Saturday, January 12, 2019





President Sirisena To Leave Philippines For A Five Day Official Tour

President Maithripala Sirisena is due to
leave  Philippines  Next Tuesday  (15 ) for a five day official visit until 19th of January .

President Sirisena is visiting Philippines accordance to an invitation made by Philippines president Rodrigo Roa Duterte .it has been reported

During the visit he is due to hold bi lateral talks with Phillippine Counterparts regarding areas of mutu al  interest  including economic,  Political, cultural and person to person engagement .

Sri Lankan President is also due to visit International Rice Research Institute in Los Banos and Asian Development Bank and Mundaluyong in Philippines.



A Police Constable Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

A 49 year old Police Constable had been
killed after the Motorcycle he was riding in veering off the road and crashed at Meegahakumbura area in Bulathsinghala last night (11).

The deceased Police Constable who was attached to Horana Police Motor Traffic Unit has faced this incident whilst on the way home after participating in  a function held at Agal Oya area it has been revealed.

The incident occurred at a Reconstruction site of the road .

Wild Life Officers Have Rescued A Wild Elephant Fallen In To An AgrI Well

Wild Life officers had rescued a Wild
Elephant who had fallen in to an Agri   Well at Kuttikulam area in Galenbindunuwewa  (North Central Province ) and released him to the forest last night  (11).

The Wild Elephant who had arrived in Kuttikulam area from a nearby reserve in search of  food had fallen in to the Agri well after damaging paddy fields and cultivations in the village according to villagers.

Wild Life officers have arrived and rescued the Wild Elephant after being  informed by the villagers . 


MP Wimal Weerawansha Has Been Requested To Pay Rs.10 Million Compansation To JVP Publicity Secretary Tilvin Silva

Colombo Commercial High Court has
yesterday (11) ordered the leader of the National Freedom Front MP Wimal Weerawansha to pay Rs.10 million as a compansation to publicity Secretary of Leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna (JVP )  Tilvin Silva over violating an intellectual property rights of JVP through a book published by MP Weerawansha titled "Naththa wenuwata Aththa"(Truth instead of False).

Commercial High Court Judge Ruwan Fernando has also banned the publication of the book .

JVP Publicity Secretary Tilvin Silva has filed a case against MP Wimal Weerawansha s book at Commercial High Court by saying the Boom has clearly violated the Intellectual properties of JVP.

A Person Was Sentenced To Death At Hambanthota High Court Over Killing A Person And Injuring Another 32 Years Ago

Hambanthota High Court Judge Thamara Tennakoon  has yesterday (11)  sentenced a 69 year
old person to death over shot and killing a person and injuring another 32 years ago on 02nd of March 1987 at Weerawila in Tissamaharamaya  (Southern Province).

The accused Shiekh Merzuk residing in Weerawila area has found guilty over two charges including shot and killing one of his relative sons and injuring another relative son as a result of an argument occurred among them over stealing cattle .

Due to the gun shooting incident one of the relative sons of the accused resided in Weerawila area had been killed and his younger brother had been injured.

Police have then arrested the accused and after producing him before court .Attorney General has filed a court case against  him at Hambanthota High Court..

Hambanthota High Court Judge has sentenced the accused to death over killing a person and sentenced five year rigorous imprisonment and imposed a Rs.5000 fine over injuring another person .

Foreign-Paris 'Gas Explosion' Kills Two Firefighters In City Centre

More Than 20 Acres Of Land At An Estate In Hatton Had Been Destroyed Due To A Fire

More Than 20 acres of Land  attached to an Estate at Hatton area had been destroyed due to a
sudden fire erupted there this noon (12) it has been reported.

Due to the dry weather and strong winds prevailing in the central hill areas  at present the fire is spreading rapidly and Estate workers are engaged in dousing the fire .

Authorities believes a group of persons might have lit the fire in aim of hunting wild animals in the area.

Police have requested public to provide information on those who are lighting fires to reserve these days in view to protect them .


Florida Sets New State Daily Record On Corona Infections