Monday, November 7, 2016


Sri lanka Pledged To Eliminate Tobacco Consumption From The Roots At The World Health Organization's Conference

Sri Lanka and India have pledged to eliminate tobacco consumption from the roots in  their  countries during the seventh framework convention on  tobacco control of the  World Health Organization which inaugurated in Noida,India Yesterday (07).

Addressing the conference which is the world's biggest conference of anti tobacco policies attended by 180 countries ,President Maithripala Sirisena has urged the World Leaders not to succumb or compromise with tobacco industry.

President Sirisena has also stated that Sri Lanla will introduce a plain cigarette pack soon as a step to combat against tobacco.

Jaffna Magistrate Has Remanded 14 Army Personal For dissapearing Two Persons

Jaffna Magistrate has yesterday (07) remanded  14 Army Personal attached to the Achchuweli Army Camp who are charged with dissapearing two persons at Achchuweli in Jaffna until 21st of November.

The Attorney General has filed indictments against 16 Army Personal for dissapearing two persons in Jaffna on 28th of October 1997.

However two of the charged  Army Personal were reported as dead the court was informed.

Britain To Provide 1.2 million Sterling Poumds To Remove Land Mines In North

British Government will provide 1.2 million Sterling Pounds to Sri Lanka to remove land mines in the Northern Province over the next three years the British Minister for United Nations and Commonwealth Baroness  Anelay who had visited Jaffna has stated today (07 ).

Accordingly Britain will fund the British demining charity the  "HALO Trust"to remove mines in the North  buried during the war with LTTE Rebels in view of facilitate the  return of Internally Displaced Persons.

The British Minister Anelay had visited a HALO Trust demining site during her visit to Jaffna and met former IDP's who recently returned  to their lands.

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Crocodile Over 15 Feet Long Has Been Captured At Matara

A crocodile over 15 feet long has been captured by the villagers and Wild Life Officials at Matara (Southern Province)and later released to the Nilwala River it has been reported.
Nilwala River

The crocodile who only have three legs and believed to be born in deformity has surfaced from the Nilwala River and entered a village in welegoda,Matara.

However villagers along with wild life officials captured the crocodile and transported him back to Nilwala River through a tractor,

Joint Opposition MP Wimal Weerawansha Has Given A Statement To FCID Over Financial Irregularities

Joint Opposition MP and the leader of the National Freedom Front Wimal Weerawansha has today (07)given a statement to the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) regarding an allegation leveled against him on a  financial irregularities.

The MP had given the statement to FCID regarding the financial irregularities occurred at the Ministry Of Housing And Construction while he was the subject Minister during the previous regime.

Navy Arresterd Two Persons While Attempting To Smuggle Five Kilo Grammes Of Gold To India

Sri Lanka Navy Personal have today (07) arrested  two persons while attempting to smuggle around five kilo grammes of Gold to India through a Dinghy Fishing Boat at the seas off West Thalaimannar(In Northern Province).

The two suspects are  identified as residents of Silawathura and Mannar areas and they have attempted to smuggle the gold to India by disguising them as fishermen it has been reported,.

Navy are due to hand over the suspects and the stock of Gold  to Customs Officers in Jaffna for further investigations.

Koala Bear In Bag Of A Female

Disabled Soldiers Ended Up Their Protest After Government Assured A Pension Scheme For Them

Image result for pension in wordsAfter the Presidential Secretariat Officials have informed the Government's decision to provide a pension for the disabled tri forces and police personal with less than 12 year of  service from next February a group of protesting disabled forces personal had ended their one week long protest campaign today(07).

Earlier Police have used water cannons and tear gas to disperse a protesting disabled forces personal who attempted to enter presidential secretariat in Colombo by breaking barricades on the road.However later the officials of the secretariat had allowed few of the protestors to enter the premises and held talks with them.

Police Have Arrested 72 Kilos Of Kerala Cannabis From Dharmapuram

Image result for kerala cannabisThe Dharmapuram Police in Jaffna had arrested 72 kilos of Kerala Cannabis which brought from India  at Chundikulam Coastal Belt in Dharmapuram ,Kilinochchi(In Northern Province) today(07).

During a raid carried out by the Police a suspect has fled away from a Motor Bicycle and when the Police Officers followed him he left the parcel which contain Kerala Cannabis the Police have stated.


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Ministry Of Health To Gazette A Plain Cigarette Pack Soon

Image result for plain cigarette packetMinistry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine to issue a gazette notification soon on introducing a Plain white  Cigarette Packet  without any printed details except the brand name of the Cigarette on it's surface  the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala has stated today(07).

This Plain Cigarette Packet which is similar to the one introduced by Australia recently will contain the health pictorial warnings covering 80% of the Cigarette Pack surface although there are no other details printed on  the pack except the brand name Dr.Mahipala has stated.

The Plain Cigarette Packet will be introduced under the guidance of two  World Health Organization Advisers  he has stressed.

Ministry Of Health has decided to introduce this plain Cigarette Pack to achieve the target on creating a smoking free nation and to minimize the 20,000 deaths reported from the country annually due to smoking related disorders Director General of Health Services has said while addressing a media briefing held at the Ministry Of Health today.

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