Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Foreign-Huge Fire Engulfs Grenfell Tower In West London


An Investigation To Be Carried Out To Find Welfare Of Elephants Owned By Individuals

Minister of Wildlife and sustainable development
Gamini Jayawikrama perera has yesterday (13)stated that an investigation will be carried out To find out on the welfare of elephants owned by an individuals as a private property.

He made this statement during a press briefing held yesterday regarding the death of a buddhist monk occurred due to a elephant attack last monday (11).

President Sirisena Instructed The Authorities To Provide A Payment For Familes Who Lost Their Houses Due To Adverse Weather For Three Months

President Maithripala Sirisena had yesterday
(13)instructed the authorities to provide Rs.7500 each for the families whose houses have been completely destroyed due to recent floods and landslides to get houses on rental basis for a three month period.

This payment will be paid for those families until new houses are constructed for them.

Addresing a post disaster progress review meeting held in Presidential Secretariet yesterday (13)President sirisena had advised the authorities to give priority to building destroyed and damaged houses,schools and hospitals when constructing destroyed infrastructure facilities.

Driver Of Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Had Been Arrested

Police financial crimes investigations division
(FCID)had last evening (13)arrested a driver of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe ,Captain Thissa Wimalasena over several allegations leveled against him.

He was arrested after arriving at the FCID Headquarters to give a statement regarding the allegations.

After produced before the Colombo Chief Magistrate the suspect had been remanded until 27th of June.

Landslide Wanings Have Further Extended In Seven Districts

National Building Research Orga`nization (NBRO) has
Yesterday(13)further extended the landslide warnings issued to seven districts as rain in these districts still continues.

Accordingly landslide warnings issued to Ratnapura, Kegalle Galle Matara ,Hambanthota,Kalutara and Nuwara Eliya districts ,had been extended for another 24 hours.

Meanwhile met department  has stated that showers will occur time to time in many districts.

Health Authorities Have Advised The Public In Flood Affected Areas Not To Use Well Water To Drink Until Purify

Related imageHealth Authorities have advised the public in flood affected areas not to use the well water for drinking purposes until the Public Health Inspectors (PHI's) advise them to  do so.A large number of wells in flood affected areas have been reported as polluted due to the recent floods and the water in these wells need to remove twice and chlorinated before using the water again authorities have stated.

The MOH Offices are  providing the chlorine to purify the well water and in some flood affected areas the cleaning of wells already began it has been reported.

Meanwhile the landslide threats are still prevailing in some districts in the island it has been reported.


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A 15 Year Old Student Had Committed Suicide In Warakapola

Image result for the endA 15 year old student in Warakapola area had committed suicide by hanging himself this morning(13). 

The deceased had committed suicide due to an advise given by his father it has been revealed.

In Past Six Months Around 20 Persons Were Killed Due To Collisions With Trains While Attempting To Take Selfies

Related imageAround 20 persons were killed during past six months of this year after colliding with trains while attempting to take selfies on the rail tracks it has been reported.

During last two days alone three were killed and one injured due to such incidents .

The Railway authorities are now planing to introduce a new mechanism in view of reducing the frequency of such incidents in future it has been reported.

Postal Services In The Island have been Paralyzed Due To The Postal Strike

Image result for sri lanka postDue to the 48 hour Island Wide Postal Union Strike launched by the Joint Postal Trade Unions Front since midnight last night(12) functions in all the Post Offices and sub Post Offices in the country have been paralyzed and nearly  300,000 undistributed letters have been s trucked in Colombo Central Mail Exchange it has been revealed.

The Joint Postal Trade Unions Front had launched the strike by demanding solutions for two demands including suspend the using of  Post Officers for  hotel projects.

If the authorities fails to provide solutions for the demands a Continuous Island Wide strike will be launched with effect from 26th of June the Front has stated.

Postal authorities have cancelled all leave of postal workers yesterday(12) to prevent the strike action.

A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

Image result for wild elephantA Motorcyclist was killed due to a wild elephant attack in Ellewwwa ,Polonnaruwa Distrait this morning(13).

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Ellewewa,Aralaganwila,Polonnaruwa.

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Cabinet Has Decided To vest Powers Of Appointing All.Foreign Mission Members To President

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