Sunday, March 8, 2020

Women Fight Over Toilet Papers During Corona Virus Panic Buying In Australia


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Sri Lankan Airlines Suspended It's Flights To Kuwait Temporarily

Sri Lankan Airlines  had  suspend it's
flights to Kuwait temporarily from 06 th of March to 12 th of March according to a decision taken by Kuwaiti Civil Aviation Authority the Airlines has announced today (08).

Kuwait Civil Aviation Authority has taken steps to suspend flights to India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Lebanon and Syria. And Egypt due to the Corona Virus spreading in.the country it has been announced.

Even those who is possessing  a valid resident permit in Kuwait cannot enter to that country through another country it has been revealed .  

Corona Virus Cases Risen To 470 In USA

CID Had Failed To Arrest MP Ravi Karunanayake And Arjun Alosysius During Search In Their Houses

In another Drama Criminal
Investigations Department (CID )Offacials had been reported as searched the houses of Former UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake and Perpetual Treasuries owner Arjun Aloysius in Colombo to arrest them according yo the arrest warrants issued for their arrest by the Colombo Fort Magistrate over the Central Bank  Bond Scam.

However CID Officers had checked the houses of the suspects with the presence of some electronic media personal according to reports.

During the search carried out in.the houses today and yesterday both Former MP Ravi  Karunanayake and  Perpetual Treasuries owner Arjun Aloysius were absent according to reports.

Colombo Fort Magistrate had issued warrants to arrest 09 suspects regarding the Central BANK. Bond Scam.

Corona Virus Spreads To 104 Countries Around The Globe

Corona Virus infected persons had been
reported from  104 countries  and territories around the globe  up to now according to the latest statistics available .

Accordingly 109 ,648 Corona virus infected persons had been reported and 3802 deaths occurred up to now. Most of these Infections and deaths had been reported from China.

Little more than 64.000 corona virus infected persons had been recovered so far according to reports. Around 19 countries including Sri Lanka and Nepal had been reported with  one case each

However currently Corona virus is spreading rapidly mainly in Italy, Iran and South Korea . 

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Nine Youth Arrested With A Stock Of Kerala Cannabis

Anti corruption unit of the Hatton Police have arrested 09 youth of
the ages 25-30 years whilst carrying a stock of Kerala Cannabis on pilgrimage to Sripadha last evening (07)at Ginigathhena -Diyagala area on Hatton road 

The stock of Kerala Cannabis had been recovered whilst inspecting the van the suspected youth have travelled according to Police.

The youth are residents of Galle ,Anuradhapura and Kurunagala areas and scheduled to be produced before Hatton Magistrate Court.  

278 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 278 Sri lankans stranded in England due to Corona  pandamic had touched down the Katunayak...