Monday, December 24, 2018




No Presidential Pardon For Prisoners This Christmas Due To Recent Political Conflict

Giving president 's pardon to Prisoners
remanded for minor offences to mark Christmas is not going to happen today (25)as in other years due to the delaying of submitting recommendations to the President on Prisoners to be pardoned  as a result of the recent political conflict here it has been revealed.

However Prisons Department has make recommendations to the Ministry of Justice ,Prison Reforms and Rehabilitation two months ago  regarding the group of  Prisoners should be pardoned to mark Christmas this year .As there's a Constitutional coup and Ministries have not functioned as a result, submitting those recommendations to the President not happened according to reports .

Therefore Minister of Justice Thalatha Atukorale is due to make recommendations to President Regarding the group of Prisoners should be pardoned during next week after assuming her duties in Ministerial Portfolio it has been reported.



Sad Beginning Of The X Mas Day : Four Persons Had Been Killed And Five Injured Due To A Gun Shooting In Tangalle

A Sad beginning of the X mas day in
Tangalle has been reported as Four iersons had been killed and Five other persons had been injured and hospitalized this morning  (25)due to a gun shooting incident in Kudawella Fisheries Harbour in Tangalle.

The five injured persons one of them critically had been admitted to Tangalle District Hospital for treatment.

Two unidentified Gunmen arrived in a Motorcycle had shot and killed four persons and injured five others by using T-56 Gun and a pistol it has been revealed.

Police believes the Gun shooting incident caused due to a dispute among two groups of persons attached to  Kudawella Fisheries Harbour. 

First Cabinet Meeting Of UNF Government In New Year To Be Held On 02 nd Of January

The first Cabinet Meeting of the new

year of  newly appointed Cabinet of United National Front (UNF)Government  is scheduled to be held on 02 nd of January under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

This will be the second Cabinet meeting of UNF Government and the first Cabinet Meeting was held under the patronage of President Sirisena and Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe soon after the swearing in ceremony of Cabinet Ministers on 20 th of December.That meeting was lasted only for  20 minutes.

A Dispenser Was Arrested And Remanded Over Selling Heroin To Prison Inmates In Welikada

A 54 year old Dispenser attached to
Welikada Prison HospItal who was arrested by Prison officers over bringing 7.30 Grammes of Heroin to Prison hidden inside 19 pain killer capsules, in purpose of selling to prison inmates ,had been remanded until 07th of January by the Maligakanda Acting Magistrate yesterday (24).

The suspect was produced before the Maligakanda Acting Magistrate yesterday by Borella police .

Welikada Prison Officers have arrested the suspected Dispenser last Saturday  (22) during a raid carried out in prison with haul of Heroin in possession and handed him and the haul. of Heroin to Borella Police .

Complaints have been received by Welikada Prison Officers that the suspect is involved in selling Heroin to Prison inmates .



Around 75,000 Persons In North Displaced Due To Floods

Around 75,000 persons belonging to
nearly 23,000  families have been displaced in Northern Province due to floods caused as a result of more than 360 Mili meters of rain fallen to five Districts according to Disaster Management Center.

One death has been reported in Jaffna due to floods.

Adverse weather condition is being affected to Jaffna,KilinochchI, Vavuniya, Mannar and Mulathivu Districts. The most badly affected area is KilinochchI District where more than 38,000 persons have been displaced due to floods.

The displaced persons had been moved to 35 welfare centers Set up in the Districts. 


A Welikada Prison Hospital Doctor Had Been Banned From Entering Welikada Prison Hospital And Medical Centers Over Providing Liquor Bottles To A Prison Inmate

Prison Authorities in Welikada Prison

Headquarters havery banned a senior doctor attached to Welikada Prisons Hospital from entering the Prison Hospital and other Medical Centers of the Hospital premises over providing two small liquor bottles to a prison inmate at a Medical Centers on last Sunday (23).

Prison Headquarters in Welikada had already begun a disciplinary inquiry against the suspected doctor who had given two liquor bottles to a prison inmates to handover them to another Prison inmate it has been revealed.

Till the suspected doctor has proved his innocence over the incident at inquiry he will be banned from entering Prison Hospital and other related medical centers in prison it has been stated .

Prison Headquarters had already informed the incident to Health Ministry and Borella Police .Borella police  as well as Prison Headquarters havery questioned the Prison Inmate who kept the liquor bottles given to him by the doctor and a dispenser who had witnessed the incident.

Borella Police have also recorded statements from two Witnesses of the incident .

An Elephant Had Roused And Killed Mahout During A Procession

An Elephant participated  in "MIhindu
Procession of Sri Sudassanarama Temple in 06th post ,KaranDeniya area in wee hours of  this morning  (24)has roused   and killed his  Mahout after dashing him on  the ground it has been reported.

The Mahaut who  was 45 year old resident of Ridiyagama in KaranDeniya area had succumbed to his injuries before admission to Hospital.

The Angry Elephant had also attacked and damaged several vehicles and houses nearby .People gathered there to witness the Procession had seen ran for safety .

Later Veterinary Doctor had tranquillized the Elephant to capture him whilst located  at a nearby reserve .

P.S-Lord Buddha never preached to use Elephants belonging to Wild to carry anything in Processions and other events . Wild Animals always belonging to Wild. Everyone loves to watch the movie "Born Free",But not really understand what George and Joy Adamson stand for. How they raised "Elsa' the lioness by respecting her Freedom. That's what need to be adapted regarding Elephants as well according to experts .

A Baby Elephant Was Killed After Colliding With A Luxurious Bus

A Baby Elephant was killed on the spot
(File photo)
after colliding with a luxurious  Bus at 04th post on Puttalam-Anuradhapura road in wee hours of this morning  (24).

Due to the incident occurred as a result of careless driving of the Bus driver ,The conductor had been injured and the vehicle had been severely dated.

The Bus had been fallen to the SellanKandal Jungle reserve it has been revealed.

The accident spot is an Elephant crossing where Wild Elephants crossing the road regularly and Placards had been also displayed in the area indicating it . 

Bus,Three Wheeler And School Van Unions Have Agreed To Reduce Transport Fares

Bus ,Three wheeler Driver /Owner  And
School Van Unions have agreed to reduce Bus,Three Wheeler And School Van Fares with effect from This Wednesday (26) during a meeting held between Union represenatives and Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Arjuna Ranathunge today (24)at the Ministry office in "Sethsiripaya",Battaramulla .

The Fare reduction will be taken place as a result of reduced fuel prittte

 Accordingly All Ceylon Three Wheeler drivers and owners Unions have agreed to reduce the Rs.60 fare charge for the first Kilo meter to Rs.50 with effect from midnight Wednesday (26 )night .

Bus Owners Unions have agreed to reduce Bus fares by 4 percent and accordingly the minimum fare of Rs.12 had not been changed and Rs.15 fare has been reduced by one Rupee according to Unions .

Meanwhile School Van Transport Unions have agreed to reduce the Fare by 3 percent.


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