Friday, May 23, 2014

Head Of The Drug Evaluation Committe Has Arrived The Monthly Meeting Under Heavy Alcohol Influence.....

The Chairman of the National Drug Authority who is a doctor and also  head of the drug evaluation committee has attended monthly  Drug Evaluation Committee meeting held last Tuesday (20) under a heavy alcohol influence and behaved an unusual way in front of the participants the  health ministry sources revealed.

According to the sources as the head of the committee he should have behaved well during the meeting as the agenda is on drugs imported and distributed to hospitals here,but he has not only drunken also spoke to the intellectual members of the drug evaluation committee without any respect.

Some of the intellectuals participated that meeting have complained the Director General Of Health Services Dr,Plaitha Mahipala on the incident  in the same day.

Around 20 members of the committee including professors,doctors and specialists on Pharmacology have attended the said meeting according to ministry sources.the Drug Authority Chairman has purposely violated the code of conduct on government service sources have added.the said Chairman Doctor was known as involved in many of the fraud tender deals reported from the health sector.

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