Thursday, November 6, 2014

Over 30 Deaths Reported This Year At A-9 Road Due To Driving Vehicles In High Speed-Police

Over  30 deaths have been reported  and dozens got injured during this year so far  due to driving vehicles in high speed at A-9 road  to and from Jaffna Police have revealed.Most of these deaths and injuries have been occurred while driving their vehicles from Mankulam to Kilinochchi areas  through A-9 Road Police reports said.

As the A-9 Road is a straight road drivers driving their vehicles there  met with an accidents so often due to  not able to control their high speed it has been revealed.Two women were killed last Wednesday when a high speed vehicle skidded out from the road as  not able to control the speed of the vehicle.Due to this situation the Police have requested the drivers who are driving vehicles in A-9 to refrain from driving in high speed.

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