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Health Officials Had taken legal action Against 51 Food Outlets For Selling Food Items Not fit For Human Consumption

During the island wide raids carried out in the first
day of National Food Safety week  yesterday (28) health officials had taken legal action against 51 food outlets inclulding Bakeries and destroyed food items in 208 outlets due to not fit for human consumption according to Ministry Of Health.

During the raids in the first day of the National Food Safety Week health officials had also taken legal action against 42 varities of soft drinks which not apply traffic lights system to indicate suger levels and filed cases against 12 school canteens selling food unfit for human consumption.

Food items in 112 school canteens have been destroyed during tjdue to unfit for human consumption Ministry has stated.

Former Police Special Task Force Chief K.L.N Sarathchandre Was Released On Bail

The former head of the Police Special Task Force Deputy Inspector General Of Police(DIG) K.L.N
Sarathchandre who had been arrested and remanded recently over misusing a police jeep was released on bail today (28) by the Colombo Chief Magistrate.

He was produced before the Colombo Chief Magistrate court today (8)

The former Police Special Police Task Force chief was charged over misusing a state owned jeep  while he was at office.



Prime Minister Wikramasinghe Proposed A Rs.100,000 Allowance For MP's

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has today (28)
stated in the Parliament that he proposed a Rs.100,000 allowance for each  MP  to use for the activities in their electorates including giving gifts.

Prime Minister has also stressed that his opinion was that monthly allowance of MP's too should be increased.

Recently Prime Minister Wikramasinghe has stated in Parliament that salaries of MP's should be  increased.

Fishing Boat Had Disappeared In Southern Sea

A fishing  boat had disappeared in the sea about 10 nautical miles away from Galle-Ambalangoda sea
coast today (28) it has been reported.

An investigation has been launched to find out the disappeared fishing boat according to the Disaster Management Center in Galle.However there's no detail on the fishermen in  disappeared boat the center has stated.

Five Passengers In A Car Escaped Following A Car-Train Collision

Five persons in a car escaped without injuries
following the Car they were in colliding with the night mail train travelling from Badulla to Colombo near the Uduwara railway station today (28),

The collission occurred when the Car attempted to cross through an unprotected railway crossing.

Bird Flu Spreading In Northern Europe




Navy And police Officers Have Arrested Three Persons With 42 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Navy and Police Officers have arrested three persons
with 42 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in their possession at Point Pedro in Valvatithurai Area (Northern Province) it has been reported.

The arrested suspects along with the stock of Kerala Cannabis had been handed over to the Point Pedro Police for further investigations according to Navy.

Wild Elephants Destroyed Crops/Properties/Houses In Several Places At North Central Province

As a result of Wild Elephant threats an extensive
damage has been done to  crops ,houses and properties as well as to human lives in  several villages at North Central Province it has been reported.

Accordingly Mahiyanganaya,Dambana,Sorabora,Thissapura,Gurumada and Gamunupura  villages are currently under Wild Elephant threat according to sources.
Wild Elephants are entering these  villages easily as authorities have not taken steps to build the proposed electric fence in Sorabora-Gurumada area the villagers have stated.

Three Persons Arrested With Stock Of Expensive Wallapatta At Katunayake Airport

Airport Customs Officers have today (28)arrested three persons while attempting to smuggle 48 kilo
grammes of expensive "Wallapatta"herb out of the country at Katunayake,Bandaranaike International Airport.

The stock of arrested  Wallapatta which also known as "Gyrinops" is estimated as worth around Rs. 3.4
million according to the Customs Officers.

The stock of arrested Wallapatta which use to  make an expensive perfumes was confiscated and the suspects were fined Rs.300,000.


Curry leaves, known as kadi patta in hindi, "Karapincha" in Sinhalese  is one of the common seasoning ingredients that is added to almost every dish to enhance its taste and flavour.

  Here are some of the benefits of Curry leaves.
1. Helps keep anaemia at bay
Kadi patta or curry leaves are a rich source of iron and folic acid. Interestingly, anaemia is not only about the lack of iron in your body but also about the body’s inability to absorb iron and use it. This is where folic acid comes into play. Folic acid is mainly responsible for iron absorption and since kadi patta is a rich source of both the compounds it is your one-stop natural remedy to beat anaemia. Here is how eating beetroot can help fight anemia. 
Tip:If you suffer from anaemia, eat one date (khajoor) with two kadi patta leaves on an empty stomach every morning. Here are few diet tips to beat anaemia and increase hemoglobin
2. Protects your liver from damage
If you are a heavy drinker, eat a lot of fish or …