Friday, June 28, 2013

15,670 Dengue Patients Were Reported In First Six Months Of This Year

During last 6 months 15,670 dengue patients have been reported throughout the island according to the Epidemiology Unit.out of this number 42.57%were reported from western province epidemiologists said.

However  the number of dengue deaths occurred  this year  is much lower then last year the epidemiologists have stressed.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Government Has Spent Rs.33.56 Million To Import BTI Bacteria From Cuba-Deputy Health Minister

Government has spent Rs.33.56 million to import 10,000 Liters of BTI Bacteria from Cuba two years back to use in National Dengue Control Programme although health authorities have now stating it not suits for Sri Lankan conditions deputy Health Minister Lalith Dissanyake has said.according to the statistics government has spent Rs.3356 per BTI Liter he has stressed.

The Health Ministry has spent Rs.400 million last year for Dengue Control activities minister has revealed.

Stating on media queries on health ministry's decision on not issuing details of dengue deaths to the media deputy health minister has said the reason behind this is it will badly effect tourism in the country.if the total number of dengue deaths issued to the media some  tourists may mislead on the real situation and avoid visiting Sri Lanka minister has said .

In the year 2009 around 300 dengue deaths were reported per around 35,000 dengue patients but now dengue deaths are restricted under 50 deaths so far this year he has revealed.deputy health minister made these remarks during his address on Public Discussion on Dengue held at Jayawardena Center in Colombo -07 yesterday(26).

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dental Drug Shortage Expands Dental Filling Awaiting Lists In Government Dental Clinics

Mile High Dental Centers Oral Surgery, Denver Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Dentures, ImplantsThe Awaiting Lists of normal dental fillings and Nerve Fillings carried out in more than 100 government dental clinics island wide and in only Government Dental Hospital In Sri Lanka Colombo Dental Institute  are at risk of expanding 2 to 3 months further due to the severe shortage of Dental Drugs and Surgical  Government Dental Surgeons Association has said.

 Six  months long awaiting lists are there for  both Normal and Nerve Dental Fillings in Government Dental Clinics at present the president of Government Dental Surgeons Association Dr.Ananda Ratnayaka has said.a severe drug shortage including Euginol,Composite Bonding,GIC,Mercury use for Amalgum filling mixture and 0.5 mili meter stainless steel wires are out of stock these days according to Dr.Ratnayake,

Due to this Dental Surgeons in Government Hospitals have restricted performing normal and nerve dental fillings he has stressed.if the surgeons stopped performing all dental fillings and dental care activities due to the drug shortage dental patients will face enormous difficulties as they have to spend Rs.500-1000 per normal dental filling and rs.4000-10,000 per nerve filling if goes to
 private hospitals and dental clinics.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Petroleum Corporation Has Rejected A Shipment Contained Sub Standard Diesel Arrived From Dubai

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation(CPC) has send back a ship contained 40,000 metric tonnes of sub standard Diesel arrived at the Colombo Harbor  from Dubai on last Saturday(22).the consignment of substandard Diesel in the said ship was subjected to thorough tests and inspections and results shown it contained substandard Diesel  the CPC sources said.

After the tests the supplier has agreed to take back that substandard stock of Diesel  and supply a new quality stock of Diesel sources added.due to the rejection of 40,000 metric tonnes of sub standard Diesel there is no shortage of Diesel in the country at present sources further said.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Disaster Managment Center Has Advised People Around Kelani River To Be Vigilant In Rising Water Levels

The Disaster Management Center(DMC) has advised the people living around the Kelani River to be vigilant as spill gates in Castlereagh Reservoir will be opened and water levels are expected to  rise.

Yesterday(22) Disaster Management Center has advised the people using water in Mahaveli River at Peradeniya ,Gampola and Katugastota Areas to be vigilant as the spill gates in Kotmale Reservoir have been opened.

Meanwhile the Met Department has said showers will be occurred at times in Sabaragamuwa,Western,Central and Southern Provinces and may have extended to North Western Province too. some ares will be experienced heavy showers up to 100 mile meters met department has said.

Met Deparatment Requesting Fishing Community To Refrain From Fishing Rough Sea Areas

The Meteorology Department has today(23) issued warnings to the Fishing Community requesting  refrain from fishing  sea areas of the coasts from Mannar to Potuvil via Galle and Trincomalee to Jaffna as those sea areas will be rough assisted with strong winds.the winds in the given sea areas will be up to 50-70 Kilo Meters per hour.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sri Lanka Imposed 10%Tax On All Gold Imports.

Sri Lankan Government has decided to impose 10% tax on all Gold imports with immediate effect according to government sources.government has imposed 5% customs duty and 5% surcharge on Gold Imports sources revealed.

The main reasons behind this decision are recent increase in gold imports ,the increase in smuggling gold to Sri Lanka illegally  and due to tax imposed  by India on gold imports government sources added.recently Sri Lankan Air Port Customs arrested several people who smuggled gold in to the country.

Before imposing the tax a 24 carrot gold was sold at Rs.47,000 and now the price stands at rs.4000-5000 more sources said.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Severe Shoratge Of Dental Drugs Paralyzed The Dental Fillings And Treatement In Governemnt Dental Clinics

Due to the severe shortage of five essential drugs and surgical items used for dental fillings and treatment the dental fillings and treatment in Colombo Dental  Institute and 100 other government dental clinics are   restricted according to Government Dental Surgeons Association.

The dental drugs and surgical items Euginol.GIC,Composite bonding,mercury use for amalgam filling and 0.5 m.m stainless steel wire use for fractured teeth and jaw bones are out of stock these days in dental clinics and medical supplies division the association has said in a letter sent to the health ministry secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake today(20).if the authorities not taken steps to supply these out of stock drug and surgical items with immediate effect dental filling and dental treatment in government dental clinics will be stopped within next few days.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Navy Has Arrested Another Passenger Boat Illegaly Sailing Towards Australia

Sri Lankan Navy today(19) has arrested another boat carrying around 80 persons who are heading towards Australia in the eastern seas of Batticloe.due to increasing  the number of  passenger boats trying to sail illegally to Australia the Navy has increased the intelligence services  as well as the number of routine patrols  by several folds.

Four Passengers Died As Their Bus Fallen Into A Precipice

Four Passengers including a School Student have died and 70  injured when the bus they traveled in had fallen  to precipice in Seeta Eliya,area in Nuwara Eliya this evening .the injured have been admitted to Nuwara Eliya General Hospital and several of them are in serious condition according to hospital sources.the bus driver was amongst the deceased.

The bus was on an educational tour and had arrived from passara-namunukula region.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIG Vaas Gunawardena Has Interdicted Over The Abduction And Killing Of Businessman

The Deputy Director General Of Police (DIG) Vaas Gunawardena who is in remand over the alleged involvement in abducting and killing of a a  Colombo based businessman has  interdicted today(18) according to Police.DIG Gunawardena who was arrested in suspect of the abduction and killing was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital and later transferred to Prisons Hospital after he fell ill while in custody.

Before getting arrested he was questioned by CID on his involvement of the incident.after produced before the court Colombo Additional Magistrate A.M Shabdeen has remanded him till 25 th of June.

DIG gunawardena was charged on abducting and killing of businessman Mohomad Siyam in Dompe Area on 22nd of May.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sri Lanka Reached Semi Finals Of ICC Champions Trophy Cricket Tournament

Sri Lankan National Cricket Team beet Australian team  today(17) and reached the Semi Finals of ICC Champions Trophy 2013  currently underway at England and a day night encounter  played at Oval Cricket Stadium in London Sri Lankans beet Australians by 20 runs after scored 253 runs for the loss of 8 wickets on their 50 overs  .in reply Australians were all out for 233 runs.

Mahela Jayawardena who top scored with 84 runs for Sri Lanka was adjudged as man of the match.Sri Lankans now play their semi final match with India on this Thursday at Cardiff Cricket Stadium in Wales while hosts England will play South Africa at Oval Cricket Stadium on Wednesday.The Finals due to play in Edgbaston,Birmingham.

Ten Essential Drugs And Surgicals Are Out Of Stock In Colombo National Hospital Nephrology Clinics

Around 10 essential drugs and surgical items are out of stock these days in Nephrology Clinics of Colombo National Hospital.due to this shortage doctors are prescribed  kidney patients to buy these drugs and surgical items from  private pharmacies from their own expenses.

Drugs like  Fluronazine,ISMN,Salbutamole ,Dumpiridon and surgical item Crape Bandage are among those out of stock items according to hospital sources.

Female Student Of Colombo University Is In Critical Condition After Jumped From Fifth Floor Of The University Building

A female university student of Colombo University who has jumped to the ground from fifth floor this morning has been admitted to Colombo National Hospital and in critical condition according to hospital sources .after underwent an emergency surgery she was now receiving treatment at Intensive Care Unit(ICU) sources added.

The injured student is a first year student attach to  Science Faculty of Colombo University and a resident of Lunugamwehera Area.the reason behind her action is not ascertain yet according to the Police.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Legal Cases Were Filed Against 2173 Houses And Institutes Maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

The Public Health Inspectors have filed court cases against 2173 Houses  and Institutions island wide which were found maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places in their backyards during January to May this year and fined Rs.1,186,5000 according to Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Association.another 9206 Houses and Institutes were issued notices during that period association has said.

A total number of 314,321 Houses and Institutes Island Wide were inspected by Public Health Inspectors during January to  May to search dengue mosquito breeding places.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Met Department Conitnuously Warned Fishermen Not To Go For Fishing These Days

The Meteorology Department has today(14) issued warnings to Fishermen in fifth day in a row this weekto refrain from going to seas in the areas of Mannar,off the coast from Colombo-Potuwil via Galle - Jaffna  to Trincomalee as strong winds ranging 60 kilo meters per hour up to 70 kilo meters per hour .

Around 54 fishermen were reported dead and many were missing since  last week after they went to seas during adverse weather conditions prevails in most parts of the island.

Army Commander Appointed As New Chief Of Defense Staff

The Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya has been appointed as the new Chief Of Defense Staff by promoted him to the rank of General with effect from 01st of August this year the Defense Ministry has announced today(14).the present chief of defense staff Air Chief Marshal Roshan Gunathilake due to relinquish his position on the same day.

Meanwhile Major General Daya Ratnayake has appointed as new Army Commander with effect from 01st of August by promoted to the rank of lieutenant  general filling the vacancy created by General Jayasuriya it has been announced.

Density Of Dengue Mosquito Larvae Increases Six To Eight Folds In Most Parts Of The Country

The recently concluded research has shown that the Dengue Mosquito Larvae Density in most parts of the island are six to eight folds higher then the normal rate according to entomology assistant some areas the density of Dengue Mosquito Larvae is 30-40 in Brita u Index the index which measures the density of mosquito larvae it has been reported.

A dengue mosquito larvae density numbering 30 -40 are reported from some areas in Gampaha,Borella,Narahenpita,Batticloe,Kurunagala,Navalapitiya,Kandy and other few places according to entomology assistant officers .the normal density level of mosquito larvae  is 5 in that index and more then that is a sign of an epidemic officers said.

This is the first time after the year 2009 such a higher density of dengue mosquito larvae is reported from the island it has been revealed.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Businessman Arrested With Smuggled Gem And Jewelerry At Mattala Air Port

A Sri Lankan businessman who returned from Thailand was arrested today(12) with some jewellery and gems smuggled in to the country illegally at the Mattala International Air Port by custom officers .the gems and jeweleries he smuggled in to the country were from Bangkok and worth Rs.millions according to custom officers.

This marks the first such arrest at Mattala International Air Port in southern province which is Sri Lanka's second international air port.

Court Cases Filed Against Sixty Seven Institutes And Houses Maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

The Colombo Public Health Department has filed court cases against Government Technical College and 67 other public/private institutes and houses situated in Colombo City today(12) against maintaining dengue mosquito breeding places in their premises the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam has said.

According to Dr.Kariyawasam,the public health department officers were found many places with large number of dengue mosquito larvae  within technical college premises .around 1930 institutes and houses were checked during today under dengue inspections carried out in the Colombo City and notices were issued to 146 institutes and houses with dengue mosquito breeding places he stressed.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Total Number Of Dengue Patients This Year Exceeds 14,000

The total number of Dengue Patients reported throughout the island this year have passed over 14,000 today(11) according to the total number of dengue patients reported from island this year stands as 14,091 patients and over 45 deaths reported during that period.

The highest number of dengue patients have reported from Colombo District (3620)and total number of  4380 Dengue Patients have been reported during this April and May epidemiologists stressed.around 42.14% out of the total number of dengue patients reported this year are from western province .

Monday, June 10, 2013

Latest Update- 42 Fishermen Died ,Another 22 missing Due To The Adverse Weather

According to the the latest information received 42 fishermen have died and another 22 were injured  due to the adverse weather conditions prevailed in the island during last few days.43 fishermen are still missing along with 24 trawlers according to Ministry Of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources .

Out of the 42 fishermen died 23  deaths were reported from Galle,9 deaths from Colombo and another 9 deaths from Kalutara and 1 death from Negombo Districts.

Government has announced that Rs.100,000 compensation will be given to the families of fishermen who died .meanwhile President Mahinda Rajapaksha has requested a full report from the authorities on how the Sri Lankan Meteorology Department issued warnings to the Fishermen and public on adverse weather during last few days. Speculations are growing among public that the department was not able to inform fishermen on the adverse weather conditions including gusty winds and rough seas in time on last Friday where most of the dead and missing fishermen went to the sea.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Number Of People Died Due To Adverse Weather Conditions Increased To 20- 36 Fishermen And 37 Boats Were Missing

Around 20 people including 18 fishermen have confirmed as dead and 36 fishermen along with 37 fishing boats went missing up to now due to the adverse monsoon weather conditions including strong winds and rough seas the disaster management center has said.

The missing 36 boats were missing from Galle ,Kalutara,Negombo and Colombo .according to the sources around 22 fishermen went missing were rescued dueing round to clock search operations carried out by Navy and Air Force.the rescued fishermen are currently admitted to hospitals and receiving treatment,

Out of the 36 fishermen went missing 17 are sailed from Ahungalla area and 3 from operations continues.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 Deaths Were Reported Due To Adverse Weather Conditions

According to the Disaster Management Center(DMC) 5 deaths including 4 fishermen have been reported so far and another 17 fishermen are reported as missing due to the adverse weather conditions.meanwhile Navy and Air Force involved in the rescue mission of missing fishermen able to rescue 6 fishermen from the seas in Mount Lavinia,Balapitiya and Kollupitiya areas.

The meteorology department has advised fishermen to refrain from going for fishing activities  especially in Mannar to Potuwil via Colombo and Galle as there will be strong rough winds up to 60 to 70 kilo meters per hour during  next 24 hours.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Three Fishermen Died And 12 Hosptalized Due To Adverse Weather Pattern -More Fishermen Gone Missing

Due to the strong winds assisted with thunder showers occurred most parts of the Island yesterday evening three fishermen who drowned in the southern seas have died and 12 were hospitalized according to Navy sources,the bodies of the 3 died washed ashore and 12 fishermen who were rescued by Navy were admitted to Balapitiya(Southern Province) Hospital.some other fishermen who went to see have reported as missing.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Navy has dispatched 3 ships from Colombo to Galle to rescue fishermen who had gone  missing and Air Force has dispatched a Helicopter for the rescue mission.a tense situation has occurred in Dehiwala Area(Colombo Suburbs) as fishing folks blocked train tracks and demanding authorities to rescue some fishermen gone missing due to adverse weather condition.

Patients Suffered Due To The Doctors Strike In Matara Hospital

Due to the one day token strike launched by doctors attached  to Matara General Hospital ,Out Door Patients Department(OPD) clinics,routine surgeries and treatment  of the hospital were crippled according to hospital sources.only emergency services have maintained as usual.

All doctors attach to the hospital began  token strike at  8 a.m today by demanding fair trial against the hospital administration who made false charges against  hospital's doctors over arm amputation case of a law faculty student.the token strike scheduled to be conclude 8.a.m tomorrow(08).

The Free Bypass Surgery Project For Critically Ill Heart Patients Has Suspended

The heart surgery project launched by cardio thoracic surgeons in Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital,kotte  to perform bypass surgeries free of charge for those critical heart patients who are awaiting surgeries at government hospital awaiting lists has stopped since three weeks back  according to hospital sources.this project which was funded by ministry of health has stopped due to an external pressure from higher authorities of  Jayawardanapura Hospital the sources added.

The project which began in year 2010 has able to perform more than 300 bypass surgeries for free of charge to the patients attached to several hospitals throughout the island including Colombo National,Kurunagala,Kandy,Anuradhapura, and Karapitiya  hospitals.the total cost for the surgeries were borne by the Ministry Of Health as a benefit for these patients.

However some authorities in Jayawardanapura Hospital opposing this project as it has done free of charge at a hospital which is semi government charging fees from the patients.but the Cardio Thoracic surgeons there have not opposed this project and carried out the project during last three years without any difficulty as well as not disturbing the normal heart surgeries performs in the hospital according to sources.

More than five critical heart patients per week were sent to the Jayawardenapura Hospital  by other government hospitals earlier for bypass surgeries under the mentioned project.but since three weeks they stopped sending patients per a request made by a higher authority in j'pura hospital sources revealed.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Colombo Law Faculty Student Dies From Dengue

A 21 year old Colombo University Law faculty student has died from Dengue Fever this morning while getting treatment at Colombo General Hospital.according to the university sources around 20 other law faculty students have been contacted with the disease during past month due to the dengue mosquito breeding places within university premises.

S.D Nisansala who is a resident in Kegalle District has become the latest victim of dengue fever by increasing the number of dengue deaths reported from Colombo to 4 the chief medical officer in Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam has said.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) To Launch Continuous Work To Rule Camapign

The Professions Supplementary To Medicne(PSM'S) attach to government hospitals have decided to launch a continuous island wide work to rule campaign from 18th of June by demanding solutions for two of their service demands.PSM'S are demanding the recruiting of all unemployed PSM Graduates numbering 600 and implementing the delayed promotions of 500 first grade PSM Officers according to secretary of Joint Trade Union Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine, Mr.Saman Jayasekera.

According to Mr.Jayasekera under the proposed work to rule campaign PSM'S will not participate collecting blood,urine and other samples from hospitalized patients and performing of essential CT,X ray and MRI Scan tests .PSM'S attach to Colombo Castle Street ,De Soyza,Ridgway Children's ,Peradeniya Sirimawo Bandaranaike Children's ,Maharagama Cancer Hospitals and Narahenpita National Blood Transfusion Service will not participate the trade union action due to humanitarian reasons he has stressed.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Corrupt Judge Remanded Till 10 th Of June

The District Court Judge of Homagama in Colombo Suburbs who was arrested and imprisoned last week over bribery charges was  today (03) remanded till 10th of June by the Colombo Chief Magistrate.the bribery commission was arrested judge abeysinha on 30th of May while allegedly receiving a bribe of Rs.300,000 from a person in Hanwella Area.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indian Government To Construct Goddess "Sita 'Temple In Sri Lanka

Indian Government has decided to construct the goddess Sita Temple at Divurumpola,Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka a place believed to be associated with Ramayanaya chief minsiter of India's Madya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said yesterday(01).Sri Lankan government has already gave permission for  this project and the center also approved this chief minister said.

According to Press Trust Of India the Madya Pradesh Chief Minister has revealed this while addressing an event in Madya Pradesh.the Sita Temple is due to construct through Swami Dayanand Trust and Madya Pradesh Chief Minsiter has already offered 1 Crore Indian Rupees to fund the project.

The place temple is going to be constructed  is believed as where goddess Sita underwent 'Agni Pariksha' (test by fire), according to mythological epic Ramayana.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Heavy Showers Prevails In The Country To Continue

The Meteorology Department has announced that thunder showers with strong winds prevails in most parts of the country will continue further in coming days as well.due to the continuous rain most of the roads are filled with water according to the sources.

Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...