Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Officials Of New Zealand Based Milk Powder Company Apologized From Technology And Research Minister Over DCD Issue

The authorities attach to the Sri Lankan branch of New Zealand based Milk Powder Company which is center of the DCD contained Milk Powder Issue have meet Minister of Technology and Research Champika Ranawaka last week and apologized to  him over the company's behavior in the DCD issue  according to the reliable sources.although the authorities of the said milk powder company have meet the Technology Minister and apologized they didn't meet the Health Ministry officials and apologized due to the influence of one of the top officials of the health ministry the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has said.

The said Health Official who has influenced the milk powder company not to apologize from the ministry has trying to cover up the DCD contained Milk Powder issue by issuing negative statements like foreign lab reports have shown that  their is no trace of DCD chemical found in imported milk powder GMOA has further added.

Around 12o Million DCD Contained Imported Milk Powder Packets Still Being Sold In Local Market- Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA)

The Health Ministry and the food authority attach to the ministry were only able to removed 252 packets of DCD contained Milk Powder from the market up to now  while around 120 million Milk Powder Packets either DCD contained or suspected as containing  it still being sold  in the market freely according to President Of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Dr.Anuruddha Padeniya.

Even the Health Authorities still not able to destroy the removed stock of 252 Milk Powder packets which proved as contained DCD Chemical Dr.Padeniya has said."Sri Lankan health officials still trying to protect some milk powder companies who are imported DCD Contained Milk Powder from New Zealand but New Zealand Government it self revealed that although the using of DCD contained fertilizer in pasture lands of their country has  banned since end of last year the DCD Chemical has already entered in to the human food chain "he has stressed.

One of the largest  milk powder manufacturing companies in New Zealand which is center of the DCD controversy recently  has earned around Rs.130 million as their dally income  through selling their milk powder in Sri Lanka  GMOA president  has revealed.

"There's no brain or body growing nutrients contained in either infant milk powder else full cream milk powder consume by adults"all these are advertising tricks use by multi national milk powder companies to improve their sales of milk powder.infact there's no need to give infant milk powders for children at all as during first six months after the birth infants should be given breast milk only and after the sixth month infant should be given extra food with breast milk" dr.padeniya has  said.

Until the child reaches two years breast feeding should be continued he further added.

Addressing a media briefing held at the OPA Center in Colombo  today(03)  dr padeniya has said that their union handed over a document contained seven proposals on promoting breast feeding among mothers to the Ministry Of Health which is  need of the hour.GMOA urged the health ministry secretary Dr.Nihal Jaythilake to create a health ministry maintained web site to promote breast feeding among local mothers he has further said.

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