Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Western Provincial Council Has Closed 148 Schools Due To The Bad Weather

Western Provincial Council has decided to close 148 schools in the province from tomorrow (04)until further notice  due to the adverse weather conditions prevailing.according to the authorities 137 schools in Kalutara District ,9 schools in Colombo District and 2 schools in Gampaha District will be closed due to the bad weather.

Authorities have said that if the weather conditions improves the schools can be opened without a delay.

A Plan To Reduce Noise Pollution In The City Of Colombo

The Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council has decided to introduce a Horn  Free Day and Horn Free Zone for the Colombo City coincide with  World Environment Day falls on this Thursday(05) to reduce the  increased noise pollution in the  city.

The noise pollution in the city has been increased by 8 Decibel Units during last 10 years and now stands at 72 Decibels the Chief Medical Officer Of Health Dr.Rohan Wijemuni has said.due to this situation diseases like High Blood Pressure are  in increase among adults and children Dr.Wijemuni has revealed.

According to Dr.Wijemuni the doubling of the number of vehicles enter the Colombo City daily during last 10 years is the main reason for  increase in   noise pollution.around 250,000 vehicles are entering the city daily at present when compare to the number of vehicles entered 10 years back which was around 100,000 .

"Therfore the Public Health Department has decided to introduce a Horn Free Day and Horn Free Zone at seven selected roads on this Thursday between 8.30 a.m to 10.30 a.m to aware the public on the  importance of  reducing noise pollution and during that time period there's no stopping of vehicles in the city" Colombo Chief MOH has stressed.

Meanwhile according to a latest survey done by Central Environment Authority and Industrial Technology Institute around 90% of the noise polluters in Colombo City are bus drivers and drivers of heavy vehicles who are tooting horns unnecessarily .Sri Lanka has recognized  as the only country  that tooting horns unnecessarily even at traffic jams,bus stops and sometimes at co lour lights researchers have said.  

Millions Worldwide Go Back In To Lockdown

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