Monday, October 24, 2011

GMOA Wants A Five Fold Salary Increase For Government Doctors

Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has stated today that they are expecting a Five Fold Increase of the Basic Salaries of Government Doctors through this years Budget.Addressing a Press Briefing held in Colombo today (24) the President of  GMOA Dr.Anurudda Padeniya has said that the Government Doctors wants a Salary increase based on the proposals of National Salary Policy drafted in the year 2006.

The Budget Proposals are due to be presented to the Parliament soon.

Dr.Padeniya has also stated that at present a Government Doctor draws a salary of Rs.26,000 -Rs.42,000 and a Medical Specialists received a basic salary of Rs.42,000."If the Government is not able to make  a substantiate salary increment for Government Doctors one cannot avoid them leaving the Government Sector for Private Sector or Go abroad " he stressed.

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