Friday, July 26, 2013

Two Mosquito Varities Eating Dengue Mosquito Larvae Found In Sri Lanka

Two varieties of Mosquitoes who are eating dengue mosquito larvae as their food were discovered by entomology assistant officers of Medical Research Institute(MRI),Colombo  after a year long research on them.the mosquitoes belongs to the  "Typomyia" mosquito variety were found firstly in Kalutara District and researchers say that these mosquitoes are not biting  humans and their main source of food is juices of trees including flowers .

According to a spokesman of Entomology Unit of Medical Research Institute, the researchers are preparing a plan to breeding  these two mosquito varieties naturally  in laboratory of MRI and release them to the environment to destroy dengue  mosquito larvae.for this researchers are expanding their research to find the ways of breeding these mosquitoes in large scale to combat dengue menace.

Withing this year researchers are hoping to breed these mosquitoes and release them to environment the spokesman has said.

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