Saturday, October 14, 2017


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Tangalle Magistrate Court Issued A Court Order By Banning Holding Of A Protest Campaign In Tangalle

Tangalle Magistrate Court had issued a court order to
two Southern Provincial Councillors  yesterday (14)by banning of holding a  protest campaign  by blocking roads and cause inconvenience to the public in Tangalle city today (15).The protest campaign scheduled to be held in Tangalle city today (15)is being  organized by two Southern provincial councillors against arresting political activists including UPFA MP Namal Rajapakshe.

southern Provincial councillors Ajith Rajapakshe and D.V Upul are organizing this protest campaign scheduled to be held after a special seminar in Tangalle City center.

Heavy Floods In Panadugama Area-Minor Floods Occurred Near Kalu River

Due to the rising water level in Nilwala River in
Matara ,Panadugama area is being heavily flooded according to the Irrigation Department.

A minor floods occurred in low land areas based on the  branch rivers of Kalu river in Ratnapura area the Department has stated.

The Irrigation Department has appealed from the public  not to use the flooded roads in Akuressa area.

Due to the minor showers received during last 12 hours the water levels in Gin and Kelani rivers not risen as expected it has been revealed.

National Building Research Organization (NBRO) has issued landslide warnings to several areas in Ratnapura and Galle due to the heavy showers prevailing in.




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Landslide Warnings Issued To Kahawatte And Opanayake

Due to the heavy showers prevailing in landslide
warnings  have been issued to the Kahawatte and Opanayake Divisional Secretariats today (14).

The Disaster Management Center has advised the public in these Divisional Secretariats to be in vigilant on the situation and if rain continues further move in to safer places.

Meanwhile Meteorology Department has announced that Sabaragamuwa,Central and Southern provinces will experience over 100 mili meter rain tonight (14).

Heavy Showers Increased The Water Levels In Hydrocatchment Areas-Roads Blocked In Central Hill Areas

Due to the heavy showers prevailing in Central hills
since this morning ,water levels in Hydrocatchment areas of  Lakshapana,Norton Bridge and Castlereigh have been increased rapidly according to the authorities.

As a result two sluice gates of Lakshapana reservoir had been opened .The water level of Wimalasurendra reservoir too increased since this morning it has been reported.

A sand mount had collapsed into the Hatton-Norton-Bridge main road at Osbourne watte area near Castlereigh reservoir and as a result the road has been blocked and the Norton-Bridge-Maskeliya road has been blocked due to a tree fallen into a road .

A Person Arrested With A Stock Of Gold Jewelry At Katunayake Airport

Airport customs officers have arrested a 34 year old
Colombo resident who had attempted to smuggle a stock of Gold jewelry worth around Rs.3 million illegally  in to the country at Katunayake, Bandaranaike International Airport this morning (14).

The suspect who arrived in Katunayake from Dubai had concealed the stock of Jewelry inside his trouser pockets according to the Customs Officers.

Heavy Showers Caused Floods In Low Land Areas In Galle And Ratnapura-Some Roads Blocked Due To Fallen Trees

Due to the heavy showers prevailing in a flood threat
occurs in low land areas surrounding the Gin ,Kalu ,Kelaniya and Nilwala rivers as the water levels of these rivers are on the rise Department of Irrigation has stated.

According to the Department ,flood threat is risen in Thawalama,Baddegama,Palinda Nuwara, Bulathsinghala,Horana and Ratnapura areas as well due to the heavy showers.

As the water level of Kalu river risen from Ratnapura area Muwagama,Karangoda and Hangamuwa areas have been flooded  and several low land areas in Ehaliyagoda and Nawalapitiya areas too flooded .Two sluice gates of Kukule Ganga (River)had been opened due to to the rising water level of the Kalu river.

Due to the strong winds assisted with heavy showers in Galle,Galle-Yakkalamulla road has been blocked this evening as trees fallen on to the road it has been reported.

Meanwhile due to the heavy showers and strong winds a huge tree had been fallen on to the road near Rawathawatte,Moratuwa and as a result heavy traffic has been reported in Galle road according to the reports.

A motor car was damaged after a part of a roof belongs to flyover bridge in Bambalapitiya railway station had  fallen on to the car today as a result of strong winds.


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