,Buddhist Clergy and a section of the largest party of  UPFA ,the Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) have been opposed giving nomination to the former president from UPFA, president has taken this decision it has been reported.

The President had informed the party leaders who were  gathered at the presidential Secretariat  this evening that former president will not receive nomination to contest parliamentary election  scheduled to be held on 17th of August political sources said.

A section of  Sri Lanka Freedom Party who were supported the President Maithripala Sirisene during the Presidential Election held on 08th of January have warned the president sirisene today that if the former president will be given nomination from UPFA they will quit from the party and contest in the election through  a separate front.

Earlier President has said that former president will receive nomination from the UPFA to contest in the election.however he will not be named as the prime ministerial candidate as proposed by some of the  former parliamentarians.

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