Monday, October 31, 2016

Price Of A Every Brand Of Cigarette To Be Increased By Rs.5-10 From Today(01)

Image result for cigarette price clipartAs the Cabinet had recently approved a proposal to impose  15% VAT(Value Added Tax)  on Cigarettes and the 4% VAT increase effected from today   the  Ceylon Tobacco Company has decided to increase the Price of a every brand of Cigarette  by Rs.5 to Rs.10 with effect from today(01) the Company has announced.

Accordingly the price of a every brand of Cigarette available in local market will be increased up to 15% Tobacco Company has stated .

With the new price increase the Tobacco Company has increased the price of a Cigarette by Rs.12 during last one month period it has been reported.Most recently  the  price of a Cigarette has been increased by Rs.7.

An Occupational Hazard? Vet Contracts TB From A Wildebeest  

Vet Jonathan Cranston with wildebeest that may have infected him with zoonotic TB.                                                                                                                                  


A 70 Year Old Was Sentenced To Fourteen Year Imprisonment Uphold To One Year Over Involved In Illicit Liquor Trade

Bandarawela Magistrate has yesterday (31) sentenced a 14 year imprisonment uphold to one year on  a 70 year old Bandarawela Resident who found guilty over 14 court cases filed against him regarding  involved in  local illicit liquor trade .

The  Magistrate has also ordered the suspect to pay a fine of  Rs.255,000  for the offences .


Eleven Suspects Arrested Over The Shooting Incident In Mattakkuliya Further Remanded

Eleven Suspects who were arrested and remanded over the recent  shooting  incident in Sammetpura,Mattakkuliya which killed  four persons have been further remanded untill 11th  of November by Colombo Additional Magistrate yesterday (31).

The shooting incident occurred at Sammetpura in Mattakkiliya was done by a team led by Kudu Roshan it has been reported.

Several Roads In Galle Have Been Flooded Due To Heavy Showers

Due to the heavy showers fallen after a long time to Galle today (31) several roads in Galle (Southern Pronce)including the Southern Expressway had been flooded and affected the transport work it has been reported.

Accordingly the Galle-Baddegama Road,Dangedara,Beligaha,Hirimbura and Alapahala roads were flooded as a result of heavy showers .

Two Persons Arrested Yesterday on Suspicion of Members Of Ava Group Not Theirs-Police

The two motor cyclists  who were arrested by the Jaffna Police yesterday (30) in Jaffna with two swords in their possession on suspicion of  members of the "Ava" Crime Gang now believed to be not members of that gang according to the police.

During the questioning at Police  it has been revealed that the two suspects are dancing teacher and his student and they were on their way to hand over swords to it's owner at the time of the accident.

The student had used the  sword for his practicals in  Advanced Level paper on "Drama and acting" it has been stated.

A 62 Year Old Businessman Was Found Dead In A Hotel At Nittambuwa

A 62 year old businessman who was a hotel owner was  found dead in a hotel at Nittambuwa (Colombo) today (31) the Police Media Unit has announced.

The deceased who was the owner of a hotel in urapola,Nittambuwa believe to have been strangled to death according to the Police.

Police are further investigating on the incident.

Entry Road To Galle Face Closed This Morning Due To A Protest March

Entry road to Galle Face from the lotus roundabout in Colombo was closed this morning due to a protest march organized by disabled tri forces and Police Pensioners it has been reported.

One lane of Olcott Mawatha (Road) in front of the Colombo Fort railway station too blocked due to the protest conducted over the current pension scheme.

Police had advised the motorists to use an alternative routes due to the situation.


Colombo High Court Has Sentenced To Death Five Cousin Brothers Over A Murder

Colombo High Court has today (31) sentenced to death five persons over a murder of a resident at S
angaraja Road ,Maradana (Colombo) in 2001.

Colombo High Court Judge Padmini N Ranawake has announced the judgment this evening when the murder case was taken up for hearing at the court.

Earlier Attorney General has indicted five accused cousin brothers over the murder of Sangaraja Road resident.

Investigation On Money Laundering Charges Against MP Namal Rajapakshe Concluded-FCID

Image result for SRI LANKA COURTThe Financial Crimes Investigations Division(FCID) has today(31) informed the Colombo Fort Magistrate that the investigation on money laundering charges against Hambanthota District MP Namal Rajapakshe has been concluded.

The FCID has also informed the Magistrate that it seeking Attorney General's advise to take further steps in the case.

Eleven Joint Opposition MP's Filed A Case At Bribery Commission Requesting To Investigate On Bond Issue

Image result for bribery commission:sri lankaEleven Joint Opposition MP's have today(31) filed a case at Bribery Commission requesting to investigte on the Controversial Central Bank Bond Issue and the link between Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran over the issue .

The special COPE(Committee On Public Enterprises) report presented to the Parliament last Friday(28) by it's chairman JVP MP Sunil Hanunneththi has stated that former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran has directly involved in the Central Bank Bond issue.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

UNICEF: Air Pollution Kills 600,000 Children Yearly


A Textile Shop In Bambalapitiya Was completely Destroyed Due To A Fire

A textile shop at Havelock Road in Bambalapitiya (In Colombo)was completely destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted at the shop last night according to the Police.

The Colombo fire brigade with the assistance of Police Department had doused the fire it has been reported.

No casualties have been reported and the cause of the fire not yet been revealed the Police have stated.

Chinese Government To Assist Sri Lanka To Combat Unknown Chronic Kidney Disease

Chinese government has agreed to assist Sri Lanka to find out the causes for spreading the unknown Chronic Kidney Disease in 12 districts of the island and to provide solutions to combatting it according to the Ministrty Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.

Accordingly a mutual agreement has been signed regarding this between the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne and the chairman of the Chinese Science Research Institute Professor Zhongli Ding in China last week the Ministry has stated.

A group of Chinese experts is due to visit Sri Lanka this December to find out the ways that  chinese assistance should be provided to combat the Chronic Kidney Disease in the country it has been reported.


Nine Special Police Teams Have Launched A Search Operation To Arrest Members Of "Ava" Crime Gang

Nine special police teams including Crimes Investigation Division (CID) officials have launched a joint search operation in Northern Province to arrest the members of a crime gang 'Ava" which is responsible for several crimes occurred in North recently it has been reported.

The "Ava" crime gang lead by their leader sanna spread their crime activities in areas of kopai,manipai,chunnakam and urban areas in Jaffna and recently the gang  stabbed two police officers at chunnakam city center.

The Police Teams involved in the search operation are conducting a separate investigation on allegations made by some sections that some politicians in North,former tiger rebels and army are backing the crime gang the Police have stated.

Police Arrested Two Motor Cyclists With Two Swords In Their Possession At Jaffna

Jaffna Police have today (30)arrested two motor cyclists who were travelling along a sub way at Jaffna Town in a suspicious manner with two swords in their possession.

During the questioning the two suspects have told the police  that they kept two swords in their possession for a drama practice.

Jaffna Police are conducting further investigations on the two suspects it has been reported.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...