Friday, June 5, 2015


Four Persons Were Killed Due To A Passenger Bus -Three Wheeler Collision At Eheliyagoda

Around four persons were killed due to a  Passenger Bus - Three Wheeler Collision at Ehaliyagoda in Ratnapura-Colombo Main Road this morning according to the Police.The Passenger Bus was collided with the Three Wheeler during a traffic at the road it has been reported.

Three Passengers who were inside the Three Wheeler and the Driver were killed due to this accident.

A Sri Lankan Who Tried To Smuggle Rs.7.8 Million Worth Gold Was Arrested At The Air Port

A Sri Lankan National who tried to smuggle Gold worth Rs.7.8 million to the country by concealed in his trousers  was arrested yesterday(05) at Katunayake,Bandaranaike International Air Port according to Sri Lanka Customs.

The 49 year old smuggler who is a resident in Colombo Suburbs had arrived from Sarjah with a stock of gold weighing 1 Kilo Grammes and 562 grammes concealed in his trousers and strapped to legs the custom officers have said.


Government Reduced The Commodity Levy Imposed On Imported Potatoes And Big Anions

The special commodity levy imposed on imported potatoes and big anions has been reduced with effect from midnight tonight according to the Ministry Of Finance.

According to the reduction the levy imposed on imported potatoes has been reduced by Rs.25 per kilo gramme ,from Rs.55 to Rs.30 and the levy imposed on imported big anions has been reduced by Rs.20 per kilo gramme  ,from Rs.30 to Rs.10 .

The government has last month increased the commodity levy imposed on imported potatoes and big anions from Rs.15 and Rs.20 per kilo gramme respectively.

A No Confidance Motion Was Handed Over Against The Prime Minister

A no confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranuil Wikramasinha signed by 112 MP'S was handed over to the speaker chamal Rajapakshe last night by a group of Parliamentarians representing the main opposition United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA).To hand over the motion to the speaker a group of UPFA Parliamentariens have visited Hambanthota (Southern Province)last night it has been reported.

The no confidence motion is due to be received by the secretary general of parliament dhammika dissanayake today with approval of the speaker according to opposition MP'S.


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