Sunday, October 31, 2010

Health Minister To Introduce New Tough Laws Against Health Officials Involved In Drug Irregularities

Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena said that the new laws to extend the punishments towards an Imprisonment to those Health Officials involved in Drug irregularities will be introduced early next year.The Minister has stressed that the new laws are now preparing and will present to the Parliament soon.

Addressing the Drug Dealers Convention of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation in Colombo the minister said that he never seen such an officials who are greedy for money than the services in as Health Sector in any other sector.He also appealed the Officials in the Health Sector not to go after money by lay down innocent peoples lives.

Minister also said that he will canceled the licenses of Private Pharmacies who found as selling the Drugs supplied to the Government Hospitals and punished those officials involved in selling these drugs to the private sector.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Health Ministry To Open OPD Treetment Services And Pharmacies Of Government Hospitals Till 8 P.M

Health Ministry has decided to open Patients treatment services and Pharmacies of the  OPD's(Out Door Patients Departments) of all the Government Hospitals  till 8 p.m whole week including weekends and Government holidays.

According to the Health Ministry secretary Dr.Ravindra Ruberu under the first phase of this  programme all OPD's in General and Teaching Hospitals will open till 8 p.m with effect from 15th November and it will spread to other hospitals later.At present Government Hospital OPD's are open 8 A.M to 4 P.M during weekdays and 8 A.M to 12 Noon during weekends and Government Holidays.

Director General Of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis already issued a special circular to all Government Hospital Directors informing the decision to open OPD's in late hours.All the Health Trade Unions agreed to this move and the Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena instructed the officials to make an arrangements to prepare a roster scheme for pharmacists to work till 8 p.m whole week by next Friday.

Thai Authorities Arrested Over 100 Sri Lankan Tamils Trying To Enter Canada

Thailand Authorities arrested more then 100 Sri Lankan Tamil migrants who are smuggled by a group when they were on their way to Canada Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenny said on Friday.The minister further said that these people are trying to enter Canada through a smuggle operation and stressed that the Canadian Authorities will increased it's  corporation with South East Asian authorities to deter human smuggling.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Student Leader Remanded Till 12th Of November

The convener of the Inter University Students Federation Udul Premarathna who got arrested today by the police has  remanded till 12th of November by the Fort Magistrate.The student leader got arrested soon after he and few other members of the Inter University Students Federation had talks with the main opposition United National Party Leaders on the problems faced by the universities at present.

Colombo Magistrate Ordered To Release General Fonseka's Secretray

Colombo Magistrate Court today released the Secretary of the imprisoned former army commander retired general sarath fonseka, Captain Seneka Silva from charge of allegedly attempt to topple the government.Due to the insufficient reports gathered against him Colombo Chief Magistrate Rashmi Singappuli ordered his release from the charge.

Rs.500 Million Worth Expired And Low Quality Drug Containers Stored In Drug Stores At Ratmalana

Thirteen Containers loaded with expired and low quality drugs are currently stored at the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation Stores Complex in Ratmalana of the Colombo District since few months it has been revealed.According to the Corpoartion sources the value of these drugs are estimated as more than Rs.500 million.

The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation sources said that the drug Salbutamole  which prescribed for Asthma Patients is among the drugs stored in those containers and even when this drug is manufactured by the State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation(SPMC) the State Pharmaceuticals Company who are importing drugs to government hospitals refused to purchase the above drug from the SPMC by saying importing it from India is cheeper than buying the local product.However after importing the Salbutamole Drug from an Indian Company it has been proved that the drug is in low quality and only afterwards State Pharamaceuticals Corporation purchased the locally manufactured Salbutamole from the SPMC it has learned.

Meanwhile the Health Ministry sources said that the officials of the Special Investigations Unit of the Ministry visited and inspected the expired and low quality drug containers currently stored in the stores complex in Ratmalana few weeks back.

Police Arrested The University Students Convenor

Police today arrested the convenor of the Inter University Students Federation Udul Premaratna for illegaly entering the University Grants Commision Building in Colombo two weeks ago and damged the property and allegdly organizing students protests in all universities in the country.Police arrested the convenor after the additional magistrate in colombo issued a order saying that the police can arrest him and four others if they done any damage to the property of the University Grants Commision Building.

Supreme Court Dismissed The Presidential Elections Petition

A five member panel of judges in the Supreme Court today dismissed the Presidential Elections Petition filed by the Imprisoned former army commander retired general sarath fonseka against President Mahinda Rajapaksha without examining it.

The decision to dismissed the petition was taken after considering the pointmade by the lawters representing the President saying that the petition was not submitted properly.From the petition General Fonseka charged that the  recently concluded Presidential Elections in January 2010 was full with malpactices and iregularities.

Prices Of Liquor And Cigerrettes Goes Up

The prices of all liquors and varities of Cigerrettes are increasesd with the effect from midnight yesterday(28).According to this price increase a bottle local Arrack is increased from 15 Rupees and a bottle of of bear incraesed from 5 Rupees.

All varieties of Cigerrettes will increased from 1 Rupees.The price increase come in to effect after the Government increased the Taxes of Liquor and Cigerrettes from midnight yesterday.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Court Of Appeal Seeking An Explanation On Court Martial From The Supreme Court

Court of Appeal today referred a question to the Supreme Court asking whether a Court Martial is a court recognized under the Constitution to interprete the law.Court of Appeal made this request in a view of the case filed by the imprisoned former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka challanging the Court Martial decision to vaccate his Parliamentary Seat and taken back his privilages.General Fonseka urged the Court Of Appeal to issue an order to prevent vaccating his Parliamentary Seat.

Sri Lankan Man Having 2060 Pieces Of Diamond And Other Stones Arrested In Chennai

A Sri Lankan man who had 2060 pieces of Diamond and other precious stones hidden in his stomach was arrested by the police at Chennai Air Port in India today.The stones recovered were worth around Rs.1.5 to 3 Crore according to the reports.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sri Lanka Recorded A Slight Improvement In Their Corruption Level

According to the latest Annual Corruption Perception Index released today Sri Lanka records a slight improvement in their score by 0.1 percent to reach 3.2 percent and placed 91 st place out of the 178 countries.Last year Sri Lanka was placed in the 97th place out of 180 countries.

People Suffering From Diabetes And High Blood Preassure Are In Increase

Non Infectious Diseases Unit of the Health Ministry has said that there was a rapid increase in people suffering from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure in Sri Lanka during last 20 to 30 years.According to the Unit 10.2 percent of the total population in the country are having Diabetes and 20 to 25 percent are having High Blood Pressure.

Smoking,Liquor,Bad Food Habits,Lack of exercise and Mental Stress are known as the main causes for getting these Diseases.As these Diseases are not having age limit people are advised to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as to check their Pressure,Diabetes and Cholesterol Levels regularly to avoid of having these Diseases..

All The Check Points In The Country To Be Removed From To Day

Government has decided to remove all the check points situated throughout the country with effect from today.According to Military Spokesman Ubaya Madawala an alternative surveillance system will be replaced the check points to ensure the security in the cities.

As a begining check points in Bambalapitiya and wellawatta have been removed today and other check points are scheduled to be remove gradually.

LTTE Member Sentenced To 30 Years Of Rigorous Imprisonment For Planning To Asassinate Former President

Colombo High Court today sentenced 30 years of rigourous imprisonment for a  LTTE member who was charged for trying to asassinate former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunge through a  Suicide Bomb Attack in 1999.The accused is the second accused person as the first accused who was a female bomber died in the attack which killed 28 people and injured another 80 at Town Hall in Colombo .

Attorney General filed the case against the accused for 28 charges and the accused accepted his responsibility for all charges levelled against him.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Indian Court Dropped All Charges Against Main Accused Of Rajiv Gandhi Trial LTTE Leader Prabhakaren

Indian Court in Chennai which conducted the Rajiv Gandhi Murder trial dropped all the charges filed against  main accused LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaren who was killed last year during the Clashes with Sri Lankan Forces.The Court in Chennai also dropped the charges filed against second accused in the Case Leader of LTTE's Intelligence Wing Pottu Amman who also got killed during the fights.

The charges against the two accused were dropped after Sri Lankan Police filed a report saying both Prabhakaren and Pottu Amman were killed during the fights in last year.The Rajiv Gandhi Murder Trial is also closed it has been reported.

President Rajapaksha Appealed To Saudi Arabian King To Pardon Sri Lankan Maid

President Mahinda Rajapaksha made an appeal to  king of Saudi Arabia today to pardon Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek who was sentenced to death by Saudi Arabian court for killing Saudi Infant in 2005.

A Riyadh Supreme Court few days ago endorsed the death sentence imposed on Nafeek by Dawadami High Court on June 2007.

25,000 Stroke Patients Reported From Sri Lanka Annually

Around 25,000 Stroke Patients are reported annually from Sri Lanka and out of them 20,000 are dying due to not getting treatment in early stage of the disease Sri Lankan Neurologists have revealed.Normally around 55 stroke patients reported daily from local Hospitals and 40 of them  dying they stressed.

According to  chief of the Stroke Unit in ,National Hospital,Colombo Dr.Padma Gunaratne out of the Stroke Patients reported from Sri Lanka annually 25 percent are in the age group below 65 years."This proved that the disease it self is no longer a disease among elderly people' she added.One of the major causes for people having Stroke is smoking and 37 percent who are having the disease are addicted for Smoking Dr.Gunarathna has said.

She also said that if a patient taken to the Stroke Unit in Colombo National Hospital within three hours after showing symptoms of Stroke the life of the patient can be saved and can prevent the side effects too.

Monday, October 25, 2010

GMOA Urged The Health Officials To Consider Views Of Medical Staff Before Implementing 24 Hour OPD Services

"To implement the President Mahinda Rajapaksha's proposal to open  OPD(Out Door Patients Department) Clinics of all the Government Hospitals 24 hours a day  in practical way Ministry Of Health should discuss the issue with the Doctors and other health staff members who are attached to OPD's to get their opinion "the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) said today.

According to the secretary of GMOA Dr.Bimantha Gunasekera Union is not having any objections for the proposal to open OPD's 24 hours a day if Doctors are not opposing it.To get the proposal work Ministry should discuss the issue with  medical staff attched to OPD's and Hospital Directors as well as improved infrastructure facilities of the Government Hospitals he stressed.

Health Ministry To Set Up Separate Dental Clinic For Senior Citizens In All Govt.Hospitals

Dental Unit of the Ministry of Health is planning to set up a separate Dental Clinic in all the major government hospitals for  Senior Citizens who are over 60 years of age Deputy Director General(Dental Services)Dr.Jayasundara Bandara has said.As a first step Ministry has planned to set up a separate dental clinic for senior citizens at Dental Institute in Maharagama of  the Colombo District with  effect from next month(November).

The main aim behind the decision is to provide facilities to senior citizens who are over the age of 60 years to get treatment without waiting in Queus Dr.Bandara stressed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

President Advised Health Secretary To Conduct OPD Clinics In Govt.Hospitals During Holidays As Well

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has advised the Health Ministry Secretary to consider conducting of OPD(Out door patients department) Clinics of the Government Hospital in Government Holidays and Sundays as well.At present OPD Clinics in the Government Hospitals are only conducting during weekdays and Saturdays.

Fire Broke Out In Coal Power Plant Doused

Fire Fighters doused the sudden Fire broken out at  a section of the Norochchalai Coal Power Plant this morning .However the Ceylon Electricity Board is saying that there was no damage to the lives or property due to the Fire.

A team of fire fighters at the Kalpitiya Naval Base were also rushed to the scene to assist the Fire Brigade to douse the Fire .

National Olympic Committee Seek An Explantion From Sri Lankan Commonwealth Boxing Gold Medalist On His Positive Urine Sample

Sri Lankan Boxing Gold Medalist in the Commonwealth Games held in India recently Manju Wanniarachchi was informed by the National Olympic Committee to give an explanation within 14 days time on  why his" A" Sample of  Urine was positive for the ban drugs .Commonwealth Officials earlier this weak  informed the National Olympic Committee on Urine sample test results of Boxer Manju  which proved as positive for drugs.

However it has been reported that the Boxer who won the Gold Medal in Bantamweight section has saying that his urine sample was positive due to medication he has taken for Asthma.

Several Reigious Leaders Appealed From President To Release General Fonseka

Several Religious Leaders belongs to Buddhism,Hindu and Islamic Religions today made a fresh appeal from President Mahinda Rajapaksha to release the Imprisoned Former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka from Prison.Addressing a Press Briefing in Colombo today they said that there is a miscarriage of Justice implemented against the Former Army Commander.

They said that to correct this miscarriage of Justice President should release General Fonseka.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Health Ministry To Set Up A Separate Hospital For Adults?

Ministry Of Health is considering to set up a separate Hospital for Adult Patients Acting Health Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has said today.Addressing a Media Seminar on "Oral Health"held at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo he said that the Ministry will either set up a separate Government Hospital for Adults or providing the facilities for  Adult Patients in Government Hospitals for  getting treatment without waiting in queues.

Acting Health Minister made these remarks after a group of Dental Doctors requesting the Minister to set up a separate Hospital for the convenience of Adult Patients.

98 Percent of Sri Lankan Adults Over 60 Years Suffering From Gum Diseases

According to the National Oral Health Survey carried out by the Health Ministry 98 percent of Sri Lankan adults over 60 years of age are found as suffering from  Gum diseases(Periodontal) which can cause the loosing of teeth.Trincomalee and  Jaffna Districts are identified as  worst affected Districts of poor oral health among Adults and the percentage of Gum diseases among  Adults in these areas is 100 percent.

Due to this situation most of these adults cannot feel the taste of food after they loose their teeth according to the Dental Doctors.

Due to  lack of awareness on Oral Health,not having someone to accompany them to the Hospitals,due to the need to wait in a Queues to getting treatment are the reasons behind Adults over 60 years of age refrain from going to a Government Hospital for Dental check up Dr.F.R.C Kanthi has said today.As this years world Oral Health Day's theme is "curable Mouth for Adulthood" it is the duty of every person to accompany the adults to a dental check up at least once a year she further added.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Salary Increase For Judges

A motion presented to the Parliament today  on  increasing  the Salaries  of  Judges passed unanimously.The new salary increase will implement with the effect from 01st of January next year.

According to the motion the new Salary of the Chief Justice will be Rs.71,500,Salaries of Supreme Court Judges and the Chairman of Appeal Court will Rs.65,000 and the Appeal Court Judges Salary is Rs.63,500.

Former LTTE Child Soldier And Eastern Provincial Chief Minister Pillayan Wants His Former Rebel Leader Karuna To Apologize On Killing Policemen

The Chief Minister of the Eastern Province and former LTTE member turned politician Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan today told in front of the Lessons Learn t and Reconciliation Commission that his former colleague and the vice president of the Ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna should apologize from the families of the 600 Policemen who were massacred in the Eastern Province by the LTTE in 1990.

Pillayan made these remarks when he was asked by the Commission on whether he need to apologize the Families of those Policemen massacred as his group was involved in the attack.Pillayan joined LTTE as a Child Soldier when he was 16 years old and worked under Karuna in the Eastern wing of the LTTE which carried out most of the deadly attacks against the civilians.Karuna,Pillayan and most of the LTTE's Eastern Command later quilted from LTTE and joined the government a year ago.

Chief Government Whip Revealed The Worth Of Gold Recovered From LTTE

Chief Government Whip Dinesh Gunawardena today said in Parliament that the value of  Gold recovered from Wanni District of Northern Sri Lanka during the final phase of  war against  LTTE is Rs.490 Million.

Responding to a question raised by the Opposition MP Dayasiri Jayasekera Minister Gunawardena has said that the recovered amount of Gold is weighing 110 Kilo Grammes and a special legal procedure is adapted to handover  Gold to  relevant authorities for further investigations.

Main Opposition United National Party(UNP) several times raised the question regarding recovered Gold from LTTE saying that the government should reveal the Public on this.

80 Percent Of The Chidren In Globe And 30 Percent Of Sri Lankan Children Are Having Dental Irregularities

It has been revealed that while 80 percent of children throughout the globe are having some kind of Dental irregularity only 30 percent of Sri Lankan children are having Dental Irregularities.

According to the latest Oral Health survey carried out by the Ministry of Health 30 percent of the Chidren who are more than 3 years are found as having some kind of Dental Irregularity.

However a team of Dental Experts from Australia who were here few days ago said that they cannot accept Sri Lankan results on Dental Irregularities among Children as 80 percent of the Children globally having some kind of Dental Irregularity.According to them the research on the children throughout the world who are having these irregularities was conducted by them.Sri Lanka's most recent health survey was conducted  in the year 2003 and the next survey is scheduled to be held in 2013.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

President Inspected The Re- Laid RailWay Track In Jaffna-Colombo Rail Track

President Mahinda Rajapaksha inspected the re laid Railway Track of Jaffna- Colombo Rail Track from the laying site in Omanthai  in Northern Sri Lanka this evening which was destroyed few decades ago due to the war between LTTE Rebels and Government forces.

Appropriation Bill For Year 2011 Presented To The Parliament

Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne presented the Appropriation Bill for the year 2011 to the Parliament this noon with a projected expenditure of Rs.75.2 billion.Defense and Health are projected higher expenditures as Defense expenditure projected as Rs.9.7 billion while Health expenditure projected as Rs.62.2 billion.

Under the bill Presidents expenditure projected as Rs.2.2 billion and Parliamentary expenditure Rs.1.5 billion.

Court Of Appeal Seek Attorney General's Stand On Vacating The Parliamentary Seat Based On Court Martial Decision

Court of Appal today directed the Government Lawyer of the General Sarath Fonseka's petition case on vacating his Parliamentary seat to get Attorney General's stand on whether a Court Martial decision can consider to vacate a Parliamentary Seat.The petition filed by imprisoned former Army Commander General Fonseka challanging the decision taken to vacate his Parliamentary Seat was taken for debate today at the Court Of Appeal this morning.

During the debate president's Councel Romesh de silva who represented behalf of Generla Fonseka has said that since Court Martial is not a recognized court under the Sri Lankan Constitution it cannot vacate a Parliamentary Seat .The vacating of the Parliamentary Seat of General Fonseka considering Court Martial decision is unconstitutional he further added.

The debate on the petition will resume tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Health Minister Stressed The Need For Combating Illegal Drug Trade

"Local Drug Market and most of the Government Hospitals are filled with low quality and illegal Drugs and time is come for Sri Lanka and other Developing Countries to combat this illegal Drug trade" Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has said.Minister also said that this illegal Drug Trade is harmful and posed great threat to the public.

 Health Minister made these remarks at the Seminar On Illegal Drug Trade held in Colombo yesterday.

"80 Percent Of Rice Varities In Local Market Are Not Suitsble For Human Consumption" New Study Revealed

According to a latest health survey 80 percent of the Rice varities available in the  local market are not suitable for human consumption as they are without the nutrients.The Non Communicable Diseases Unit of the Ministry of Health stated that the nutirent part of these Rice varities are removed when paddy seeds turned in to Rice by using laser tecnique.

During this process of Paddy seeds turning to Rice the nutrient part is completley removed and it has learnt that when 22 killos of Paddy process to Rice two and half killos of the nutrient part which contains the vital Vitamins,Minerals and Fibre removed and that part is used as food for cattle and pigs.

Due to eating non nutritious Rice varities people are at risk of getting diseases Hig Blood Preassure and Diabetese doctors warned.

According to the Health Experts most of the people who settled in Mahaweli River based villages are consuming the rice varity "Samba" and they are suffering from diseases like High Blood Preassure and Diabetese due to the starch and suger contain in the Rice Varity.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Health Minister To Punish Government Officials Involved In Illegal Drug Trade

Health Minister  Maithrepala Sirisena has said today that Some of the Government Officers who were appointed to the Four Committees to Investigating Illegal Drug Imports to Sri Lanka were involved in Importing Unregistered Drugs to the Country while they are serving as Committee Members.

Addressing a Seminar On Illegal Drug Importation held in Colombo today the Minister said that he will take legal action against those Government Officials who are violating Government laws by involved in Illegal Drug Importation to the Country.United States State Department and United States Embassy in Colombo sponsored the event.

Government Medical Officers Association Says No Need For Male And Female Nurses To Serve In Labor Rooms

Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) today said that it has proven that the service of the Male Nursing Officers as well as Female Nurses not needed for Government Hospital Labor Rooms.Health Ministry should have pay attention in this matter as a method for reducing Health Cost GMOA Further added.

The Docs Union also said that Female Patients should decide whether to allow Male Nursing Officers to enter Female Wards and the Labor Rooms and not the authorities pointing that GMOA is talking behalf of the rights of these female patients.GMOA revealed this as a response to the incident occured in Kurunagala Teaching Hospital in North Western Province last week when a group of Male Nursing Students were allowed to enter Labor Rooms for Maternity Training.Association said this is the first time in the world that Male nurses are allowed to enter a Labor Room and the Pregnant Mothers there were scared due to this development.

Meanwhile responding to the Allegations made by GMOA the Nurses Union says that if the Male Nurses are not suitable For entering Labor Rooms then Male Docs too not suitable for that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Opposition Leader To Leave Europe Today

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinha is scheduled to leave for an European Tour where he is to meet the Officials of Commonwealth Parliamentary Union in London to discuss on issues related to  Imprisonment of  Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka.Opposition Leader is also scheduled to meet British Premier David Cameron and the Norwegian Minister of International Affairs and Environment Eric Solheim during his stay in Europe.

Inter University Students Federation To Protest In Front Of Universities For Three Days

The convener of the Inter Universities  Students Federation Udul Premarathna has said that University Students will stage protest campaigns in front of all universities on 19th,20th and 21 st of October against arresting 21 university students during the clash in Higher Education Ministry premises on last Thursday.These students were arrested by  the police after they broke in to the Higher Education Ministry premises in Town hall forcibly by breaking the gates and they were remanded for damaging the properties of the Ministry during the incident.

A group of students entered the Higher Education Ministry premises last Thursday demanding the release of six university students attached to University Of Peradeniya who were jailed due to  their opposition  shown towards Higher Education Minister S.B Dissanayake when he visited the University..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kurunagala Hospital Nurses Launched A Strike Against Not Allowing Male Nursing Students To Receive Maternity Training

Nurses of the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital in North Western Province began a One day token strike this morning to protest against the Hospital Administration's decision to stop maternity training given to male nursing students.However Hospital Authorities said that the entire decision was made on the recommendation of the University Grants Commmission.

Due to the Nurse's strike the Out door patients Department clinics,normal sugeries and treatment are paralyzed according to the hospital sources.

Meanwhile blaming the health authorities Nurses Unions stressed that if the Male Nursing Students not suitable for maternity training then Male Docs too not suitable for the above training.

When contacted , the Health Ministry officials said that till  University Grants Commission give permission they cannot allowed the male nursing students who are studying health science degree in Peradeniya University to undergo maternity traing in Kurunagala Hospital.

General Fonseka Seeking A Writ Against Vaccating His Parliamentary Seat

Former Army Commander and the leader of the Democartic National Allliance(DNA) Retired General Sarath Fonseka filed a writ application in the Court of Appeal on wednesday aginst the Parliamentary Commissioner's notification sent to the Elections Commissioner vaccating his Parliamentary Seat.General Fonseka is seeking a writ which prevents vaccating his Parliamentary Seat which is to be filled by another candidate of the DNA.

500,000 Sri Lankan Females Are Underweight

According to a latest Health Survey 500,000 Females in the year 15-49 age group are found as underweight.The highest percentage of Underweight Women are reported from  the Rathnapura District and the Second and third highest percentage have been reported from Badulla and Nuwaraeliya Districts respectivly.

According to the  Nutritionist Dr.Renuka Jayathissa this situation occured due to the lack of nutrition among females here mostly due to the Calcium and Vitamin D deficiancy.

Court Hearing Of The "White Flag Statement Case" Postponed Due To Power Failure

The Court hearing of the "White Flag statement case" filed against the Former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka was postponed till 02nd of November today due to a Power Failure occured in the High Court Complex in Colombo this morning  while the case is in progress.At the time of the Power Failure Cross Examining of the main witness of the Case Federica Janz who is the Chief Editor of  "Sunday leader" paper was in progress                                                                                                                                       . 

After discussions with the Judges and the Counsels the three member Judge Panel decided to postponed the Court hearing till 02nd of November.According to the Panel of Judges the Cross Examination will resume in that date.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Health Ministry Issues Notices To 9864 Persons Who Maintained Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

During the Islandwide inspections carried out in National Dengue Control Week from 07th to 13th of October Health Ministry has issued notices to 9864 persons who maintained Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places within their premises.Ministry Officials also severely warned 124,299 persons who were maintained Risk factors lead to Dengue Mosquito Breeding Health Ministry said.

During this inspection Ministry officials found 19,525 Dengue Mosquito Lavae Breeding Places.

Males Are Also Among The Sri Lankan Breast Cancer Patients

Despite Female Breast Cancer Patients Male Breast Cancer Patients are also reported from Sri Lanka Oncologists here revealed.According to them around 2000-2500 Female Breast Cancer Patients and around 50 Male Breast Cancer Patients are reported annually.

Females can identify whether they are having a Breast Cancer through a Memmo Gramm Test and Males can identify their status through an Ultra Sound Scan Test Oncology Epidemeologist of the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama Dr. A.Balasuriya said today.According to him Breast Cancer is become the leading Cancer in Sri Lanka and through an early detection it can cured completly he stressed.

A lump,liquid or swallow appeared in a Breast are the main symptoms in Breast Cancer and  people are encouraged to seek a medical treetment as soon as they have witness these symptoms Dr Balasuriya further added.He made these remarks during a Seminar on Breast Cancer held in the Health Education Bureau in Colombo today.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

White Flag Case-High Court Rejected The Requset On Investigating On The Breaking Pages Of Sunday Leader Editors Note Book

Colombo High Court today rejected an appeal made by the Government Lawyers to investigate the breaking pages of the Note book of  the Editor in Sunday Leader News Paper Federica Janz who was summoned by the court on the case filed against the imprisoned Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka.

The Court Case is filed against the Former Army Commander for making a statement to the Sunday Leader Paper in Last December which can cause unrest among the communities here by saying that the Defense Secretary has ordered the Commander in the Forces to kill the LTTE Leaders who are coming to surrender with white flags during the last stages of the war against  LTTE.

Ministry Of Health To Re Organize Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital

Ministry Of Health has decided to Re organized the whole structure of the Sri Lanka's only semi government Hospital Sri Jayawardanapura Hospitlal in Kotte-Colombo with immediate effect.According to the Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena the reorganizing of the hospital structure will take place due to the mishandling activities occured  in the administration,Purchasing,Income Control and Tender Procedures of the Hospital.

Sri Lankans Are Addicted To Foods Containing More Salt

According to a  latest Health Survey it has been revealed that an average Sri Lankan  consumed  twice the amount of Salt they usualy required.An average person usually recomended to take 5 grammes of Salt daily but in Sri Lanka an average person is taking 10 Grammes of Salt daily it has been reported.

This situation airse as the people are addicted to  fast foods like Pizzas,Chips and Peanuts which included more salt.

Due to this situation  non communicable diseases like High Blood Preassure,Heart Diseases and Stroke are in increase ,Doctors warned.Even one can get a Disease like Osteoporosis in later stages as by taking Salt more then required the Calcium level in the bones are getting reduced.

Sri Lankan Boxer Won The First Commonwealth Boxing Gold After 72 Years

Sri Lankan Boxer Manju Wanniarachchi today bagged the Gold Medal in the 56 KG weight Catagory at the 19th Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi, India.At the finals he beat Shaun Mack Goldrick of Wales.

This is the First Gold Medal won by the Sri Lankan Team at the Games so far and it's also the first Gold Medal won by a Sri Lankan Boxer at the games after 72 years.The first Gold Medal in Boxing for Sri Lanka won by Boxer Barny Henricks at the  Commonwealth Games held in Sydney, Australia in the year 1938.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daily Bread Consumption Dropped While Rice Consumption Increased-Deputy Health Minister

Deputy Health Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said today that the daily consumption of Bread in the Country dropped by one million due to the recent price hike of the loaf of bread and at the same time daily consumption of Rice  increased by five hundrad Thousand Killos.Deputy Minister has said that this a good trend since the consumption of Bread caused health problems.

However the price of Paddy is little high these days he also stressed.Deputy Health Minister made these remarks during a media seminar held at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo today on "Osteoporosis".

One Fourth Of The Sri Lankan Female Population Suffering From Osteoporosis

500,000 Females in Sri Lanka out of the 2 Million Female Population in the Country are suffering from Osteoporosis according to the Nutritionist Dr.Renuka Jayathissa.Dr.Jayathissa has said that according to the statistics one fourth of the local Female Population and 30 percent of the Country's Male Population suffering from Osteoporosis which is known as the Bone breaking Disease.

Addressing a Media Seminar today at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo Dr,Jayathissa has said that the people in the age group of 60-70 are more prone to the Disease.The main cause of the Disease is Calcium Deficiancy and due to the reducing the Calcium level in the Bones by 30 to 40 percent the Bones including the hip fractured after a sudden fall she said .Osteoposrosis is a disease which not show any pre symptoms and the patient only find out he or she have the disease after a bone fracture occured due to a fall she stressed.

One of the leading Rheumatology Specialists in the Country Dr.Lalith Wijeratna said that the all who are above the age  55 should go to a Doctor to check their Bone Mass Index and find out is there any risk of gettong the disease.

Government Doctors Wants Rs.200,000 Monthly Salary

Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has requested the National Salary Commission to make the monthly salary of a Government Doctor as Rs.200,000 from the next budget.According to the GMOA there are lapses in the present Salary Structures between the lower grade and the Highest Grade employees and the ratio of these Salary structures stands as   One to four.

Due to this the salary of the Minor Staff Employee in the Health Sector is Rs.11,700 and the Salary of a Government Doctor is Rs.26,000 and a specialist Doctor is Rs,42,000 GMOA stressed.If the government is not taking  any action to solve this Salary issue there is a possibility that the  Government Doctors who are working in the Rural Areas to resign from Government Service and join the Private sector as well as Going Abroad the Association warned.

Due to the present Salary Structure there is a problem to exceed the Monthly Salary of the Highest Officer in the Health Ministry the Health Secretary beyond Rs.47,515 Association said.

In viewing this situation  GMOA said that the monthly salary of a Government Doctor should be Rs.200,000 and pointed out that the Highest Grade officer  in the Private Sector in Sri Lanka drawing a monthly salary of Rs.5 to 10 million while the lower grade Employee is drawing Rs.7000  and the ratio between the lower and higher grades in the Private Sector is More than one to one thousand.

Monday, October 11, 2010

All Nurses Of The Kurunagala Hospital To Stage One Hour Walk Out In Wednesday

All nurses attached to the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital in North Western Province are decided to stage an one hour walkout between 10.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m in this Wednesday(13) to protest against the decision taken by the Kurunagala Hospitlal Authorities to  withdraw Male Nursing Students who are training at the Hospital  from Maternity Training All Ceylon Nurses Union has announced today.

General Fonseka Said He Will Not Seeking A Pardon From Hooligans

Imprisoned former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka has said today that he will not seeking pardon from Hooligans even he is senenced to a life  Imprisonment or have to die in Jail.He made these remarks to the media personnal and the people who gathered around him when he was brought to the High Court in Colombo this morning to appear the  "white flag "case filed against him.

150,000 Sri Lankans Are Living With Blindness

Out of Sri Lanka's  Twenty Million Population ,One hundrad Fifty Thousand people(150,000) are living  with Blindness according to the Health Ministry.Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dr P.G Mahipala said today that major cause of this Blindness is due to Cataract.If the people who are having somekind of Eye Disorder go to a Opthamalogist(Eye Specialist) in  early stages and getting treatment this kind of Blindness can be preventable he stressed.

Speeking at the Seminar Organized by the Health Education Bureau in Colombo today  Dr.Mahipala said that among the Sri Lanka's blind People 100,000 are Blind due to Cataract ,6000 due to Diabetese and 15,000 are due to  Glucoma.Out of these Blind People 80 percent can be curable.Other then Cataract other main causes that can leed to Blindness are Glucoma,Cataract  and Childhood Blindness according to the Opthamalogists.

According to them there are 400,000 Sri Lankans  who are having low vision and 160,000 School Children who are suffering with some kind of Eye Disorder.World Sight Day falls on    14th of October and the Ministry of Health has  launched a programme called Vision 2020
with the aim of preventing Blindness among Sri Lankans by the year 2020.                                                                                                                   

Friday, October 8, 2010

Elections Commisoner Received The Repalcement For General Fonseka's Vaccant Seat

Colombo Elections Officer sent the name of Lakshman Nipunaarachci to the Elections Commissioner to repalce General Fonseka who lost his seat yesterday it has been revealed.Elections Commisioner also received a request to gazette the repalced persons name.Nipunaarachchi received next highest preferential votes from the Democratic National Alliance(DNA)after General Fonseka at the last Parliamentary Elections.

One Thousand One Hundrad Fifty Four Institutions Were Issued Notices For Breeding Dengue Mosquitoes

One thousand one hundrad fifty four(1554) owners of Bus Depots,Garages,Tyre sales outlets and other institutions Islandwide were issued  Notices yesterday due to maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places Health Ministry has announced.During the search operations carried out throughout the island by inspection taems on Dengue Mosquito Breeding places yesterady another 7887 owners of institutons  warned on the ground of having risk areas of Mosquito Breeding.Total of 2317 Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places were found during the Inspection.

The people who received Notices have to face a legal action if they do not clean their premises within a week Health Ministry said.If a legal action is taken then an accused willl charged a fine  up to Rs.50,000
under the Mosquito Breeding Prevention Act.

A total of 11,988 Institutions were inspected by the Inspecting teams yesterday on Dengue Breeding Places.These islandwide Inspections are carried out by the Health Inspection teams during the National Dengue prevention Week which runs till 13th of October.Under these Inspections Health Officials assisted by the Police and Armed Forces will visited the Houses,Schools and other premises to see whether there are Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...