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UNITED NATIONS-Facebook Has Turned In To A Beast In Myanmar


A 83 Year Old Sri Lankan Tamil National Had Committed Suicide In Vavuniya

A 83 year old Sri Lankan Tamil National With

Canadian Citizenship had committed suicide by hanging himself at a House  in Kovilkulam,Vavuniya according to the Police.

The deceased who had arrived in Sri Lanka from Canada with his wife to attend a funeral house  of a relative had found committed suicide in his son's house .He and his wife due to leave  to Canada on this Thursday.

The cause of the death has not yet revealed.Vavuniya Police are conducting an investigation over the incident.


A Female Was Arrested With Five Packs Of Heroin

Police have arrested a female with five
packets of Heroin in her possession at a house in Welmillawa,Bandaragama yesterday (12).

The suspected female was identified as a daughter of assasinated underworld leader "Soththi Upali".

A Person Was Arrested With 50 Foreign Made Cigarette Cartons At Katunayake

Airport Customs officers have arrested
a person with 50 Cigarette Cartons contains 10,000 cigarette sticks made in a foreign  country in his possession  at the Katunayake ,Bandaranayake International Airport early this morning (13).

The suspect a resident of the Marawila,Wennappuwa who had arrived in from Dubai ,concealing  the Cigarette Cartons in his luggage according to Customs.

Customs officers had confiscated the stock of Cigarettes illegally brought to the country worth around Rs.500,000 and released the suspect after fining  Rs.50,000.

Police Had Recovered A Large Number Of Leaflets/Posters/Banners Indicating Racism,Hatred Speech And Communal Unrest In The Office Of The Leader Of FB Page"Mahason Balakaya"

Police have today (13)recovered a large number of
Leaflets,Banners and Posters indicating racism,Hate speech and spreading violence among communities as well as seven bottles believes to be petrol bombs in the office of  the leader of "Mahasone Balakaya (Force) page runs  in Facebook ,Amith Jewan Weeeasinghe who was the main suspect of the communal violence erupted in Kandy recently.

During a raid carried out today Police have also recovered several bank books,Bank Receipts.A microphone with a print of name Mahason Balakaya police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare has said today.

Terrorist Investigation Division of the Police have last week arrested ten suspects including Amith Weeeasinghe who was the brain behind communal violence in Kandy .

Police are currently questioning the ten suspects  while keeping them in detention  .

Viber Blockage To Be Lifted From Midnight Tonight (13)-Info.Dept

Government has decided to lift the
temporary blockage of Viber  imposed since last Wednesday  (07) after the communal violence erupted in some areas of Kandy District with effect from midnight tonight (13) according to the Government Information Department.

Although Viber App was  blocked temporarily ,Viber users have  used the App without ny interruption since the blockage via "VPN" it has been revealed.

However the blockage imposed on other Social Media sites and Apps is still effective according to sources. 

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Crimes OIC Of Seeduwa Police Station Was Arrested Over Accepting A Bribe

The Bribery Commission Officials have arrested the Officer In Charge (OIC) of the Crimes Division of Seeduwa Police Station while attempting to accept  Rs.25,000 as a bribe from a Businessman in Katunayake today(13).

Related image
The Suspected OIC was arrested while attempting to accept the bribe at the Garage in Police Station over arresting a person according to the complaint made by the Businessman and investigate the case in a way which benefit complainant it has been revealed.

Academic Activities Of Uva -Wellassa University Had Suspended Due To The Spreading Of Chickenpox

Due to the spreading of Chicken Fox within the University premises ,the academic activities  of the Uva-Wellassa University in Badulle  had suspended today(13) by the authorities indefinitely .

Image result for uwa wellassa universityNearly 30  University Students  had contacted the Disease during last week it has been revealed.The students who got the disease were  attached to the internal and outdoor Hostels of the University .


Now Minister Of Telecommunications And Digital Infrastructure Says The Temporary Blockage Of Social Media Sites And Apps Most Probably Lifted By This Friday

The  Minister Of Telecommunications,Digital Infrastructure and Foreign Employment Harin Fernando has said today(13) that the temporary blockage of Social Media Sites and Apps imposed by the Government since last Wednesday (07) most probably be lifted by this Friday(16).
Image result for facebook ban
A group of representatives attached to the Facebook Company is due to arrive in Colombo this Thursday (15) and after discussing the issue with them Government will be able to lift the blockage by Friday according to the Minister.

The Minister has earlier stated that the temporary blockage of Social Media Sites and Apps will be lifted after the Facebook Company remove the Social Media Site Pages which posted Posts and Comments on racism and hate to damage harmony among communities in Sri Lanka and threat to the National Security.

However some politicians have  stated yesterday (12) that the Facebook Company had requested more time to  remove those pages as the Company is not having workers who understand Sinhalese language .

Security Forces have already informed the government that due to the Temporary blockage of Social Media Sites and Apps the violence that erupted in Kandy had stopped and the areas with violence back to normalcy.

Two Youth Motorcyclists Were Killed Due To A Motorcycle-Tipper Truck Collison

Image result for accidentTwo  youth  Motorcyclist have been killed after the Motorcycle they were riding in colliding with a Tipper Truck at Punaryn Junction in Koviladi ,Thambalagamuwa.

The accident Occurred when the Motorcycle attempted to overtake a Bus traveling in the same direction and colliding with a Tipper Truck arrived in opposite direction it has been revealed.

The deceased were identified as 21 and 22 year old youth residents of Vellamahal area in China Bay.

Police have arrested the driver of the Tipper Truck regarding the incident.


Revealed: What urine colour says about Human health,

A GP has revealed what people's urine colour says about their health.According to London-based Dr Luke Powles from Bupa Health Clinics, urine colour indicates people's hydration levels, with dark yellow colors suggesting the need for an instant glass of water. 

Reds and even green shades may be a sign of a more serious health problem, he adds.Dr Powles stresses most people require between 1.5 and two litres of water a day, and should avoid dehydrating, sugary drinks like soda and alcohol.

  • Urine colour indicates hydration levels and should be a pale, straw-yellow hue
  • Darker reds and even shades of green suggest a more serious health concern
  • People should drink 1.5-2 litres of water a day and avoid dehydrating beverages
  • Urine can change colour due to certain foods, such as beetroot or asparagus
  • Darker shades may also occur due to complications of certain medication

Below, Dr Powles outlines what different urine colours say about people's wellbeing.(DAILY MAIL U.K)

Colourless urine suggests someone is drinking too much water. A pale-straw hue is ideal for optimal hydration. Darker yellows suggest the need to drink water as soon as possible. Red shades may be a sign of blood, while green urine may be due to certain medications

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