Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heavy Showers Continues Throughout The Island

Thousands of people have became homeless due to the ongoing heavy showers experienced  in most parts of the island with strong gusty winds according to disaster management center(DMC) .several roads were   blocked this evening following the falling of trees and floods   DMC has said.

PSM's Are To Launch Two Day Island Wide Strke

The professions supplementary to medicine (PSM's) have decided to launch a two day island wide strike on next Tuesday(06th) and Wednesday(07) by demanding solutions for 06 of their service demands according to Joint Trade Union Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine.five hospitals namely Lady Ridgway,Castle Street,De Soyza,Cancer and Sirimawo Bandaranaike Memorial Children's Hospitals which were not participated previous trade union actions of PSM's are due to join the proposed two day strike Joint Council has said.

PSM's are launching the mentioned strike by demanding 06 service demands including increasing of Overtime and on call allowances,granting communication allowance to PSM's as well and recruiting unemployed PSM graduates the secretary of Joint Trade Union Council Of Professions Supplementary To medicine saman jayasekera has said.

Over 5000 PSM;s compromising with government pharmacists,radiographers,medical laboratory technologists,physiotherapists and occupational therapists  are expected  to participate in the strike.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bread Prices To Go Up By Two Rupees

The price of a 450 gramme loaf of bread is increased by Rs.2 with effect from midnight today (29) according to All ceylon Bakers Association.the price of bread was increased following the increasing of wheat flour by Prima and Serandib Mills from Rs.6 and Rs.4 respectively.

Due to the new price increase the price of a loaf of bread will goes up by Rs.2 from the current  prices between Rs.55-60.the Bakery Association has stated  that due to the higher costs and income losses  around 2000 bakeries out of 7000 bakeries island wide were already closed .

Friday, October 26, 2012

Three Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons Have Resigned From The Govt.Sector To Join Private Sector

Three out of twelve Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons working in Government Hospitals here were resigned from government service and joined Private Sector recently due to low Salaries paid in the government sector Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has announced.Due to this situation the shortage of Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons in government hospitals has  worsened media spokesman of GMOA Dr.Naveen Soyza has said .

One of the popular Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons who was among the group of surgeons  joined private sector recently has received around Rs.15,000,000 as his monthly salary from the Private Hospital he is currently attached with Dr.Soyza has revealed.

One of the senior Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons working in government hospitals  and few other senior medical specialists have also  planning to join the private sector if the low salary structure for government medical specialists has not revised shortly GMOA media spokesman has stressed.the monthly salary of a   medical specialist attached to government hospital is around Rs.42,000 he further added.

Around Rs.1.5 million has spend by the government for specialist training of a medical officer according Ministry Of Health.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hospital Services Paralyzed Due To Doctors Strike

The out door patients department (OPD) clinics of government hospitals were not functioned and all routine surgeries and treatment had cancelled due to today's island wide one day token strike launched by government a result a large number of patients have faced severe difficulties according to hospital sources.

Lists containing thousands of routine surgeries had cancelled almost in every government hospital due to the strike sources added.however striking doctors were attended the emergency services sources further said.

Government Hospital Doctors have launched an island wide token strike today demanding solutions for 3 of their services demands including increasing salaries of all government employees by 1:12 ratio.

The discussions held this morning between GMOA officials and treasury Secretary were fruit full and several agreements were made during the discussions according to GMOA officials .the doctors strike which began this morning is due to end 8 a.m tomorrow(26) morning.

0due to one day token strike launched by doctors

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Government Hospital Doctors To Launch An Island Wide Token Strike Tomorrow(25)

Government Hospital Doctors have decided to launch an Island Wide one day token strike tomorrow(25) demanding an immediate solutions for 3 of their service demands including an increasing salaries of all government employees including doctors with  1:12 ratio Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has announced today(24)according to the association government hospital doctors are to launch an island wide token strike from 8 a.m tomorrow to 8 a.m following day(26).

However Doctors attached to Lady Ridgway Children's Hospital ,Cancer Hospital-Maharagama ,Castle Street Maternity Hospital,De Soyza Maternity Hospital and Sirimawo Bandaranike Memorial Children's Hospital ,Peradeniya are not participating the strike due to humanitarian reasons the GMOA media spokesman Dr.Navin De Soyza has said.during strike period doctors will avoid participating routine treatment and surgeries but will attend emergency services he has stressed.

GMOA is launching this strike by demanding to implement 1:12 ratio salary increase for all government employees including government doctors ,granting official transport facility to those doctors who are performing emergency services in government hospitals and paying doctors all allowances which are promised by health authorities .

Meanwhile during the strike all government hospital doctors will avoid of involving   any private practice inside private hospitals Dr.Soyza has further added.

Meanwhile ministry of health today(24) has requested all government doctors to refrain from  strike action as  Treasury Secretary has agreed to hold discussions with GMOA tomorrow .however GMOA has said that the strike will go ahead despite the scheduled meeting with Treasury Secretary.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Medical Supplies Division Involved in Rs.100 Million Finnancial Scandal

The Medical Supplies Division (MSD) has involved in a large scale financial fraud worth Rs.100 million when importing Blood Glucose Strips and Gluco Meters to government hospitals for next three year period (up to April 2015) it has been revealed.according to health services trade union confederation MSD officials have imported these strips numbering 11,880,000 which is more than the required amount for a year which is5,675,850 strips confederation sources added.around Rs.200,415,000 spent unnecessarily to import this stock of blood glucose strips sources further said.

GMOA To Strike During This Week If ?

The government medical officers association (GMOA) has decided today(22) to launch an island wide doctors strike before this Saturday(27) if the government failed to give written assurance on increasing salaries of government doctors .government should have given written assurance within next few days stating that salaries of government doctors   will increase on 1:12 ratio  GMOA spokesman said.

The strike decision was taken during the special executive meeting of GMOA held this evening.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

GMOA To Summon A Special Exco Meeting Today(22)

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) to summon a special executive meeting tomorrow(22) to decide the type and date of the proposed trade union action on salary hike of doctors .GMOA urged government to increase salaries of all government employees without increasing salary of one category according to GMOA sources.

Government has earlier decided to increase allowances of university teachers through up coming budget proposals following their 3 month old strike recently.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Haj Holiday Shifted To Saturday(27)

The government has decided to shift Haj Holiday falls on 26th (Friday) to  27th(Saturday) as Muslims here are celebrating haj festival on Saturday the ministry of public administration has announced.earlier the haj holiday which is a public and bank holiday here was scheduled on 26th Friday.although haj or Eid Al Adha is celebrated by Muslims all over the world on 26th the Colombo Grand Mosque was announced last Tuesday (16) that Sri Lankan Muslims will celebrate haj on 27th as  moon had been not sighted.

Meanwhile as Some people are planning to celebrate a long weekend including Poya Holiday which falls on Monday (29) along with haj holiday in Friday by visiting outstation areas  have to cancel their plans as well as hotel bookings after shifting haj holiday to Saturday it has been reported.a large number of people who have booked hotels and resorts to spend coming long weekend with their families had already cancelled their bookings and the hotels are lost a huge of sum of income due to this situation hotel sources said.

Minimum Fine For Maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breading Places Increased

The cabinet has amended the prevention of  mosquito breading act to increase the minimum penalty who are found guilty for breeding mosquitoes in their own backyard to Rs.5000.anyone who will not take proper measures to destroy mosquito breeding places will be punished with this fine.this is the second time this act is amended since  last May .

Under the new amendment the director general of health services and provincial directors of health are empowered to declare any dengue affected area as a high risk area effective for a specific period of time  it has been announced during today's Cabinet briefing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Government Hospital Lab Tests Referred To Private Labs

Laboratory tests ranging simple tests like full blood count (FBC) and urine test UFR to complex blood and urine tests as well as ct scan tests performs in government hospitals for free of charge are referred to private hospitals and labs in large scale these days according to secretary of Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Saman Jayasekera.due to this situation patients with economic hardships faced severe difficulties as they have to get these tests done through the private sector  from their own expense he stressed.

Patients have to pay   a large sum of money to private sector to get these  tests done  saman jayasekera has said.even ministry of health has failed to issue the circular as promised during last year which direct hospital authorities to stop performing above lab tests through private sector he has further added.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Government Hospital PSM's Are To Stage Two Hour Walk Out On 24th Of October

The professions supplementary to medicine(PSM) attached to all government hospitals have decided to stage  an island wide two hour walk out from their services on 24 th of October(Wednesday)  demanding solutions for six of their major service demands.after this protest around thousand PSM's are scheduled to hold a protest campaign in front of ministry of health at 12 noon on same day according to secretary of Joint Trade Union Federation Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Saman Jayasekera.

Addressing a press briefing in Colombo today (16) he said that although health ministry officials have issued press releases stating all the major demands of PSM's have been solved not a single demand has received solution except receiving a court order preventing them of launching island wide strike.the PSM's are compromising with government pharmacists,radiographers,medical laboratory technologists(mlt's) physiotherapists and occupational therapists .

Increasing overtime and communication allowances through this year's budget ,granting delayed promotions of psm's belongs to special grade are among the major demands of psm's.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

50KG Cement And Chicken Prices Increased

The prices of 50 KG bag of Cement and Chicken have increased with effect from today(13) according to Consumer Affairs Authority. a 50kg cement bag will be  increased by Rs.68-85 and a killo gramme  of chicken will be increased by Rs.30 .

Retirement Age Of Public Employees Raised To 60

The government has announced that the public employees can work till 60 years of age without requiring to obtain an extension after the age of 57 years. a circular regarding this decision has been issued according to government information department.

Earlier the retirement age of public employees was 57 and they need to get approval of their institution heads to obtain extensions.government had taken decision after considering  requests of public employees on extending the retirement age.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

University Lecturers Suspend Their Strike And Report To Work On Monday

The University lecturers who are in strike since 04th of July by  demanding a pay hike and allocating more funds  for education sector have decided to suspend their strike action temporarily tomorrow(12) and report to work from next Monday(15th) according to Federation Of University Teachers Association (FUTA)after the discussions held with economic development minister basil rajapaksha and treasury secretary Dr.p.b jayasundara last Tuesday (09) FUTA this evening has decided to suspend their strike .

It has been reported that the government agreed to increase  salaries or allowances  of university lecturers from the budget proposals due to be presented Parliament in coming weeks.earlier it has been announced that FUTA officials will attend the press briefing held today (11) at higher education ministry on university lecturers salary issue ,but later today FUTA officials have announced that they will not attend that briefing .

Due to the long standing strike of University Lecturers all universities except medical faculties have been closed since 04th of July.the marking of this year's G.C.E Advanced Level  answer scripts too got delayed as university lecturers refrained from attending supervising those activities during the strike period.

Meanwhile government medical officers association (GMOA) has been announced today that they will launch an island wide strike action if the government has increased salaries of university lecturers alone.there should be a salary increment to all government sector employees without giving special increment to one category only the media spokesman of GMOA Dr.navin soyza said today.while addressing a press briefing at GMOA Headquarters in Colombo he had stressed that government doctors too should have given a salary increment similar to that of university lecturers  .

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Increase In Depression Amongst Diabetic Patients

Around 11% of Sri Lankan population are suffering from some kind of depression and out of this number 1% are suffering from severe depression according to mental health specialists.out of the total number suffering from depression 15% to 20% are trying to commit suicide during their life time it has been revealed.

Also there's an increase on the people suffering from depression amongst patients ur long term illnesses and around 50% of diabetic patients are prone to depression sources said.15% of pregnant mothers are at risk of having depression after delivering their child.

Meanwhile mental health specialists have said that as there is a treatment available for the disease no need to be afraid for the disease anymore.if not treated properly 30% of world population will be suffering from depression during next few years.

Several Essential Drugs And Surgicals Are Out Of Stock In Government Hospitals

Government Hospitals having experience a severe  shortage of 50 and 20 mili liter syringes and several other essential drugs and surgical items these days according to hospital sources.due to this shortage the intensive care units,theaters ,labor rooms,emergency units and primary care units suffered mostly with disturbance to surgeries and treatment sources added.

The medical supplies division and government pharmacies too are not having stocks of said syringes and other surgical it has been reported. due to this situation patients need to buy these drugs and surgical from private pharmacies by their own expenses.

As emergency surgeries and treatment are in danger due to the shortage of drugs and surgical s  many government specialists have now holding discussions  to decide whether to continue admitting patients to those units or not .

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cough Syrups "Corex" And "Corex-D" Are Banned In Sri Lanka

The national drug authority has today (09) banned the sale and distribution of cough syrups "Corex" and "Corex-D in Sri Lanka with immediate effect after six people died during a short period due to taken overdose of these syrups.although both "Corex " and "Corex-D " syrups are related to prescribed drug category most pharmacies throughout  the island are found as issuing them to patients without a doctor's prescription according to  national drug authority .

It has been also reported that the  students and youth are using the syrups as an intoxicant the authority has stated.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Government Increased The Prices Of Liquor

The excise duty of liquor and ethyl alcohol has been increase with effect from last Saturday(060 according to finance ministry.according to new price revision 1 liter of alcohol will be increased by Rs.63 and a liter of bear by Rs.10.meanwhile Distilleries Company Of Sri Lanka has been decided to increase all varieties of their arracks by Rs.26-40.

Few days back the government has also increased the prices of cigarettes by Rs.2 .

A Youth Committed Suicide After Sri Lankan Cricket Team Lost Yesterdays T20 Finals

A 26 year old youth cricket fan reside in Hatton area has hanged himself to death yesterday soon after Sri Lankan National Cricket Team  lost to West Indies  in T20 world cup  finals played yesterday (07) according to sources.the youth has committed suicide as  unable to bear the grief of national teams defeat in yesterday's final sources added.

This is  the first case of suicide   reported from Sri Lanka related to a cricket match it has been revealed.hatton police has launched investigations on the incident.

National Cricket Captain Mahela Has Resigned From T20 Captiancy

Sri Lankan Cricket Captain Mahela Jaywardena has resigned from captaincy of  T20 cricket team with immediate effect .he has announced this decision soon after Sri Lanka lost the final match of T20 International Cricket Tournament to the West Indies yesterday (07).

Addressing the media after the match Mahela has said that he had taken this decision before starting the tournament and even informed that to selection committee headed by Asantha De Mel."selectors are fine with the decision" he has said.however he will remain as the captain of both limited over (50 over)  and Test Teams for one year and to be taken a decision on stepping  down from these posts as well afterwards Sri Lankan skipper stressed.

Sri Lanka lost the all important final match played yesterday with West Indies in R.Premadasa International Cricket Stadium in front of more than 35,000 local cricket fans who were expected vitory of the local team by 36 runs.after Sri Lankan bowlers did well to restrict West Indian batsman  to 137 in their 20 overs except main strike bowler lasith malinga Sri Lanka's  batting failed miserably due to poor batting as last 7 wickets have fallen  for 51  runs.

Meanwhile International Cricket Council (ICC) has appointed Mahela as the captain of ICC's T20 cricket team.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Standard Recognition Given For Private Medical Labs With Unskilled MLT'S

The medical laboratory technologists (MLT) had accused health authorities on giving standard recognition for some of the public medical laboratories in the country which are employing unskilled MLT's in their institutions as well as charging higher prices for lab tests.some of these laboratories have charging six to ten times higher prices than normal prices  from patients it has been revealed.

For taking instance a Rs.100 worth test is perform in these labs for Rs.600 and in some laboratories the price of a lab test worth Rs.100 is around Rs.1000 sources said.

It has been also reported that although health authorities given standard recognition for some laboratories in the country a proper standard mechanism not yet implemented here on private labs .

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sri Lankan National Cricket Team Qualified For The T20 World Cup Tournament Finals

The world number one Sri Lankan T20 National Cricket Team beat Pakistan by 16 runs and ensured their place in finals  during  first semi final  held today under ongoing T20 World Cup Cricket Tournament in Colombo.after winning the  toss Sri Lankans were elected to bat first in the slow ,dried pitch at R.Premadasa International Cricket Stadium in their 20 overs Sri Lankans scored 139 runs for the loss of 4 wickets while skipper Mahela Jayawardena top scored with well made 42 runs which also earned him the man of the match award.

When replying Pakistani Cricketers only managed to score 123 runs for the loss of 7 wickets while their skipper Mohommad Hafeez top scored with 42 runs.however other batsmen not able to get required runs during the chase.

Sri Lankans will play against the winner of tomorrows second semi final between Australia and West Indies scheduled to play in Premadasa Stadium .The final of the T20 World Cup Cricket Tournament will be played  on this Sunday (07th)evening at Premadasa Stadium.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Government To Hold Special Discussion With University Lecturers Tomorrow(04)

Higher Education Minister S.B Dissanayake has said today(03) that government will hold a special discussion with striking University lecturers tomorrow(04) to find solutions for their demands.this discussion with Federation Of University Teachers Association (FUTA) is decisive according to the minister dissanayake.

University Lecturers are on strike since 04th f July demanding salary increase .

8421 Tickets Still Available For Two Semi Finals Of T20 World Cup Cricket Tournament

A total number of  8421 tickets  still available for two semi finals of T20 World Cup Cricket Tournament which are scheduled to be played tomorrow(04) and day after Sri Lankan Cricket has announced this evening.both semi finals are playing at R.Premadasa International Cricket Stadium in Colombo.

According to Sri Lankan Cricket 3314 tickets are available for tomorrow's semi final between hosts Sri Lanka and Pakistan and another 5107 tickets are available for the second semi final between West Indies and Australia scheduled for  Friday.these tickets can purchase from Thurstan Grounds in Colombo from 9.a.m tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fake Drugs Arrived With Imported Drugs To Sri Lanka?

Around 30% of annually imported drugs to Sri Lanka are found  as fake  /counterfeit drugs according to senior registrar of Colombo National Hospital Dr.Indunil there are no proper laboratory facilities in Sri Lanka to identify these fake drugs they are issued to the patients through hospitals he has stressed.

 A need arise to identify these drugs and destroy them as they are harmful for  patients dr.wijenayake has added.he has made these remarks while delivering  the guest lecture of the 35th commemorative ceremony on founder of national drug policy the late professor senaka bibile held at national library services board ,Colombo last Monday(01).

he further said that most of the low quality drugs imported to Sri Lanka too are Indian Products.72 out of 78 low quality drugs identified this year and 37 out of 56 low quality drugs identified last year (2011) were imported from India he further added.

Permanent Dental Fillings Suspended In Government Hospitals Due To Shortage Of Mercury

Due to the island wide shortage of Mercury Substance    permanent fillings of dental cavities in government hospitals  have  suspended according to hospital sources.mercury is the key ingredient of   "amalgam " paste using for permanent dental doctors performs around 15,000 permanent fillings daily and there are also 3 to 6 months long awaiting lists for these fillings in some  hospitals .

Dental Patients are facing severe  hardships due to the suspending of permanent fillings in government hospitals sources added.the mercury substance is currently not available in medical supplies division as well sources further said.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sri Lankan Cricket Team Entered Semi Finals Of T20 world cup With An Unbeaten Record

Sri Lankan national cricket team had qualified for  semi finals of  the ICC 9International Cricket Council)T20 World Cricket Cup by  beating  England from 19 runs in today's T20 world cup  cricket match played in pallekele international cricket stadium.Sri Lankans scored 169/6 in their 20 overs after been put in to bat by England.As  a reply England were only managed to score 150/9 in their 20 overs.Sri Lankans are qualified for the semi finals with  an unbeaten record during  the super eight round .

Sri Lankan pace bowler lasith malinga who took 5/31 was adjudged as man of the match

Health Secretary Instructed Authorities To Implement Doctors Transfers

The Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake has instructed all hospital and provincial health authorities to release all Doctors who are in transfer orders with immediate effect .A special circular had issued last week in this regard instructing authorities to release these doctors during the period 01st of October -31st of October .

The doctors who are not released during that time will not been paid salaries as a punishment the circular has stated.according to a survey conducted by ministry of health only 20-30% of annual doctors transfers have been implemented per year..

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...