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London's mayor blocks plans for controversial 'Tulip' skyscraper


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The mountain climbers showing diabetes doesn't have to be an uphill struggle By Lauren Turner


Court Given Approval To Keep 04 Suspects Under Detention Of Police

Court has given approval to keep the 04 persons arrested over hiding  297 Detonators at a house in
Hadigama,Piliyandala  ,,under detention for three days .

Another Person  had today (16) surrendered to the Police over the incident .

Parliamentary Select Committee Probing On Easter Sunday Attacks To Conclude It's Investigations By Next Month

Parliamentary Select Committee Probing Easter Sunday Attacks is scheduled to be concluded their investigations over the incident soon after questioning President ,Prime Minister and Current and past Ministers of Law and Order according to the member of the committee MP Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka..

The investigations of the Committe will be  possibly ended by next Month he has stressed.

Five Persons Arrested With 2.600 Grammes Of Heroin In Possession

Police have arrested  five persons who had transported 2.600  Grammes of Heroin from a
Motor Car at Kongashandiya in Kalutara yesterday(15). 

Police have also taken in to custody a Walki Talki and Rs.80,550 in cash in possession of the suspects .The suspects are residents of Borella and are of the ages 24-33 years according to the Police Media Spokesman's Office .

The suspects are also recently released on bail after being remanded over  various offences and they have arrived in Kalutara to see a prisoner in Kalutara Priosn it has been revealed.

"අවංක මිත්‍රත්වය යනු තාවකාලික ගණුදෙනුවක් නොව සදාකාලික වූ ආදරණීය බැඳීමකි,,සිත සනසන තනි නොකරන අනෙකා ගැන සොයා බලන, අපුරුතම බැඳීමකි -එවැනි බැඳීමක් සමග කිසි දිනෙක ක්‍රීඩා නොකළ යුත්තේ එබැවිනි "

අදාළ රූපය

A Father And Daughter Had Killed Due To Motorcycle -Train Collision Yesterday (15)

A father and his young daughter had
killed after the Motorcycle they were riding in colliding with a Train travelling from Kankasanthurai area to Colombo last morning (15)at Vandura wa Railway crossing in VeryanGoda area .

The incident  occurred when the Motorcyclist had entered the Motorcycle to the Rail track when a train had stopped there. However the Motorcycle had collided with the Passanger train passed by at that time it has been revealed.

The bodies of the deceased had sent to Wathupitiwala Hospital . 



OIC Of Panadura North Police Has Been Interdicted

Acting Inspector General Of Police (IGP)
Chandana Wikramaratna has yesterday  (15)ordered to interdict the OIC of Panadura North Police Inspector Prabath Paranawithanage to facilitate the ongoing investigations on dissapearence of two T-56 firearms from the police station .

The interdiction order has been issued after the National Police Commission approving it .

An investigations regarding the dissapearence of two firearms is currently underway under the supervision of Deputy Inspector General Of Police In charge of Western Province (North).

Consumer Protection Organization's To Take Legal. Action Against Wheat Flour Increase

Consumer Protection organization's
have decided to take a legal action against the price increase of Wheat flour by Prima Flour company  it has been reported .The organization's are due to take a court order preventing the price increase of Wheat flour according to sources.

Meanwhile another Wheat flour Distributor Serendib company has also decided to increase the price of a Kilo Gramme of Wheat Flour by Rs.7 .

Prima Company Has Increased The Wheat Flour Price By Rs. 8 -Bakery Products Are Also Due To Be Increased

Sri Lanka's main Wheat Flour supplier 
prima Flour Company has decided to increase a Kilo Gramme of Wheat Flour by Rs.8 with effect from today (16) .

The company has already informed it's distributors throughout the island that the price of a Wheat flour will be increased from today (16),However not given the reason behind the sudden price increase.

Although the fixed market price for a Kilo Gramme of  Wheat flour  is Rs.87 ,Wheat flour is being sold in the market between Rs.95 to Rs.108 per a kilo gramme it has been revealed.

Due to the price increase of the Wheat flour ,Bakery products including A loaf of Bread are also due to be increased according to Bakery Owners Association.

The Association which hardly reduce the Bakery product prices when the Wheat flour prices are going down ,is due to meet tomorrow (17)to decide the price increase of the Bakery products .

It is expected that a loaf of Bread will be increased by at least Rs.5 according to sources .

Meanwhile Consumer Protection Organization has today said the Price increase of Wheat flour is very unfair . 

Two Youth Had Drowned In The Waters After Falling Down From Rumassala Rock

Two youth had drowned and another
two  had been rescued after falling down  from a Rumassala rock at Unawatuna area this evening (16) whilst attempting to take a selfie photograph.

The four youth had Fallen to the sea  waters and two of them had been rescued it has been reported. However two youth of the ages 20 and 21 years had dissapeared after drowning .

Navy divers along with Habaraduwa  police had launched a search mission to find out the missing youth who are residents of Thelikada ,Ginimallagaha area .

Ten Persons Died Due To A Building Collapse In Northern Mumbai




Two Hundred Nintey Seven Deternators Had Recovered From A House In Piliyandala

Piliyandala Police along with Army
officers had recovered 297 Electric Deternators and 290 gun threads hidden at a house in Hadigama area ,Piliyandala Last evening  (15 )and arrested four persons over hiding them .

The stock of Deternators had recovered during a joint search operation carried out by the Pilyandala Police and Army personal attached to Kohuwala and Maththegoda areas at siriparallagaha and pahalawatte areas  of Hadigama after receiving an information on it .

The owner of the house ,The person who provided the Deternators to hide and two  sons of the house owner are among the suspects that had arrested during the raid .Piliyandala Police are investigating over the incident according to Police Headquarters.  

Postal Workers Attached To Ceylon Postal Union To.Launch A Two Day Strike Today (16)

Postal workers attached to Ceylon 
Postal Union are scheduled to be launched a two day strike from 4 p.m today (16) until 4 p.m Thursday  (18)demanding solutions for their service demands .

The two day strike will be launched demanding solotions for several of their demands including salary and promotion problem according to the union .

Former Defense Secretary HemasirI Fernando Was Questioned For Nine Hours By CID

Criminal Investigations Department 
(CID)had questioned firmer Defense Secretary HemasirI Fernando for nine  hours yesterday  (15)over Easter Sunday attacks at CID Headquarters in Colombo .

He had arrived in CID Headquarters at 1 p.m yesterday (15) and given the statement until 10 p.m it has been revealed  .

The Former Defense Secretary Fernando had released on bail recently after getting arrested by CID under the instructions of Attorney General  over Easter Sunday attacks .





Several Acres Of Land And Trees Destroyed Due To A Fire At Moragahakanda Reserve

A Sudden fire erupted in Moragahakanda Reservoir reserve last evening  (15) had destroyed several Acres of land and valuable old trees according to sources .

Accordingly valuable trees around 100 years old had been destroyed due to the fire and many rare animal species live in the reserve  too had been affected due to the fire which lasted for several hours.

The fire had been  doused later , however strong winds had prevented the dousing of the fire it has been revealed.

Burning of forests had caused this fire according to authorities. 

ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP -Ben Stokes Of The Winning England Side Wants To Appoligize New Zealand Cricket Captain For Rest Of His Life

Twelve Villages Are Being Visible Due To The Reduced Water Levels Of Moragahakanda Reservoir

Around 12 villages at Naula area in Matale which had been submerged due to the Morgahakande Reservoir ,are being visible these days due to reduced   water capacity of Moragahakanda Reservoir as a result of releasing it's water to other reservoirs and paddy fields in the area it has been reported.

Due to the dry weather prevailing in the area the water of the Moragahakanda Reservoir had released to other reservoirs and paddy fields and as a result 460 ,000 acre feets of water stored in the Reservoir now reduced to 171,582 Acre feets it has been reported.

Meanwhile large number of villagers who had shifted to other places and given new houses due to their submerged houses at naula area are being arriving in the area these days to view their old houses which are now visible.

Some of them had broken  down after seeing their old houses according to reports  .

61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...