Thursday, May 7, 2009

LTTE Supporters Attacked Chinese Embassy In London

As Sri Lankan Ground Forces are nearing to capture the entire LTTE held area in the Northern Sri Lanka Pro LTTE Supporters again make violent move as the LTTE Supporters in United Kingdom smashed the windows of the Chinese Embassy Building in East London today.

Around 150 protesters were marched towards the Embassy this morning and hurled Rocks and Debris to the Embassy.Police arrested three people regarding this incident it has been reported.However later they were released on a bail.
Pro LTTE Supporters attacked the Chinese Embassy due to the Chinese Government's support towards Sri Lankan Government to defeating LTTE militarily.

Forces Captured Last Earth Bund Of The LTTE

Sri Lankan Ground Forces who are moving towards liberating the entire LTTE Rebel held area in the Northern Sri Lanka today captured what they believe as the last Earth Bund built by the rebels to prevent trapped civilians by escaping into Government held area.

Troops captured this bund after a battle with the rebels in the Karayanmullivaikkal in the ‘Safe Zone" of Mullaitivu District.

New China Virus-Cases Triple As Infection Spreads Shanghai To Beijing china-51171035