Tuesday, August 7, 2012

37 Detained Chinese Fishermen Handed Over To Chinese Embassy

The group of 37 Chinese Fishermen who were arrested by sri lankan authorities when illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters were handed over to Chinese embassy in Colombo yesterday .These  Fishermen got arrested by Sri Lankan Navy on last Sunday with their two trawlers used for fishing when they fishing in waters of Batticloe Area in eastern part of Sri Lanka.Two Sri Lankan Agents who helped them were also got arrested.

Director General Of Health Services Given One Month Service Extension Till..........

The Government has decided to give a temporary one month service extension to Director General Of Health Services (DGHS)Dr.Ajith Mendis with effect from 03rd of August till Cabinet approves the proposed service extension to him government sources said.Cabinet is due to discuss on granting the service extension of Director General Of Health Services Dr.Mendis today(08) sources added.

The Cabinet Paper on granting a service extension to Dr.Mendis has already submitted to Cabinet it has been revealed.

Till cabinet announces  his future dr.mendis  has decided to stay away from office the sources said.Due to this situation Deputy Director General Dr.Sunil Alwis has been appointed as acting director general of health services by health secretary dr.nihal jayathilake to carry out  duties of the post.Showing their concern for DGHS Post few of the deputy director general of health services attached to health ministry who were also engaged in mud slinging campaign against dr.mendis are now eying to grab the acting DGHS slot by claiming that they are the seniors eligible to hold the post.

The cat is out from the bag yesterday regarding this issue  when one of the senior DDG'S sent a letter to health ministry secretary by stating that  he should be appointed for the post according to law.

Meanwhile some officials attached to Ministry Of Health and few trade union leaders who are engaged in a mud slinging campaign to oust DGHS dr.mendis since last few weeks from his post are now openly opposing the temporary service extension given to dr.mendis by stating he should not be given such an extension.Some who are slinging mud over DGHS  are trying to misguide public by saying that the post of DGHS is now vacant and suitable candidate should be appointed for the post soon.

Director General Of Health Services is  head of the Health Department in Ministry Of Health.

How Sri Lanka successfully curtailed the corona virus pandemic