Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Police Financial Crime Investigation Division Had Questioned Former Treasury Secretary On Hedging Deal

The Police Financial Crime Investigation Division had today (31) recorded a statement from the former Treasury Secretary and Secretary To The Economic Development Ministry Dr.P.B Jayasundara on the controversial Hedging Deal.The government had lost over US Dollars 200 million due to this deal it has been reported.

Yesterday (30) Police Financial Crime Investigation Division had recorded a statement from the former Central Bank Governor and the director of the Divi Naguma Project Ajith Nivaad Cabraal over the Hedging Deal.


Supreme Court Has Rejected A Petition Filed Against The Former President Rajapakshe

Supreme Court
The Supreme Court had today (31) Rejected the Petition filed by the Duminda Nagamuwa of Front line Socialist Party against former President Mahinda Rajapakshe over alleged deployment of the Army Personal during the recently concluded Presidential Elections on 08th of January.

In that petition the former President was charged that he has allegedly violated provisions of the Civil Security Act by deploying Army Personal during the election.

Seven Police Officers Got Injured And Hospitalized Due To The Police -Uni Student Clashes

National Hospital Colombo
Seven Police Officers including an Inspector got injured during the clash between the Protesting University Students and Police at Colpetty Junction occurred this evening and admitted to the National Hospital,Colombo.

The Riot Squad of the Police have used Tear Gas and Water Cannon to disperse a group of University Students who were obstructed at traffic in Colpetty Junction .The Group was on the way Colombo for a Protest Campaign when this incident occurred.

Police Used Tear Gas And Water To Disperse A University Students Protest In Colombo

Police have used tear gas and Water short while ago to disperse a group of University Students at Colpetty Junction who were marched towards Colombo to protest against several demands including the Malabe  Private Medical College Issue .Police have used the tear gas and water  against the Students as they have obstructed the traffic at Col petty Junction.

The University Students too attacked Policemen with stones it has been reported.Police have arrested three Students who behaved violently during the march.The Inter University Students Federation has organized this protest march.

Due to this protest march heavy  traffic has been reported in many routes to Colombo and motorists have advised by the police to use alternative routes

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