Tuesday, March 22, 2016



Sri Lanka's First Lunar Eclipse To Be Occurred Tomorrow(23)

Sri Lanka's first Lunar Eclipse for this year is due to occur tomorrow(23) according to Professor Chandana Jayaratne of  University Of Colombo.

The Lunar Eclipse is due to begin  at 3.09 P.M tomorrow(23) and will be ended  at 7.24 P.M same day Professor Jayararne has stated.

In a penumbral Lunar Eclipse like this the Moon will enter the  lighter shadow to the Earth instead of it's Dark Shadow he has stressed.

Due to this people in Sri Lanka will be able to see a reduction of the brightness of Moon during the Lunar Eclipse and not able to view the Dark Shadow of it Professor Jayaratne has revealed.

United Kingdom To Continue Their Assistance For The Development Of Sri Lankan Police

The United Kingdom will continue to support development of Sri Lankan Police according to Deputy British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Laura Davies.

The British High Commission in Sri Lanka has been a long term supporter of developing process of the Sri Lankan Police and it has worked with Police and the Government supporting their vision for a transformed Police Service the Deputy High Commissioner has stated.

Community Police and Training Development are two of the central themes of British High Commission's engagement in this process Deputy British High Commissioner has said while addressing at the launching of "Professional Development Framework" for the Sri Lankan Police.


Three Persons Including An Eight Year Old Boy Killed After They Were Run Over By A Lorry At Anuradhapura

Image result for accident graphicThree Persons including an Eight Year Old boy were killed this morning after they were run over by a Lorry at Saliyawewa Police Area on Anuradhapura-Puttalam Main Road .

Two Females and Eight Year old Boy who were residents Anuradhapura had been killed due to the accident and  Lorry Driver had fled from the scene after the incident it has been reported.

The Anuradhapura Police are conducting a search operation to arrest the missing Lorry Driver.

Police Have Arrested Eight Persons Including A Female With More Than 2 Grammes Of Heroin

Image result for arrested clipartThe Police have arrested Eight Persons during  two separate raids carried out today(22) in Welikada (In Colombo) and Balangoda(In Sabaragamuwa) including a female with 2 Grammes and 170 Mili Grammes of Heroin in their possession .

Accordingly a female was arrested in Welikada with 2 Grammes and 100 Mili Grammes Of Heroin in her  possession and Seven Persons were arrested at Balangoda with 70 Mili Grammes Of Heroin in their possession.

The suspects are due to be produced before courts.

Latest On Explosions In Brussels

Brussels, Belgium (CNN)Three explosions that ripped through the Belgian capital of Brussels on Tuesday killed at least 34 people and wounded about 170 more, according to Belgian media, and raised the reality of terror once again in the heart of Europe.
"We were fearing terrorist attacks, and that has now happened," Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel told reporters.
Belgian federal Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said late Tuesday morning that it was too soon to know exactly how many people died in the bombings. Yet Belgian state broadcaster RTBF, citing emergency services, reported 20 dead at the Maalbeek metro station and 14 more killed at Brussels' international airport.
After the blasts -- which came days after the capture of Europe's most wanted man, Salah Abdeslam, in a bloody police raid -- Belgian authorities again hit the streets looking for those tied to Tuesday's carnage and who might launch more attacks.
Citing judicial sources, RTBF reported that raids were underway midday Tuesday around Brussels, targeting people linked to the attacks.
At least one of the two airport explosions was a suicide bombing, Van Leeuw said. A blast happened there outside the security checkpoints for ticketed passengers and near the airline check-in counters, an airline official briefed on the situation said.
The subway station blast happened in the Brussels district of Maalbeek, near the European quarter, where much of the European Union is based.
Richard Medic, who arrived at the station shortly after that explosion, wasn't surprised by the carnage after all that Europe has gone through recently, including the November's massacre in Paris that ISIS claimed responsibility for.
"I think, after the Paris attacks, we were assuming like this would happen," the Brussels resident told CNN. "And it was a matter of time."
Yet Jef Versele, who was in the airport's departure hall when the blasts occurred, said that he thinks Belgians should not hole themselves up and instead should continue to travel "to prove that we're not afraid of those who have done (the attacks)."
That doesn't mean being in the middle of it all, though, isn't frightening.
"You cannot believe it; you cannot believe it," Versele told CNN. "It was so insane. Not in my backyard."

Millions Worldwide Go Back In To Lockdown

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