Thursday, November 26, 2015


The Gazette Notification Regarding Reducing Prices Of Five Essential Commodities Has Been Issued

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The Gazette Notification regarding the reducing Prices of Five other essential commodities has been issued with effect from 24th of November according to Consumer Affairs Authority.

Accordingly Prices of Katta and Salaya Dried Fish ,400 Gramme  Locally Produced Milk Powder Packs,Dhal And Sprats have been reduced under the gazette notification.

The Prices of these Commodities have been reduced through the 2016-Annual Budget presented to the Parliament on last Friday(20).


Sri Lankan Navy Have Arrested 15 Indian Fishermen Yesterday(26) Morning Whiile Fishing In Northern Sri Lankan Seas

Sri Lankan Navy have arrested 15 Indian Fishermen yesterday (26) morning who have fishing in Sri Lankan Waters by violating international maritime Boundary Line.

The Navy with the assistance of Sri Lankan Coast Guard have arrested 09 Indian Fishermen at Northern Seas near Delft Island and 06 at seas near Thalaimannar .Navy also have taken into custody   three fishing boats which these fishermen were traveling  in .

The 15  detained Indian Fishermen have been later handed over to the Fisheries Offices in  Jaffna and Thalaimannar.


Ministry Of Women's And Child Affairs To Suggest Attorney General's Department To Allow Courts To Hear Child Abuse Cases Single Day Per Week

The Ministry Of Women's And Child Affairs has decided to suggest the Attorney General's Department to allow Courts to hear Child Abuse Cases at least a Day per Week in view of reducing the large number of Child Abuse Cases pending for years.

According to the Ministry Secretary Chndrani Seneviratne The Women's And Child Affairs Ministry is  still holding talks with Attorney General's Department regarding ways to reduce the pending Child and Women Abuse cases struck at courts for years,

"As an initial step the Ministry has decided to suggest Courts should allow a single day per week to hear Child Abuse Cases Only " She has stressed.

Police To Take Legal Action Against 725 Motorists Who Violated Traffic Line Laws During today(26)

Legal Action will be taken against around 725 Motorists in Colombo City  who  violated Traffic Line Laws which were strictly implemented with effect from today(26) during the period  6 a.m to 4 p.m according to Police Spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera.

Police have been strictly implemented the Traffic Line Laws applicable to Carriageways in Colombo City with effect from today(26).


Majority Of Rape Victims Reported From Sri Lanka Are Girls Under 16 Years Of Age-UNFPA

The Majority Of Rape Victims reported from Sri Lanka are girls under 16 years of Age according to United Nations Fund For Population Activities(UNFPA).

The sexual harassment against girl child in the local society is on the increase and due to this situation teenage pregnancies and abortions among them have also increased the UNFPA has said.

It has been reported that 6.5% of the Sri Lankan Girls becomes pregnant or deliver their first baby before they celebrate their 19 th Birthday  UNFPA has further said.

Water ,Electricity And Telecommunication Rates Will Not Be Increased-Finance Minister

Image result for finance minister srilankaThe essential utilities including Water,Electricity and Telecommunication Rates will not be increased due to the amended Value Added Tax(VAT) System introduced through  2016-Annual Budget Proposals presented to the Parliament on last Friday according to Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake.

The VAT from Wholesale and Retail Trade has been totally free and it reduced by 11% to 0% Minister has stressed.

Earlier there were rumors that Water and Electricity Rates may  goes up due to the amended VAT System introduced through the budget.

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