Thursday, January 9, 2020

US House votes to limit Trump war powers on Iran

"මිතුදම ඇතුළු බැඳීම් අවංක හා සත්‍ය වූ විට හමු වීමක් මිස වෙන් වීමක් සිදු නොවිය යුතුය ,එක් වීම මිස මගහැරීමක් සිදු නොවන විට ,ආදරය මිස අනාදරයක් නොපවතින විට එම බැඳීම් සදාකාලික වනු ඇත .

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Two Police Officers Had Been Sentenced A 28 Year Rigorous Imprisonment Over Accepting A Rs.10,000 Bribe

Colombo High Court Magistrate Shashi
Mahendran had yesterday (09) sentenced two Police officers ,A Police Inspector and a Police Constable a 28 year rigorous imprisonmemt over accepting a Rs.10,000 bribe from a person in 2009 .

High Court Magistrate has also ordered the two accused Police Officers to pay a fine of Rs.20,000 each.

The accused had been arrested by the Bribary commission officials whilst accepting a Rs.10,000 bribe from a person arrested by the two officers over keeping a stock of Meat in possession illegally ,for not taking a legal action against him in 2009 it has been revealed.

The two accused police officers were attached to Aralaganwila Police station at the time of the incident .Bribary Commisdion officers had filed a case against two officers at Colombo High court after their arrest.

After prolonged hearing of the case High Court judge had yesterday delivered the verdict of the case.

A Female Owner Of A Tourist Hotel In Habaraduwa Was Killed Last Night (09)

A female owner of a Tourist Hotel at
Unawatuna In Habaraduwa Police Division had been killed by a group of persons using sharp object inside  the Hotel  last night(09) according to Police .
The body of the deceased laid  down at the place she was killed as the initial Magisterial Inquiry on the death is scheduled to be held today (10).

The reason behind the murder has not yet been revealed.

Habaraduwa police have identified the killers and currently investigating  to arrest them it has been reported.


Inter University Students Federation Had received A dicussion With President's Officials After Holding A Proest March

A group of Students belonging to Inter
University Students Federation (IUSF )marched towards President's office in Colombo fort yesterday (09)demanding to provide solutions for six demands  including to increase Mahapola scholrship allowance to Rs. 10,000 ,had peacefully dispersed after holdimg talks with Additional.Secretary to the President and Education Ministry officials last evening (09).

President Gotabaya Rajapakshe had instructed the authorities not to prevent the march coming near the President's office and advised the Additional Secretary of the Presidential Secretariet and officials of Education Ministry to discuss with the protesters over their demands.

Protesting students have demanded to provide solutions for six demands  including  increasing  the Mahapola Scholorship allowance to Rs.10,000 ,Paying the arears of Mahapola allowance scheduled for months of November amd December last year (2019) and to equalize the standard of Student grants and Mahapola allowance .

Authorities have agreed to provide areears of the Mahapola allowance scheduled for November and December by next Monday and also agreed to consider providing the allowance for thise students not have 80 percent attendence .

The authorities have agreed to provide solutions for the student demands in writing.

Due to the student's protest march heavy traffic had been reported from several roads in Colombo 

Gangodawila Magistrate Ordered The Government Analyst To Provide A Detailed Report On MP Ranjan Eamanayaka's Audio Clips Circulated In Social Media

Gangodawila Magistrate had yesterday
(09)ordered the Government Analyst to provide a detailed report on CD copies ,Hard disks and Computer apps contain ing telephone conversations between MP Ranjan Ramanayake and some of the higher officials recovred by the police  from MP Ramanayake's official residance at Madiwela

The order had been issued accordance to a request made by Colombo Crimes Division .

Meanwhile Police Media Division had denied the claims made by some that the Audio clips currently circulated in Social Media containing telephone conversatiions  held between MP Ramanayake and other officials ,had been provided to the Media by the Police .

A Three wheeler driver had handed over a Hard Disk containing telephone conversations between MP Ramanayake and some higher officials to the Mirihana Police on 02nd of January claiming someone left it in his tbree wheeler.




President Appointed Former Controversial Secretary Of Cricket Board Nishantha Ranathunge To The Top Post Of Water Board

President Gotabaya Rajapakshe had
appointed former controversial  secretary of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board Nishantha Ranathunge as the new Chairman of National Water Supplies and Drainage Board .

The younger brother of Former Sri Lanka Cricket Captain and a Minister of Good Governance government Arjuna Ranathunge ,Nishantha Ranathunge had been criticized by many due to misuse of Cricket Board funds during his tenure as Cricket Board Secretary .

The newly appointed Water Board chairman is scheduled to be assumed his duties this Monday (13).


Italian Boy Escapes Brown Bear