Thursday, November 3, 2011

Health Education Bureau Has Launched A Health Information Web Site "Suwasariya"

The pioneer institute which promotes the health education in Sri Lanka The Health Education Bureau has launched their new Web Site "Suwasariya" (Health Net) and the Communication Center on last Wednesday (02) contains information on Diseases and other health related issues of the country.Around 125 Doctors including specialists are voluntarily involved in the work of this web site where people can get Health Information from three languages Sinhalese,Tamil and English through E Mail,Skype,SMS,Phone and Chat Room facilities available in that  Web Site.

According to the designers of this "Suwasariya" Web Site The Health Education Bureau ,people can access to the site in any time and get the information they are required  and those who are not having internet facilities can call to the number +94 710 107 107 and get the information they need through a Doctor attached to the Communication Center there.

The Web Address of the "Suwasariya" Web Site is

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