Sunday, November 3, 2019

Australia bushfire: Lucky koala escapes blaze


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STF Personal Arrested Three Persons With 4745 Kilo Grammes Of Waste Tea

Special Police Task Force(STF) Personal have today (03)arrested three persons with 4745 Kilo  of waste tea in possession at Nuwara Eliya area during the raids carried out there.

The suspects were arrested in Bambara Kalewatte ,Shanthipura and Waterfilk areas it has been revealed .

Image result for sri lanka policeThe suspects along with the stock of waste tea had handed over to the Public Health Inspectors Office in Nuwara Eliya for further investigations .

A Police Constable Was Killed Due To Motorcycle -Van Collision

Image result for died IMAGESA 35 year old Police Constable had killed after the Motorcycle he was riding in colliding with a van at Matale Town in wee hours of this morning (03).

The critically injured Police Constable had succumbed to his injuries on admission to Matale Base Hospital.

Police have arreated the Van driver over the incident .


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An Indian Natonal Was Arrested With 273 Grammes Of "Ice" Narcotic

Image result for arrestedPolice Officers attached to Police Anti Narcotic Bureau in Katunayaka Airport  had this morning  (03) arrested a 36 year old  Indian national  with 273 Grammes of "Ice " narcotic in his  possession at Katunayake International Airport .

The suspect who had arrived in Kstunayale Airport from Chennai ,India had hidden the stock of "Ice 'inside a fake bottom in his luggage and recovered by the police during the search .The estimated value of the stock of "ice " narcotic taken into custody is more than Rs.1.4 million it has been revealed .

Later Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials have obtained a six   day detention order until 09 t th of this month from the Negambo Magistrate to question tbe suspect after being produced him before the magistrate . 

ITAK Party Of The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Decided To Support Sajith Premadsa In Presidential Election Based On His Election Manifesto

Image result for ITAK PARTYIlankai Tamil  Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) Party representing   the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has today (03) decided  to support presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front Minister Sajith premadasa in the forthcoming Presidential Election based on his policy statement (Election Manifesto )issued last week ITAK Member MP M.A Sumanthitan has stated .

The Central committee of the ITAK Which met at a private hotel in Vavuniya today has decided to support Minister premadasa as his proposals in the policy statement are justifieble MP Sumanthiran has stressed .

However no candidate has accepted the 13 demands submitted by the TNA to Presidential candidates to get TNA support for their presidential campaign it has been revealed.Joining North and East provinces and give self rule powers and provide jobs  for the unemployed youth in North and Eastern provinces are among the 13 demands submitted to the Candidates by TNA prepared by Jaffna University Students Union .

Other parties in the TNA will also  take a decision on  whom they will support in the forthconing presidential election soon MP Sumanthiran has said .

Meanwhile a group of people in Vavuniya had attempted to attack Vehicle of the  MP R.Sambandhan  the leader of TNA and member of ITAK by slippers over the decision to support Sajith premadasa it has been reported .

Litro Gas Purchased 12,000 Metric Tonnes Of Gas To Solve Current Gas Shortage

Litro Gas Company has urgently
purchased  12,000  tonnes of Gas to end the current Gas shortage face by the count to the Ministry of Finance .

Out of this stock a ship carried 3600 Metric Tonnes of  Gas arrived in Colombo harbour yesterday (02)and another ship carrying  3600 Metric Tonnes of Gas is scheduled to be arrived this Tuesday (05) .Another stock around 3600  Metric tomnes due to arrive next saturday the Ministry has stated .

Due to the purchase of this Gas stock the current Gas shortage in the country will be solved in coming  week Ministry has stressed.

Present Gas shortage arisen as a result of Low Gas supply by a major Gas Supply company it has been revealed .

Meanwhile Consumer Affairs Authority has so far filed cases against 40 traders who hidden Gas cylinders /Sold Gas for higher prices and who urged the consumers to purchase a Gas stove to get a Gas cylinder it has been announced .

Raids are continuing to nab errant traders who are selling Gas cylinders for black market prices and hiding Cylinders to creste a Gas shortage the Authority has stressed .


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