Saturday, July 10, 2010

Minister Weerawansha Ended His Fast After President Intervened

Housing and construction minister Wimal Weerawansha who launched an indefinite fast to death campaign last Thursday in front of the UN Office in Colombo  ended his fast this evening after president Mahinda Rajapaksha visited him and offered him a glass of water to drink.Fasting Minister drank the water and ended up his fast and afterward s he was taken to the Army Hospital for treatment.

This noon Minister Weerawansha made a special statement for  the media and said that he will not giving up his fast even if President intervenes, till UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon abolished the three member Advisory Panel he appointed to inquire on the alleged war crimes against Sri Lanka.

Before president Rajapaksha visited the fasting  Minister Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha and several Ministers and Government MP'S visited the fasting minister.

Kala Wewa Wildlife Park Temporary Closed Down

Authorities have temporary  closed down the Kala Wewa Wildlife Park for public  and tourists since yesterday (15) due to a dispute between ...