Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gynecologist Became The Latest Victim Of Dengue Epidemic

A well Recognized Gynecologist Dr.Chandana Pigera died at a Government Hospital in Colombo on last Friday due to the Dengue Fever and became the latest Victim of the Killer Disease which Spreads throughout the Island at present.

He first got admitted to a Private Hospital for treatment and when his condition became Serious transferred to a Government Hospital where he demised.The Majority of the Dengue Patients were reported from Colombo District and along with it 12 Districts of Sri Lanka are identified as the Risky Places of Spreading the Disease.

Sri Lankan Government Began A War Against Dengue

After defeating the LTTE Terrorism in Sri Lanka Government began another War against the force which claimed Several lives in the Country on recent Weeks by appointing a Special operations Committee to destroy the breeding places of the force of Dengue Mosquitoes.Dengue Fever is in rise in Sri Lanka and from January to May this year there is a 50 Percent Increase of the Dengue Patients when comparing to last year.

According to the Director of the Epidemiology Unit Dr.pabha Palihawadena 6689 Dengue Patients were reported this year up to now and 85 Patients died.Last week alone around 1000 New Cases on Dengue reported and there were 10 Deaths she stressed.

Dengue Fever is a Man Made Dissease and Government alone cannot prevent it without the Support from the Public she said."Every Resident should pay their attention to clean their Gardens by destroying Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places like Empty Cans,Plastic Yoghurt/Ice Cream Cups,Tyres and cleaning the Plants and Ponds inside Houses regularly.Dengue Mosquitoes "Eadis Egipty" and "Eadis Albopictus" are breed in Clean Rain water.So destroying the Rain Collecting Items will help to stop the Spreading of the Disease she added.

Dengue Mosquito can fly up to 500 Meters.Meanwhile Minister Of Health Nimal Siripala de Silva appeals to the People to admit the Dengue Suspected Patients to the Government Hospitals instead of Private Hospitals where the Dengue Patients are not receiving the Adequate Treatment for the Disease.

Former Justice Minister Passed Away

Former Justice Minister and Strongman of the Ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) Amarasiri Dodangoda passed away at the Colombo General Hospital yesterday evening.He was receiving treetment for his illness at the time of his death.

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