Monday, July 6, 2015


Election Monitors CAFFE Has Received 12 Election Related Complaints Up To Now

The Election Monitoring Group CAFFE has received 12 Complaints on Election related Violence's  up to now according to the CAFFE.

These complaints have received since declaring the
election date according to the executive director of CAFFE ,Keerthi Tennakoon.The majority of these complaints are related to damaging of properties and assaulting cases he has said.There 's a complaint on assassinating a person too CAFFE ,executive director has revealed.

Tourist Arrivals To Sri Lanka In This June And During Last Six Months Have Increased

Sri Lanka's Tourist Arrivals in June 2015 have risen by 12 % when compared to June last year according to the Government Information Department .In last June 115,467 Tourists have arrived Sri Lanka and tourist arrivals from India and China have seen growing rapidly.

During last six months (January to June) of this year the total number of Tourist Arrivals to Sri Lanka have risen by 14.1% with 830,051 Tourists when compared to last year.

The majority of the Tourists who were arrived during last six months of this year were from three  European Countries namely United Kingdom,Germany and France according to the information department.

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