Thursday, June 23, 2011

Academics And Intellectuals Appeal From Certain Groups To Avoid Spreading Rumours On Unidentified Renal Failure Disease

The Doctors and Academics attached to  newly formed National Intellectuals and Professionals Organization have said today that the real cause for the unidentified Chronic Renal Failure spreading in North Central Province of the country still not known while rejecting that the real cause is "Arsenic" Poison contain in Pesticides use for Paddy Fields as predicted by a group of Intellectuals last week.

Addressing a Press Briefing held at the National Library Services Board in Colombo this evening Academics attached to the organization have said that still the research on unidentified Renal Failure has not concluded while admitted that the  Academics should not comment on causes   what they believe as correct  without any scientific proof.

Government To Increase Private Bus Fares In July

The Government has decided to increase the Private Bus fares by 7.6 percent with the minimum fare to Rs.7 with effect from July Private Transport Minister C.B Ratnayake has announced today.

According to the new price revision the Minimum Bus Fare has increased to Rs.7 from Rs 6 and all other Bus Fare Categories also increased by Rs.1.

Turkey's Unique Hand Sanitising Method For Corona Virus Fight 07-turkeys-unique-hand-sanitiser