Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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Three Persons Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Three Persons including a female were
arrested with little more than 503 Grammes of Heroin in their possession at Mattakkuliya area this morning (01) during a raid carried out by Police Anti Narcotic Bureau .

The suspects were involved in Heroin trade since long time it has been revealed.The estimated Value of the haul of Heroin taken into custody in possession of the suspects is more than Rs.6 million it has been revealed.

A Person Was Injured Due To A Jeep-Tipper Truck Collision

A person was injured and hospitalized
due to a Jeep-Tipper Truck Collision occurred at Gurugodaoya area in Horana in wee hours of this morning  (01).

The injured Jeep Driver was admitted to the Horana Base Hospital for treatment.

The accident was occurred due to the driver fallen a sleep while driving according to the Horana Police.

From BBC-Sridevi Kapoor Who Was Cremated With An Unanswerable Questions Of Her Death


Two Sri Lankans Arrested While Attempting To Smuggle A Stock Of Currency Notes Illegally To Dubai

Airport Customs officers had arrested
two persons who had attempted to smuggle Foreign and Sri Lankan Currency notes worth Rs.50,008,964 illegally to Dubai yesterday (28)at the Katunayake Airport.

The two suspects who are of the ages 45 and 47 and residents of Colombo-Yon Street and Chilaw areas were later releases on Bail after confiscating the stock of currency notes taken in to custody in possession of the suspects. 

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramsinghe To Leave Singapore Today

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and Central
Bank Governor Ananda Coomaraswamy are due to leave Singapore today (01)to attend  "Invest Sri Lanka" Investors summit organized by the Colombo Stock Market and scheduled to be held in "Four Seasons  "hotel in Singapore tomorrow (02).

Many Leading investors of the region are due to attend this Investors Summit.Sri Lanka is due to receive many economic benefits during the summit due to the Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement it has been revealed.

59 Farmers Were Arrested Over Violently Acting During Yesterday's Protest At Thambuttegama-50 Of Them Were Remanded

Around 59 farmers have been arrested over the
charges, illegally breaking  the law and order , violently act by blocking the Padeniya-Thambuttegama main road and  causing heavy traffic and damaging properties of Thambuttegama Police  during a protest conducted by farmers at Thambuttegama Police Junction yesterday( 28) and 50 of them were remanded until 07th of March by the Thambuttegama Magistrate  last night.

Two females were among those fifty farmers remanded it has been revealed.Six suspects were ordered to release on bail.

The arrested farmers had involved in a protest held  against handing over of Rajanganaya River (Wewa) to a Chinese Water Bottle Manufacturing Company and some pelted stones at Thambuttegama Police station it has been reported.

Few Police officers were injured due to the incident and Police had fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protestors.Few farmers who acted violently were asssulted by police officers and hospitalized due to the injuries  .

ASP Arrested Over Accepting A Rs.30,000 Bribe From A SPA Owner Has Been Interdicted

The Police Deparment has interdicted the Assistant
Superintendant Of Police (ASP) in charge of Chilaw /Wennappuwa Division who was arrested by the Bribery Commission officials over accepting a Rs.30,000 from a Femala SPA Owner in Wennappuwa ,from service with effect from yesterday (27).

The interdiction has been made as per an instructions given  by Inspector General Of  Police Pujith Jayasundara.

The suspected ASP was arrested whilst accepting the bribe from the SPA Owner at Divulapitiya road in Negsmbo.

India-Thousands Throng Crematorium For Final Glimpses Of Late Sridevi-Funeral To Be Held With State Honours


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Drug Kingpin "Wele Sudha" Who Was Sentenced To Death Was Released From One Case Filed Against Him

court decisiob සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලThe Sri Lankan Drug Kingpin Gampola Vidanage Samantha Kumara alias "Wele Sudha" who was sentenced to death over keeping 6.07 Grammes of Heroin in  his possession in year 2000 had today(28) released by the Colombo High Court Judge Vikim Kaluarachchi from one case filed against him over smuggling narcotics.

"Wele Sudha"was released from one Case filed against him due to the lack of evidence received for that case to prove he is guilty over the charges   it has been revealed.The decision regarding the releasing of "Wele Sudha" from a case had been taken when the case against him had taken to heaing today .

However the Death Sentence Imposed Over Him still remains.

Ten Tea Estate Workers Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

wasps සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලTen Estate Workers attached to a Tea Estate in Bagawanthalawa Area were injured and hospitalized due to a wasp attack this morning(28) while they were plucking Tea Leaves.

The injured ,Eight Females and Two Males were admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Provincial Hospital for treatment.

Police Have Used Tear Gas And Water Cannons To Disperse A Large Number Of Protesters Near Thambuttegama Police-Protesters Pelted Stones At Police -Four Policemen Injured

අදාළ රූපය
Thambuttegama Police have fired tear gas and Water Cannons to disperse a group of villagers who had protested at Thambuttegama Police junction  on Kurunagala-Anuradhapura main  road this noon(28) after the protesters protesting  blocking the main road and pelting stones at the Police .

Four Policemen injured due to the stoning incident and around 44 Protesters including females were arrested  over the protest sources said.

Almost all the villagers based in Rajanganaya area had participated the protest which was held to oppose the decision taken by the authorities to hand over the Rajanganaya Wewa(River) which supplies water to the farming lands in the are to a Chinese Water Bottle Manufacturing Company it has been reported.

Due to the protest A HEAVY TRAFFIC occurred on Kurunagala-Anuradhapura main road for hours according to reports.

According to the Protesters Rajanganaya Wewa supplies water to 17,000 acres of  farming land for farming purposes.

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