Sunday, May 13, 2018



Tonnes Of Liquid Chocolate Spilled Away On Poland Highway


Inter Provincial Private Bus Owners Association Suggests A 20 Percent Increase Of Bus Fares

The Inter Provincial Bus Owners Association has suggested the Government to increase the Bus fare by 20 percent with the increase of minimum Bus fare from Rs.10 to Rs.15 with effect from 15 th of May due to the recent fuel increase it has been reported.

If the Government not responding positively to the demand, Private Buses will be withdrawn from the roads from 16 th of May the Association has stated.

Ministey Of Finance To Provide A Kerosene Subsidy To Relevent Beneficeries

Ministry of Finance has decided to
provide a Kerosene Subsidy to the Samurdhi Beneficeries and Estate residents who are without electricity in their homes as well as to the Fishermen to purchase kerosene oil for the old price Rs.44 per liter.

Accordingly the first payment of the Kerosene Subsidy will be paid to the beneficeries on 01 st of June the Ministry has stated.

Treasury is due to release the funds to the Ministry of Social Empowerment in view of paying this payment to tbe relevant families.

Public In Central Hills Are Being Advised To Be Vigilant Over Collapsing Of A Soil Mounds ,Rocks And Trees To The Roads

The Disaster Management Center has warned the public in Central Hills to be vigilant when travelling in the roads due to the threats of collapsing soil mounds,Rocks ,Trees and Tree branches in to the roads due to the heavy showers prevailing in western part of the Central hills at present.

Due to the collapsing of a Soil mound in to the Hatton-Malliappu area in Hatton -Colombo Main road,The transport activities of the road has been restricted to a one lane according to the Center.

In another instance,A water force had fallen in to a road in Badulla from rock situated in a higher place like a waterfall it has been revealed.

Meanwhile Police have advised the Motorists using Southern Expressway to restrict the speed of  their vehicles to 60 Kilo meters per hour due to the slippery conditions.

A House In Beruwala Was Severely Damaged Due To The Collapsing Of A Soil Mound

A house at Pinhena area at Padagoda in

Beruwala has been severely damaged after collapsing of a soil mound on to the House in wee hours of this (13)during heavy showers it has been reported.

Six members of the family lives in the house had managed to move out from the house before the soil mound had collapsed according to reports.

Nearly 8500 Persons In Galle And Kalutara Districts Have Been Affected Due To Floods

Nearly 8500 persons have been affected
due to the floods occured in Galle and Kalutara Districts as a result of the heavy showers prevailing in since this morning according to the Disaster Management Center.

The most affected areas due to the current floods are Balapitiya, Kadawathasathsara,Bope,Poddala,Meepe and Akmeemana areas in Galle and Beruwala in Kalutara District the Center has stated.

Most of the low land areas in Galle as well as roads have been submerged due to the 100 mili meter plus rain received during last 24 hours it has been revealed.

There were reports of collapsing soil mounds in some areas of Galle and A Buddhist temple in Kalutara submerged due to the heavy showers.

Meanwhile Meteorology Department has issued a weather forcast predicting 100 mili meter plus rain in Southern, Central,Sabaragamuwa ,Uva and Western Provinces during next 24 hours.

North Korea To Dismantle A Nuclear Site



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