Monday, April 27, 2020

The Last Digit Of The National Identity Card Rule To Be Adapted In Curfew Lifted Areas When Visiting Shops And Pharmacies From Today (28)

As the Curfew in 22 Districts has been
lifted at 5 a.m this morning  (28) ,from today onwards public in these districts will only be able to visit shops and pharmacies according to the last digit of their National Identity Card a
The  Police Department .

Accordingly  people who have  the digits 3 to 4 as last digits on their identity cards will be able to going out today in curfew lifted districts it has been announced .Police officers with Civillian  cloth are  monitoring the situation in public places to check whether public is adapting the last digit of their identity card rule and keeping the meter's distance  whilst inside and outside of a shop.

However this rule not apply to those who are going to daily work .

Those who are violating these  rules will be arrested and also those who are not wearing a face mask when goimg out the Police Department has announced

Public in curfew lifted areas are being advised to visit shops and phsrmacies only to purchase an essential food items and medicines and everytime trying to visit the nearest shop and pharmscy to their houses  located within a walking  distance .

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Government To Increase The Number Of "PCR :Tests Carrying Out Daily

Government is planning to increase the
amount of  daily "PCR "tests performs to identify Corona virus positives with the assistance of Medical and Science faculties of five  state universities .

Accordingly  "PCR " tests will be carried out daily with the assistance of Medical and science faculties of University of Colombo ,Sri Jayawardhanapura ,Pedadeniya ,Kelaniya and Batticaloa universities .

With this joint programme it is expected to cariied out an additional 1000 "PCR " Tests except 1000 tests currently  being carried out daily .

Prime Minister had met with authorities of these Universities yesterday (27)to discuss on this .

Curfew Imposed In 22 Districts To Be Lifted This Morning (28)

Island wide curfew that is being
imposed at present in 22 Districts is scheduled to be lifted at 5 a.m today (28)according to the Deputy Inspector General Of Police Ajith Rohana .

The Curfew imposed in four districts namely Colombo ,Gampaha ,Kalutara and Puttalam Districts will be continued until Next Momday morning  he has stressed .

Earlier the Curfew Imposed in other 22 Districts since 8 p.m on last friday (24)schefuled to be lifted last Morning (27).However as the Government has planned to recall all the  Military personal attached to Tri foces who are on leave back to their working stations ,Government has announced that the curfew will be implemented until this morning .

The curfew in these Districts will be re imposed at 8 p.m tonight until 5 a.m tomorrow .

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Updated-65 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (27)-Majority Of Them Are Navy Personal

According to the Epidemeology Unit 65
Corona Virus positives had been reported from the country within today (27)upto  midnight tonight (27) .With these new  positives the total number of Corona positives reported in the country had risen to 588 .

Majority of these Corona positives are Navy personal attached to Naval base in Welisara .Already 160 Navy personal had been tested positive for Corona virus and 112 of them tested positive whilst under quarantine in the Camp and 68 had been tested positive after returning home on leave it has been revealed .

At the moment 465 Corona positives are being treated at 06 Government hospitals including National Infectious Diseases  Hospital ,Angoda .

Meanwhile 06 Corona Virus positives had been discharged from Government hospitals today (27)after fully recovered increasing the total number of Corona positives discharged from hoospitals to 126.

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Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...