Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mimic Bridge Collapse-Florida Officials Knew On The Florida Bridge Cracks Before The Collapse

President Had Lifted The State Of Emergancy Last Night

President Maithripala Sirisena has last
night (17)lifted the state of Emergancy he had imposed throughout the Island on 06th of March due to the communal violence erupted in several areas of Kandy District .

A Gazette Notification signed by the President who had returned to the island yesterday from.Japan had issues lady night regarding the removal of State Of Emergancy.

President Sirisena had imposed the state of Emergancy in the island under the powers vested to him from the public security act  and he had informed on this to the Parliament as well.

Security forces had informed the government last week that the civil afministarion in Kandy District has been restored now according to reports.


An Indian National Was Arrested Over Smuggling Foreign Liquor Bottles Without Paying Duty

A 49 year old Indian National was

arrested at the Katunayake, Bandaranayake International Airport yesterday (17)over attempting to smuggle nine foreign made liquor bottles without paying customs Duty it has been reported.

The suspect was scheduled to be produced before the Minuwangoda Magistrate Court yesterday.

Quarter Of Deodorant Users Have Experienced Migraines /Asthma Attacks Due To The Fragrance Products -A Research Reveals

Motorcyclist And Pillion Rider Were Killed Due To A Motorcycle-Tipper Truck Collision

 Thirty five  year old  Motorcyclist and a
Pillion rider were killed after the Motorcycle they were riding in  colliding with a Tipper Truck at Achchuweli area on Point Of Pedro -Jaffna main road yestetday (17).

The critically injured Motorcyclists  were admitted to the Achchuweli and Kopai hospitals respectively where they had   succumbed to their injuries after admission.

Achchuweli Police have arrested the Tipper Truck driver over the incident.

A Chinese Female Was Arrested With A Stock Of Foreign Cigarettes

Pettah Police have arrested a 29 year
old Chinese Female with 1620 Foreign Made Cigarette sticks  illegally  in her possession at Colpetty area.

The suspect is due to be produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate .


Hackers May Have Stolen NFORMATION From Social Media Accounts Accessed via "VPN"-CERT

Sri Lanka Computer Emergancy

Readiness Team (CERT) has warned that there is a possibility of  leaking personal information belonging to  social media accounts  including Facebook of those who have accessed to their accounts via  "VPN" network during the temporary blockage imposed on those sites .

Hackers might have stolen  the personal information  of Social Media accounts which their owners accessed the accounts via "VPN' technology downloaded in play store free of charge.

Hackers believed to be released  "VPN "Apps during the Social media blockage in Sri Lanka.

To protect the Social media account information changing passwords are must according to CERT..

Bangladesh Cricket Board Apologized Sri Lanka Over The Bad Behaviour Of Bangladeshi Cricketers During Nidahas Trophy Match

Bangladesh Cricket Board has apologized Sri Lanka over the unruly behavior of their Cricket Team members during and after the T-20 Nidahas Trophy semi final match played against Sri Lanka in Colombo yesterday (16).

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has stated that the Board itself not aproved the bad behaviour of some Bangladeshi Players during the match.

Meanwhile  two Bangladeshi Cricketers mainly involved in heated arguments with Sri Lankan Players and an Umpire, Skipper Shakib Al Hasan and Nurul Hasan had also apologized over their behaviour from.the Intetnational Cricket Council (ICC) it has been reported.

Bangladesh Cricket Board also agreed to pay the cost of the damage done to the glass door of  Bangladeshi Dressing Room in R.PremaDasa International Cricket Stadium in Colombo which believed to be broken by the hands of Skipper Shakib Al Hasan when he opened it hard after the match.


Africa's First Female Head Of State To Resign-A Lawyer


Ten Suspects Arrested Over Communal Violence In Kandy Have Been Further Remanded Until 29th

Ten suspects including  Amith
Weerasinghe the leader of the Facebook page "Mahasone Balakaya" who were arrested and remanded over the communal violence erupted in several areas in Kandy recently  have been further remanded until 29th of March by the Theldeniya and Galagedara Magistrate Courts today (17).

Eight suspects including the leader of "Mahasone Balakaya" Amith Weeeasinghe who was the main suspect of the recent communal violence in Kandy have been produced before the Theldeniya Magistrate Court  and two suspects were produced before the Galagedara Magistrate Court today (17).

These suspects were arrested by the Police Terrorism Investigation Division on 08th of March and  brought to Colombo and questioned them under a detention order .

Altogether 280 persons have been arrested over the communal violence in Kandy.

A Person Was Arrested With A Stock Of Wallapatta:

A 38 year old Colombo resident was
arrested by the Airport Customs last night (16) while attempting to smuggle 25.4 kilo Grammes of Expensive "Wallapatta" known as "Gyrinops Walla" use to manufacture an expensive perfumes to Dubai illegally .

The suspect was arrested while attempting to  board a  Sri  Lankan Air Lines flight travelling to Dubai.

The estimated value of the stock of Wallapatta taken into custody in the suspects possession  is around Rs.1.4 million  it has been revealed.

Airport Customs had confiscated the stock of Wallapatta and imposed a fine of Rs.100,000 on the suspect. 

An Unregistered BMW Car Had Fallen In To The Diyawanna Lake After Colliding With Another Two Vehicles

An Unregistered  BMW Laxurious Car
and another two vehicles got damaged after the High Speed BMW Car colliding with two other vehicles near the Thalawathugoda Jumction and fallen in to the Diyawanna Lake early this morning (17).

However no one in these vehicles got injured due to the incident and the driver of the BMW Motor Car had fled away from the scene after the  incident it has been reported.

CCTV footages in the area had shown that the BMW Car had parked near a night  club at Thalawatugoda Junction  and how it left with the driver .

Police believes the driver of the BMW Car was under the influence of liquor at the time of the accident.

Thalangama Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.  .

Bangladeshi Cricket Captain And A Reserve Player Have Been Charged 25 Percent Of Their Match Fees By ICC Over Unruly Behaviour During Nidahas Trophy T-20 Match

  • The captain of the Bangladesh Cricket Team Shakib Al Hasan and Reserve player Nurul Hasan have been charged 25 percent of their match fees over their unruly behaviour during the Nidahas Trophy T-20 semi final match played with Sri Lanka at R.Premadasa  Intetnational Cricket Stadium in Colombo yesterday (16) ,by the Intetnational Cricket Council 's (ICC )Match Referee Chris Broad .

Both players have received one demerit point each for breaching  level one Code of Conduct of the ICC over the heated arguments they had with Sri Lankan players and an Umpire.

For further details -

Meanwhile ICC had commenced an inquiry over the damaging of the glass window of Bangladeshi Cricket Players dressing room at the R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium during yesterday's match.


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