Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Greta Thunberg, climate change activist, sails into New York City



Two Trains Survived From Colliding Each Other At Maradana Yesterday (28)-Four Workers Attached To A Train Interdicted Over The Incident

Two Passanger Trains traveling from
Colombo Fort to Chilaw and Maradana to Kalutara  had survived from a head on collision  each other near the Kovil at Maradana last morning  (28).

No one was injured due to the incident accordance to the Railway Control Room .

The incident occurred when the Train number 741 had travelled avoiding train signals it has been revealed .As a result of the incident A Train delay had occurred for few hours in the main Railway line last morning .

Sri Lanka Railways Department Had interdicted the Engine driver ,Assistant Engine Driver, Chief guard and Assistant Guard of the train that avoided signals regarding the incident. A minor board had been  also appointed to probe on the incident.

A Male Teacher Of A Muslim School Who Had Been Charged Over Sexually Assaulting 11 Students Had Surrendered To The Police

A 44 year old male teacher attached to
a Muslim Collage at Gala uda ,Hali-Ela,in Badulla who had been charged over severley  sexually assaulting  11 students imcluding a female student and 10 male students of that school had surrendered to the Badulla Police yesterday (28).

Earlier complaints had been recieved by the Badulla police against the suspected teacher over sexually assaulting six students including a female student of the ages 15 and 16 and later the number of complaints had risen to 11 according to Police.

The suspect is due to be produced before the Badulla Magistrate Court today (29).

Chief Justice Appointed Three Special Tribunal.Judge Panels To Hear Three Major Court Cases

Chief Justice Jayantha Jayasuriya had
Yesterday (28)appointed  three special Tribunal Judge panels to hear the court cases of three major incidents occurred during previous regime of the  former  President Mahinda Rajapakshe including  Rathupaswela crack down ,Floating Armory issue and abduction and assassination of cartoonist Prageeth   Eknaligoda .

These Special Tribunal Judge Panels had been appointed accordance to the request made by Attorney General Dappula De Livera to hear these cases as special crime incidents .

Accordingly a Special three member Tribunal Judge panel chaired by High Court Judge Menaka Wijesundara had been appointed to hear  the crack down of  Rathupaswela incident  during previous regime where Three Persons had been  killed  and fourty six persons injured when the forces opened fire towards a group.of protesters demanding pure water .The case was filed against an   Army Brigadier and Three other Army officers who had been involved in the crackdown .

Second special Tribunal.Judge Panel chaired by High Court Judge Sampath Abeykoon had been appointed to hear the case against 09 Army officers including Two Lieutinent General's over abducting and assassinating cartoonist Prageeth Eknaligoda and the third Special Tribunal Judge Panel had been appointed to hear the case on maintaining a floating armoury in southern seas filed against 18 persons including the Secretary of National Police Commission and Avant-Guarde company chairman. High Court Judge Dammika ganepola chaired that  Special Tribunal. 



University Activities Are Being Paralysed Due To The Ongoing Strike Of Non Academic Staff

Due to the two day island wide strike
action  launched by Non academic staff of all state universities today  (28) academic and administrative activities of the universities are being paralysed according to University Trade Unions Joint Committee comprising of 18 Trade unions.

Academic activities as well As research and office work of all the state run universities are being paralysed as a result  of the strike the Joint Committe has announced .

The University Non Academic staff had launched the two day strike to force the authorities to solve their salary anomaly problem  according to the Trade union activists .

Meanwhile University Academic staff too had threatened that they will launch an Island Wide strike within two weeks time demanding solutions for theit seevice  demands. 

A Suspect Had Been Sentenced A Rigorous Life Time Imprisonment Over Possessing 344 Grammes Of Heroin

Colombo High Court Judge Vikum

Kaluarachchi had today  (28)sentenced a person who was in remand custody over crime charges a rigorous life time imprisonment over possessing 344 Grammes of Heroin at Welikada Prison.

The accused who had been remanded over nine criminal offences had found possessing the haul of Heroin whilst in remand custody on 03rd of March 2012 and after hearing the case against him he had been found guilty over the charge it has been revealed.

The suspect is a resident of Dematagoda area according to reports. 

Police Fired Tear Gas And Water Cannons To Disperse A University Students Protest March

Riot Police have fired tear gas and high
preassure water cannons to disperse a Protest march of University students belongs to Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) at Lotus junction in Colombo this Evening (28).

The protesters who had launched the  protest march from Technical Junction in Colombo Fort this noon by demamding to ptovide solutions for several demands imcluding removing  the private University Act had marched towards the Lotus Junction and when they have attempted to march towards the presidential secretariet  riot police have fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse them. .

Police have closed down the Lotus Road due to the  heavy traffic congestion crested as a result of the protest march .

A heavy traffic had been prevailed in and around Technical Junction and Colombo Fort for few hours as a result of the protest .

Government To Provide Concessions To The Electricity Bills Issued During Last March ,April And May

Government has decided to grant concessions for the Electricity bills of the consumers for the months of March,April and May where an is...