Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Circular Issued To The School Canteens Banning selling Of Soft Drinks And Short Eats Still Inactive

The Circular issued by the Ministry Of Education on 2011  regarding  the banning of  selling Soft Drinks,Short Eats,Meet Products and Junk Foods in 9568 School Canteens island wide  is still not able to implement  due to the failure of Health Authorities on activating the circular according to the president of Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Association Mr.Upul Rohana.

The Health Ministry Officials are purposely delaying the activating of the said circular numbering 2011/3  and due to this non infectious diseases like Diabetes,High Blood P reassure,Heart Diseases and stroke   among school children are on increase  Mr.Rohana has said.due to the non implementation of the circular School Canteen owners are selling sugary soft drinks,short eats ,meet products and junk food to the school children freely he has stressed.

Addressing a press briefing held in Colombo this morning the president of the Sri Lanka Health Inspectors Association has said that their is a greet need to implement the said circular as soon as possible  and all the authorities need to do is to introduced the circular as an interim constitution to  the food act of 1980.

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