Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nursing Instructors Strike Affected Nurses Training Schools

Two Hundred Fifty three Nursing Instructors attached to 18 Nurses Training Schools island wide began a continuous Strike on last Thursday protesting against the Health Ministry's Decision   to restrict their Over Time Period.Due to the strike all nursing schools faced a possible closure as the Nursing Instructors withdrawn from lecturing Nursing Pupils .

According to the Nursing Instructors Union Some Five Hundred  Nursing students are affected due to the strike.Meanwhile Ministry of Health invited the officials of the Nursing Instructors Union to discuss on the issue on Monday.

Sri Lanka's First Ever Liver Transplant Surgery Performed At A Govt.Hospital

A Group of 15  Doctors led by Professor Mandika Wijerathna successfully performed the Sri lanka's first ever  liver transplant surgery at the Colombo National Hospital on last Monday .The liver which was transplanted to a liver failure victim was taken from a brain death person who was received  the treatment at the intensive care unit of the same hospital.The liver was taken from the brain death person with the permission of his relatives according to the Director of the National Hospital Dr.Hector Weerasinha.

A patient have to pay Rs.5 million to six million  for a liver transplant surgery perform in U.K and Singapore.

The liver transplant surgery at Colombo national hospital  took 10 hours to complete and the patient who was transplanted the liver is now receiving treatment at the Surgical Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital according to Dr.Weerasinha.National Hospital authorities plan to continue  liver transplant surgeries at the hospital he stressed.

Sri Lanka Achieved A Lot In Socialising Birth Defect Children -IAn ndian Doctor Says

India is far behind Sri Lanka regarding socialising children with birth defects and Sri Lanka and it's media are doing a tremendous ...