Thursday, August 8, 2013

Director general Of Health Services Has Instructed Provincial Health directors To Inspect Withdrawing Of Contaminated Milk Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala has instructed all provincial health directors and regional directors as well as the Chief Medical Officer of Colombo to inspect  the withdrawing of  milk powders belongs to 3 milk powder companies that proved as contaminated with DCD Agro Chemical.the imported  milk powder products which are identified  as contaminated with  DCD  are Anchor.Anchor 1+.Maliban Non fat and Diamond milk powders .

Director General Of Health Services  has yesterday (07) ordered 3 milk powder companies namely Anchor-Fonterra,Maliban and Mudalige limited to withdraw their products from the local market following the research report issued by industrial technology institute  confirming the presence of DCD in them..

Court Of Appeal Has Issued An Interim Order Preventing Fonterra From Advertising Their Milk Powder Products

The Court Of Appeal has today (08) issued an interim order preventing New Zealand Milk Powder manufacturer Fonterra from advertising any of their milk powder products in both print and electronic media until  21st of August.court has issued this order after considering a petition filed by architect saliya samrasinha of Matale by stating that public is mislead due to the advertisements published and broadcast by  fonterra in print and electronic media  when a safety problem regarding imported  milk powder products arise in the country.

The petitioner has claimed in his petition that the Fonterra is advertising  their milk powder products as  100% safe  for consumption whenever a  news item appear those milk powders are contaminated with DCD agro chemical .this situation is not good for public and should avoid it the petitioner has said.