Sunday, May 17, 2020

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70 Stranded Sri Lankans In Thailand Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A special Maldivian Flight had brought
back 70 Sri lankans stranded at Bangkok ,Thailand due to Corona virus spread ,to Sri lanka this evening (17).

The Maldivian flight had brought back these Sri Lankans from Bangkok Airport and soon after arriving here Sri lanka Airforce personal had disinfected them and their luggage . Afterwards transported them to quarantine centers for quarantine through special Army Buses following the health check up at Health office in Katunayake Airport .

Twenty One Corona Positives Reported Today(16)-Total.Number Has Increased To 981

Twenty one new Corona virus positives
had been reported in Sri Lanka today (17) until 11.30 p.m increasing the total number of Corona positives to 981 according to Epidemeology Unit .

Accordingly 08 out of the first 10 Corona virus positives reported in the country today were Navy personal and  02 were Those who had arrived from London and undergoing quarantine at quarantine Centers .

At the moment 434 Corona positives and 209 Patients suspected as Corona positives are being treated at Government Hospitals it has been reported .

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Examinations Department To Allow Advanced Level Students To Use Calculators For Four Subjects

Examinations Department has decided
to allow Students who are due to sit for the forthcoming G.C.E Advanced Level examination to use calculators for four subjects according to the Examination Commissioner General Sahan.B Pujitha .
Accordingly Advanced level students will be allowed to use calculators when they are sitting for the examination  papers of  Accounts ,Engineering Technology ,Science for Technology and Bio System Technology subjects Examimation Commissioner has stated .
Examinations Department is planning to allow the using of Calculators for few other subjects as well  it has been reported .

"Amphan ""Cyclone Storm To Blow Away Across The Country Soon-Mer Depat.

The Cyclone storm "Amphan "
developed  as a result of the low preassure area grown   at Bay of Bengal is due to blow away across Sri lanka mostly  through North and North western areas within next few hours  according to Meteorology Department .

As a result heavy showers and strong wimds will occur in several areas  and people should be vigilant on the weather conditions The Department has stated .

Meanwhile due to heavy showers occurred in some parts in the country yesterday (16)nearly 2700 persons in few districts are being affected it has been reported 

25 Corona Positives Reported Yesterday (16)- 18 Positives Discharged Today (17)

Yesterday (16) 25 Corona virus positives
had been reported ,increasing the total number of Corona positives in the country to 960 according to Epidemeology Unit .

Out of these 25 Corona positives 23 were Navy personal and 02 were reported in Quarantine Centers the Unit has stated .

Meanwhile 18 Corona positives had been discharged from hospitals after fully recovered by 10 a.m today (17) Now the total number of Corona positives discharged from hospitals has been increased to 538.

At the moment 413 Corona positives and 209 suspected as infected with Corona virus are being treated at Government Hospitals .

Water Levels Of Five Main Rivers Back To Normal After Reaching High Levels

The water levels that had risen yesterday (16)due to the heavy showers occurred in some areas during last friday night (15)had now back to normal as only little rain fall has been reported yesterday (16)  according to the authorities .

Accordingly the water level of Kelani,Kalu ,Gin ,Nilwala and Mahaweli rivers and seven Oya"s (Rivers) including Attanagalu,Kirindi ,Maha and ,Hada   have receded  and back to normal level .

However people are being advised to be vigilant over the wild weather imcluding heavy showers and strong wimds due to occur in some parts of the country especially in Northern  and Southern sea areas.

The landslide warnings issued by the Narional Building Research Organization (NBRO)to 10 Districts is due to be expired at 2 p.m today(17).

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...